Friends Til The End

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This is my first book I have ever wrote. There will be more to come hopefully.

Fantasy / Romance
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Emma-Lynn was a short 5 feet tall she was vampire and human she had long black hair with crystal blue eyes, her lips were always rose red without lipstick. She also had a very small stomach, but still had an hour glass figure. So when she wore just jeans and a t-shirt it held her pretty well. Tonight she was her 18th birthday, normally a right of passage for normal vampires. Like her friend Ryan Morris. Ryan was 6ft tall he was build like a body builder. He had long brown hair and emerald green eyes.

The two had been friends since Ryan’s birthday, which shockingly was 3 days before hers. What Ryan didn’t know was that his friendship with Emma-Lynn was more to her. She adored him and cared about him. He made her feel like the best girl in the world. He always made sure she was taken care of as well, well until 3 days ago. Ryan had turned 18 3 days ago and besides the attitude he now has a stronger craving for blood. Emma-Lynn still had her human side so she didn’t need blood to live.. Or so she thought..

Her life was about to get turned into darkness and she had yet to figure it out.

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