The Fire Within

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I walk over to my dad and he puts his arm around my shoulder.

"I thought you weren't going to tell him until later on down the road. Or never. What happened?" Dad asks and I roll my eyes.

"He made me mad. I couldn't stop myself and so I shifted. Not misted, shifted," I say with a frown and dad tenses. "Yes, I know what that means. But I am not ready to go yet."

"If you don't leave soon, it might be too late. I mean, with the incident from school and now shifting, I'm afraid you don't have much time."

"What's going on?" Liam asks and I look down.

"I have to leave for a bit. My brothers have to leave with me." Liam opens his mouth to speak but I stop him as I hold up my hand. "I would say you need to stay here but you can't."

"Why not?" I look into his eyes and I frown. How doesn't he know? Has he never felt anything? Unless... Unless he's been on earth for too long! But then how did he survive all this time?

"Because I want to take you with me." More like need to. "You will get to see where we came from. You'll get to meet our horde and family and friends-"

"Horde?" Liam asks with wide eyes and I grimace. Maybe I am giving him too much information too fast. I shouldn't put so much stress on him.

"Is this too much? I can stop if it is. I understand. You know what? I will just stop talking so you can rest and think about this. I am sure you're hurting from the cut-" I rush out but Liam cuts me off by yelling my name.

"It's fine, Dawn. It's just... Yesterday, I thought humans and animals were the only things that existed. Now, I am learning werewolves and dragons exist."

"Oh, there's a lot more than just us," Declan says, not helping the situation. I glare at him and growl lowly. He looks at me with wide eyes before he looks down. "Oops. Sorry, Liam."

"It's alright..." he trails off and I cautiously walk up to him. I notice him holding his hand over his side and I rush over. I remove his hand and I pull his shirt up. His stitches came undone.

Growling to myself, I speed upstairs and I grab the first aid kit. I speed back downstairs and I direct Liam to the kitchen where he sits on the counter.

I tell him to take his shirt off and he does. I take the broken stitches out then I clean his wound again. As I am working, I mumble to myself about how stupid I am. I shouldn't have taken him for a ride.

Remembering the ride, I remember the threat. A vampire cavern. We were getting too close and I didn't want any problems. That particular cavern didn't smell nice. Besides, they would've fought my brothers and me to get to Liam for his blood which isn't good.

I finish and Liam goes to put his shirt back on but I stop him. I get a knife from the silverware my mom got me and I place the blade against my palm. Liam yells at me to try to get me to stop but I don't. I slit my hand and I step closer to him. He stares at the knife with wide eyes and I put it down.

I take another step closer and he stares at me. He watches me as I bring my hand closer to his injury. He tenses when I place my bloodied hand against his stab wound.

"What are you doing?" He asks with furrowed eyebrows. One of my brothers shush him ask I close my eyes and I heat my body up.

One minute later, I open my eyes and I bring my body temperature down. I remove my hand from Liam and I smile in content when I see his wound his now just a small cut. I look at my palm and I see I am fully healed.

I wipe the blood off Liam then I go to the sink. I wash my hands, humming a little toon when I feel Liam's eyes on me.

"What's on your mind, Ugly Duckling?" I ask as I turn around. I lean against the sink and I watch as he looks from me to his cut. Back and forth. That is until I get tired of it and stop him. "That's enough, Liam. You're overreacting."

"Overreacting?! I don't think I am overreacting! You just healed a stab wound like it was nothing! Why didn't you tell me you have healing powers?!"

"It's not the only thing I can do," I mumble but apparently he still heard me.

"What other things can you do?" He asks and I sigh.

"I will tell you later. Right now, we need to get ready to leave." I walk up to Liam and I drag him upstairs to his room. I tell him to pack a bag of clothes, for hot and cold weather, then I head to my room.

I get a duffle bag and I pack some clothes for me. I then pack some necessities I will need. I get the earnings I got from being a con artist and I put it in my bag as well.

Once I have everything packed, I walk back into Liam's room. I see he is staring at his clothes boxes in confusion and I sigh. I walk up to him and I open all the clothes boxes.

I grab three hoodies, three long-sleeve shirts, five t-shirts, four pairs of pants, two pairs of pajama pants, five pairs of boxers, his only pair of shorts, and his two wife-beater tank tops. I grab his duffle bag and I put the clothes in there neatly.

"Get the necessities like toothpaste, toothbrush, shower stuff, anything else you think you'll need. Oh, and no guns or weapons. The horde doesn't like them and will try to kill you on the spot," I say distractedly. "Meet me in the living room when you're done. Don't forget comfortable shoes for hiking and/or running."

I leave Liam looking confused. I walk to my room and I sit on my floor in front of my window. I close my eyes and I take a deep breath.

"Lucifer? Can you hear me? It's your cousin, Dawn."

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