The Fire Within

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“Guys, we can’t go out in public without the contacts. We will definitely be found out,” I sigh as my brothers whine and groan about the stupid contacts.

I already put mine in and I braided my hair in a loose french braid. I put on some lip balm and mascara to go along with my black jeans, gold shirt, and gold converse.

Lucifer told me he is coming to Earth tonight. He is also bringing us to Obsideon mountain, the dragon realm, tonight. Liam is coming with us. He needs to be connected with his roots again. But we first need to find his realm.

When I found out what Liam was, I was totally shocked. I never in a million years thought he would be one of the dragons’ worst enemies. And to make it ten times worse... we’re fated together... which he doesn’t know yet.

“Are they always this whiny?” Liam asks, staring at my brothers with a concerned look.

“Always. The joys of having three brothers, I guess,” I mutter. “Come on, ladies! Get with it!” My brothers glare at me but they finally put in their contacts and fix their hair.

We leave the house and we start walking to the cafe we are meeting Lucifer in.

“Why is he coming tonight if he is going to get us tomorrow?” Declan asks and I roll my eyes.

“I already told you. Since we’re already packed and ready, I am going to ask him to bring us tonight. But first, we need to meet him.”

“Why are we going to the cafe? Is he even going to know where it is?”

“He knows how to portal, dumbass. Stop asking stupid questions. Besides, it isn’t like he can’t ask for directions,” I say, already fed up with them.

“Lucifer? Ask for directions? No way,” Devan pitches in and the three of us laugh. Liam stays silent, giving us a lost look. “You’ll understand when you meet him, Liam. Don’t think too much about it.”

Liam nods, although he is most likely already overthinking.

When I mind-linked Lucifer, I told him not to tell Liam about mates nor about what he is. I told him I wasn’t ready for that conversation yet. He understood right away and he promised me he wouldn’t reveal anything like that.

Mates are like soulmates except for supernaturals or other-worldly creatures. We’re destined together by whatever god or goddess we follow.

The reason why I don’t want Liam to know, is because... we’re mates.

I’m mated with my bodyguard.

I smile a small, almost nonexistent smile but then we make it to the cafe and I shake my head, clearing my thoughts from my mind for now.

We enter and I look around. There are only a few people here. An old couple, a few men in business suits, and two girls that are gossiping about the hottest guys in their school.

School. I miss school. Although it was never a great experience, I miss learning about the human world. Now, when I return, no one is going to be alive because of what happens to time in other realms.

In the Obsideon Mountain, a day would pass and that would be like a week or something here. I don’t know. I’ve never paid attention to it.

We find a table and we sit down. The two gossip girls leave with their coffees, which leaves the couple and the business men sitting at tables. The workers are cleaning tables and all that, looking really bored because no one is asking them for anything.

I stare at the business men. Something feels off about them. Or at least one of them. They might just be vampires or other werewolves. I could never really tell correctly.

Just then, the door opens and the bell rings. A tall man enters the cafe and he looks around the room with his blue eyes. His black hair is perfectly styled with not one strand out of place. His muscles bulgde out of his black t-shirt. He looks human. He’s acting human.

But he isn’t human.

I jump out of my seat and I lunge at the man. He steps back in surprise then he chuckles and wraps his arms tightly around me.


My cousin Lucifer is finally here! I’ve missed him so much since we last seen each other all those years ago.

“How are you, Dee?” We decided to not use our full names, just our nicknames, so we don’t get found out. I can’t get found out by the humans and Lucifer can’t get found out by the supernaturals. I don’t even want to know what would happen if he was found out. I think it would be the biggest war ever.

“I’m great, now that you’re here.” I grab his hand and I lead him to the table where my brothers and Liam are waiting. I notice Liam staring at Lucifer with jealousy and I have to fight the urge to roll my eyes at him.

He’s my cousin, mate. Get over it.

Lucifer and my brothers exchange greetings then Lucifer’s eyes drift over to Liam. He give him a curious look, wondering who he is and why he is here.

“That is Liam Cross. He’s my bodyguard,” I tell Lucifer through mind-link and he whips his head around to face me.

“Bodyguard?!” He yells in my head and I wince from his booming voice. But of course, no one else can hear him yelling at me. “What the hell did you do to make you need a bodyguard?”

“As I’ve said before, I have been here for too long.” Lucifer rolls his eyes and I look back at Liam. He is looking between Lucifer and I, his jealousy still in his eyes.

“Hello. I am Dawn’s cousin. You can call me Luce for now. It’s nice to meet you.” Liam’s eyes widen in realization and I smile at him. “Can we leave? I hate this.”

I nod, agreeing with him. We leave the table and are about to walk out of the cafe when Lucifer groans, his eyes on the two gossip girls that just came back into the cafe.

Their eyes land on my cousin and they light up with happiness.

Stupid human girls.

They walk up to Lucifer and they smile.

“Oh hello! We didn’t expect you to be here,” one says and I hear Lucifer scoff.

“That’s bullshit seeing as how your friend gave me directions here. Why did you follow me here?”

This isn’t going to end well. I just know it. Us dragons naturally have a short temper. Lucifer is the worst of all though.

“We didn’t follow you here,” the other one says as if Lucifer just said the craziest thing ever. “We’re came for some coffee.”

“If that were true, you wouldn’t be talking to me. Besides, I saw the cups you two were carrying when I stopped you. You were headed away from the cafe. Not to. I already told you I have someone so give it up. Goodbye.”

Lucifer walks past them and exits the cafe. My brothers, Liam, and I follow him. I hear the girls following us too. I mean, it’s hard not to hear them with their obnoxiously loud death traps they call heels.

I feel Lucifer’s anger rising as he too realizes the girls are following us. So, hoping that I can calm him down like I did when we were younger, I lay my hand on his shoulder. He tenses before he slowly starts to calm down. That is until one of the girls speak up again.

“Is that who you was talking about when you said you were taken?” She asks in disgust. “We are so much better than her. Why don’t you come home with us and we’ll show you a good time?”

That’s it.

I whirl around and I walk to the girls. They give me smug looks, thinking they are pulling the string. But they’re about to receive a rude awakening.

I punch the both in the face. I hear the satisfying crunch of two broken noses then they both fall to the ground, wailing in pain as they clutch their broken noses.

“If he said he doesn’t want you, he doesn’t want you. Go open your legs for someone else,” I spit and the girls flinch.

They should've given up when they had the chance. Stupid humans.

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