The Fire Within

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She’s a dragon... My mission... the seemingly helpless girl... Is a dragon! What the hell am I supposed to do?

After I touched her snout, her brothers told me to climb onto her back. I gave her a cautious glance to which she nodded her head and I let out a shaky breath.

I slowly walk to where her brothers started climbing onto her.

Before this day, I thought the world was a normal place. I thought humans were the only things to exist. But, now, dragons exist too.

I run my hand down Dawn’s golden scales in awe. I see her body shiver and I wonder why.

I start climbing up onto her back. Her brothers whoop and cheer as I make it up to them. They’ve taken their contacts out and their purple eyes are shining.

“You guys are going to have to explain. Everything,” I say and they both smirk mischievously. I see Declan’s eyes glaze over and I furrow my eyebrows. They soon go back to normal and he looks at me.

“Sit in front of me and hold onto that horn. We’re going for a ride.” I slowly do what he told me to do, cautious of what is happening. Once I am situated, I watch as Dawn’s wings start to spread. Her brothers let out excited shouts and I take a deep breath.

In three seconds, we’re in the air, flying above the forest. Dawn climbs into the sky, going higher and higher until we’re above the clouds. I gasp at the beauty of everything. It’s nothing like what I’ve seen on a plane.

Devan yells at me that I can stop holding the horn and I slowly release it. I laugh when I let my arms out and I close my eyes, feeling free. Dawn roars into the night, smoke flowing out of her mouth.

“Hold on, Liam. We’re going back. Dawn senses danger,” Declan says and I grab the horn again. I deflate a little because I don’t want this to end. But then again, this is all so overwhelming.

We soon make it back to the ground where Dawn’s brothers slide down her wings, telling me to follow them. I do. I was panicking the whole way down but it was fun. I stand by Dawn’s brothers as she shifts back into her human form behind us. Devan takes his shirt off before tossing it behind him. I hear Dawn catch it then put it on before thanking her brother.

The three of us turn around and face her. She is ruffling her hair with a small, carefree smile. Her legs are mostly uncovered and I assume all she is wearing is her brother’s shirt.

“We should head back to the house where we can explain everything,” Dawn says and I nod. She gives me a small, sorrowful smile. “Sorry, you had to find out like that.”

“At least he didn’t run. He looked about ready to piss himself,” Devan says as he and his siblings start walking to the car. I follow them, opening my mouth to argue when Dawn cuts me off.

“Don’t say no, Liam. We all know it’s true,” she says and I scoff.

We all get in the car, me driving, Dawn in the passenger seat, the guys in the back. We get off the field and onto the road back home.

“So... Uh... I don’t know what questions to ask...” I say and the siblings laugh. “Oh wait. Are there more like you?”

“Yes but not on earth,” Dawn answers. “Well... Besides my brothers.”

The car swerves from me losing control for a split second. I glance back at the brothers and they both send my cheeky smiles.

“Wait... not on earth? What is that supposed to mean?” I ask as I correct the car and focus on the road.

“There are different realms. About a hundred. Maybe more.”

“Why are you guys the only dragons on earth?”

“We left the realm when we were...younger,” Dawn says, hesitating a little.

“Younger as in...” I trail off in a questioning manner. Dawn stares at me before she sighs and looks out the window.

“10,” Dawn answers, and I furrow my eyebrows.

“I’m confused. How old were your brothers? What is going on?”

"Devan was 14. Declan was 13..." she fades off before she continues with even more surprising news. "Devan is 134. But he stopped aging at 24. Declan is 133. He stopped aging at 23. I am 131. I stopped aging at 20.”

“So you guys won’t age anymore? Does that mean you won’t die?” I ask in disbelief.

“We are immortals, yes,” Declan answers. I nod and stay silent for the rest of the ride. I process everything, not knowing how to react. I want to run away. I want to leave and forget any of this exists. But something inside me doesn’t want to leave Dawn. And it’s not because she is my mission.

We make it home and I park the car in the driveway. We all get out and go inside. We go to the living room so we can talk more about everything.

“So... what is up with your eyes?” I ask.

“We are born from a powerful family. When our true grandparents found each other and mated, two families were made into one. One side had blue eyes while the other had purple. We got our eyes from our grandfather. We are the only ones who got his eyes. The others got either blue or a totally different color.”

“What about your parents? Mr. and Mrs. Ozric?”

“They aren’t our real parents. They took us in when they found us in the woods.”

“How would they find you in the woods if you guys are this old?” I ask and the siblings start to look uncomfortable.

“Because we are immortal werewolves, Agent Cross,” A voice answers from behind the couch and I whirl around to face Mr. Ozric. My eyes widen and I stand abruptly, walking backward and into the wall. “There is no need to be scared, Agent. If we wanted to hurt you, we would have already. Besides, Dawn forbade us from hurting you.”

Dawn forbade them? Why?

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