Friends Til The End

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Chapter 2 The Big Day

TODAY IT THE DAY!!! It was Emma-Lynn’s 18th birthday and she spent some of it playing in the rainstorm with her friend Ryan who stop suddenly. “Ryan?” She said stepping in front of him with a small grin on her face “Are you-” She paused seeing his eyes “Ryan your eyes” She whispered softly as he growled pushing by her to go into the house. Emma-Lynn stood there confused looking around and taking in a deep breath not smelling blood. Her small grin fell to a frown which she had noticed she was doing a lot more recently. She walked into her house, where she lived with Kevin and Willow which was Ryan’s mom and dad. They was all she had once her mom passed and she loved them just like her own family. But on Ryan’s 18th birthday he made he very clear that she was just adopted by them. It hurt her but she understood.

Once she got inside the house she was met by Kevin and Willow. “Happy birthday sweet dove, why the frown?” Kevin asked hugging her then Willow did too. Emma lied “Nothing, I’m fine. Just tired. I’m going to lay down for a bit” She said going silently up the stairs accidently bumping into the moody Ryan “Watch it EM!” Emma took in a deep breath trying to calm down as she looked up. “Well excuse me Mister Cranky Pants. ” She said sarcastically walking up the stairs quickly. Once she got into her room she closed and locked the door lighting a black candle which luckily made her room sound proof. She blinked back tears that threaten to escape. “Nope not today. Suck it up” She told herself as she changed out of her wet clothes putting on her sweats and laid down closing her eyes. As she was near the darkness she heard yelling and fusing which meant Ryan was having another anger fit. She put her pillow over her face hating hearing them fight. This wasn’t the friend she knew, once she noticed it wasn’t stopping anytime soon to got up going to her laptop opening it and turning it on. The screen popped up of her and Ryan leaning over a cake blowing out the candles. It was when they was 16 his parents decided to do 1 big party which was a great idea. It was the last fun party she had with Ryan. Most of the time now he just wants to go and party with his friends or drink blood of a homeless alcoholic so he can get drunk. She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard her name being yelled.

“Coming” Emma-Lynn said as she closed her laptop and going out the door. “You don’t need to come all the way down. There is a dress for you in your bathroom, go get washed up and come down so we can go eat” Willow said smiling up as Emma-Lynn smiled feeling the love from her “Okay” she said going back into her room and started her hot shower. She got out after about 30 minutes and wrapped a towel around herself then one in her hair. She applied her make up first which was just eyeliner and mascara. Once done she got her body dried off and slipped into the dress. It was red which was her favorite color. The sleeves were short with lace and there was lace on the edge of the bottom of the dress which was knee length. She finally walked out of the bathroom putting her ankle socks on along with her boots that reached her ankle. Once that was done she dried her hair and brushed it so it could do a natural wave. She smiled in the mirror, she wasn’t a girlie girl but she did like to look cute sometimes. She soon blew out the candle in her room as she heard yelling again

“I’m not going to her stupid ass dinner. She’s 18 years old stop doing the same thing over and over let her grow up.” She heard Ryan’s voice as she flared her nostrils getting really tired of his attitude. She grabbed her clutch as the moon began to shine on her necklace. it was a heart locket that had a picture of her and Ryan along with the words best friends on it. She closed her eyes wanting to rip it off, but didn’t. She opened her door about the time Ryan slammed is. This was the last straw. She stormed banging on Ryan’s door. “Screw Off!“ He hissed out. “NO! Open this door or I will bust it down and beat the shit out of you in the process.” She was beyond pissed off and had enough of his attitude. Emma-Lynn waited as the door flew up. “WHAT!” He yelled in her face. “What is your issue. I didn’t act like this on your birthday. You wanted to go to a club, I flirt with the bouncer so you and your boys could sneak in. You wanted to drink a homeless drunk guy to death and I stood by and watched. I never acted this way to you. Now what is your deal!” Ryan growled. “You! You are what my deal is!” HE slammed the door in her face as she looked confused.

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