The Fire Within

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I do believe I might have a slight death wish. These men that claim to be my clients are dangerous men trying to make me con the richest man in the world out of a million-dollar necklace. But I have declined them each time they asked because I know the rich man would surely have my head if he found out.

Luckily, these men don’t know I am the woman they are waiting to meet. They think the woman has blue eyes and blonde hair. Not black hair and brown eyes.

“So, darling, why is a pretty lady like you here all alone?” One of the clients asks and I smile politely.

“Oh, I’m not here alone. I came with my three brothers but I got bored with their talk about cars so I came to get a drink,” I lie. It’s not a big one. I mean, my brothers are here but Liam isn’t my brother. But with are brown eye contacts and his brown eyes, we all look like we could be related.

“Well, we’re more fun, anyway,” another says and I give them a small smile.

“I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?” I say in a husky tone. They all smirk at each other as I take a sip of my bourbon on the rocks. The men stare at me in awe as I take it with a straight face. Little do they know, I have a really high alcohol tolerance. It is near impossible for me to get drunk.

A while later, these men are all drunk and giving me everything I want. Including their expensive watches.

“Yeah. She said she was going to meet us but then she bailed on us. We were going to buy a diamond off her but she keeps declining our money, saying stealing it would be too dangerous,” the main man, Bill, says and I nod. I take a sip of my water that I got a little bit ago and I sigh.

“I think it is time for me to go, fellas,” I stand and I go to walk away but Henry, the second one, grabs my arm and tugs me towards him. He grips my waist and I resist the urge to punch this man in the face. “Please, let me go.”

“So soon? We haven’t even made it to the fun part,” Herald, the third one, says as he eyes me up and down. I look at where my brothers and Liam are and I meet Liam’s eyes. I plead with my eyes for him to come to help me. He stands immediately and starts walking over.

He doesn’t make it fast enough before I feel a gun against the small of my back. I tense and I hear Bill sneer.

“Walk out the back door, girl,” Bill orders and I stay rooted in my spot. I only move when he digs the gun further in my back. I stare at Liam as I walk to the back door, and he gives me an encouraging nod before he makes a beeline to the front entrance.

I know he has a plan. But I don’t know if his plan will work before something bad happens. And I'm not talking about something bad happening to me.

We make it outside in the back alley and I am shoved against the wall by Henry. When my back slams into the rough brick, I hiss. The wall scrapes my skin, drawing blood.

Bill puts the gun away as Herald holds my throaty tightly with his grimy hand. Bill’s hand starts rubbing up and down my side, and I shiver in disgust.

I feel someone’s hand creeping up my stomach, inching closer to my breasts, and my breath hitches. If Liam does show up in the next three seconds, I am going to have to solve this problem myself.

I look to the end of the alleyway and I see Liam slowly walking past. I see his hand slightly roll behind him and I figure he wants me to act like he is a stranger.

I scream loudly. Herald slaps me and Liam runs down the alleyway towards me and the men. I then see my brothers following closely behind.

Liam tackles Herald to the ground, disappearing in a flurry of punches. Bill goes to get his gun out but Devan is quicker. He shoots Bill in the head then runs to me. Declan and Henry are fighting each other angrily. While Henry’s technique is sloppy and uncoordinated, Declan’s is precise and thorough. Soon, Henry is falling to the ground unconscious.

I look at Herald and Liam. I see Herald swinging a knife at Liam’s side and I scream. The knife pierces Liam’s side and he roars out before he takes the knife out and stabs Herald in the neck. Liam staggers to his feet and I run to him. I rip a long strip off my dress and I wrap it around Liam’s torso before tying it tightly. He grunts and I apologize.

“We need to get him to the house immediately,” I say and my brothers nod, knowing I can patch him up. “Can you help him walk? I’ll drive.”

“You’re... not... driving my... car,” Liam pushes out and I roll my eyes.

“Yes, I am. No arguing.” He goes to argue. “I won’t give you the information I got if you don’t let me drive.”

He glares at me coldly before looking away. I smirk at the defeat that brought his shoulders in. He digs his keys out of his pocket and he hands them to me.

We get Liam into the car and I get in the driver’s seat. I wait until everyone is ready before I drive out of the club’s parking lot.

Fifteen minutes later, I am pulling up to our house. The boys get Liam out of the car and I lock the doors before unlocking the house. I tell my brothers to bring Liam to the bathroom and they do. When I make it in there, Liam is shirtless and sitting on the countertop.

I open the cabinet and I get the first aid kit along with the other medical things I have.

I move in between Liam’s legs and I get everything ready. I hear my brothers leave the bathroom and close the door. I take a deep breath and I start cleaning Liam’s wound.

“This is going to hurt,” I warn as I get the stitches ready. He nods and I start stitching his wound. He doesn’t even flinch. He just stares at me as I fix him up.

When I am finished stitching him, I wash away the blood then I apply antibiotic ointment before I wrap his torso in a medical wrap.

“The stitches will heal into your skin. You won’t have to get them removed. You need to keep the bandages on for the next 24 hours. After that, you can take them off, clean your wound, or whatever, then wrap them back up. If you need help, I can help you,” I say as I clean everything up. Liam stays silent as I throw everything I used in the trash and I put the kit back under the sink. I hear Liam jump down but I don’t pay attention. I stand and I come face to face with Liam. His bare chest is touching the cloth of my dress and my breath hitches at our closeness. I feel tingles erupt all over my body and I curse myself mentally.

“You’re really stupid, Dawn.”

Do what now?

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