The Fire Within

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“Agent Cross. The director needs to speak with you,” Agent Keller, my partner, says and I stop punching the punching bag. I take my gloves off and unwrap my hands before getting my towel and wiping the sweat from my body. I then put my shirt on and I walk out of the gym.

I am one of the youngest agents in the Colombian FBI Field Office. I am 23. I was recruited when I was 22. People aren’t usually recruited at that age but I made a name for myself quickly.

As I walk to the direction’s office, different agents greet me with a curt nod and I return it. I am highly respected around here. Everyone claims I am one of the best, but I can name a few agents that can be better than me.

I make it to the director’s office and I knock twice before entering. I sit in the seat across from the director himself and I wait silently. I keep my face neutral, giving off nothing.

“Agent Cross. I have a mission for you,” he finally says after a pregnant pause. “It’s a long mission. Three to four years.”

Three to four years? For a mission? What the hell is going on? War?

“What is the mission?” I ask.

“Governor Ozric’s daughter has been compromised. While she was at school, one of her peers shot her and sent her into a coma. Then, he proceeded to set the school on fire. The governor contacted me, asking for my best agent to protect her during his time in office,” the director explains and I tense.

Who in their right mind would shoot a girl for just being the daughter of the governor? I hope that bastard rots in jail.

“If you accept this mission, you’ll have to pose as a high school student. You’ll be guarding Ms. Ozric at all times she isn’t at her home. She will be your number one priority.”

I think it over. This is a lot of pressure. But, of course, I am going to accept it. I never say no to a mission.

“I will accept this mission, Director. When do I start?”


The director sent me on my way with the case file. I left the field office and I started driving to the hospital where Dawn is. She is in a coma. She has been for the past two weeks. That’s what the director told me. She was shot in the left lung and she got a lung transplant. She was also burnt in the fire before someone got her out.

An hour later, I am pulling up to the hospital. I park my car and I walk into the building. I walk up to the receptionist but he doesn’t pay attention to me. He is playing a game on his phone. I do a quick analysis on him.

New. A writer from the callous on his ring finger. Left-handed. Doesn’t like this job. A college student. Does care about working. Has parental issues.

“Excuse me,” I say gruffly and the boy jumps. He looks at me with wide eyes before composing himself and sitting straighter.

“What can I do for you?” He asks politely. A seemingly hard worker.

“I am Agent Liam Cross. I am here for Dawn Ozric,” I say and the boy asks to see my ID and badge. I show him and he tells me where Dawn is. Turns out, Governor Ozric shut down the top floor of the hospital for safety precautions.

I go the stairs and I start climbing to the top floor. I almost never use the elevator. I like to stay fit and the elevator makes me feel lazy. Besides, I am scared of riding in elevators because of something that happened when I was a child.

I make it to the top floor and I search for Dawn Ozric’s room. Room 617. Found it.

I knock on the door and Governor Ozric opens it. His face is stained with tears. His eyes are red. I hear quiet sobs behind him, must be his wife, Mrs. Ozric.

“Hello, Governor Ozric. I am Agent Liam Cross from the Colombia FBI Field Office. I was assigned to protect your daughter, Dawn Ozric,” I say and the governor ushers me in before closing the door. When I am in the room, I take everything in. A crying Mrs. Ozric, two men I don’t know, and a sleeping Dawn. Her golden blonde hair lays messily over her shoulders and chest. The long locks shining in the light. Her face is alarmingly pale and sunken in. A tube rests in her mouth, keeping her alive. The monitor beside the bed beeps, informing us she is still alive.

“Agent Cross, these two men are my two sons. The oldest is Devan and the second oldest is Declan.” I nod, shaking their hands. I look at their intriguing eyes. Devan has deep violet eyes. Declan has violet-blue eyes. Their eyes are very interesting. I’ve never seen anything like them. “This is my wife, Beatrice. I am sorry we don’t have professional looks for this first greeting.”

“Under these terrible circumstances, it’s understandable and I don’t care about appearances,” I say politely. The governor nods and looks at his daughter. “If you need to leave to get refreshed, I will stay here and watch over Dawn.”

“You wouldn’t mind, would you?” Mr. Ozric asks with a sorrowful wince and I kindly shake my head. He sends me a grateful nod before he tells his wife they should go and get some much-needed rest. She argues weakly before letting her husband help her walk out of the room. Dawn’s brother follows them after making me promise to keep their little sister safe.

I sit on the couch next to the farthest wall and I look at Dawn. Behind all the tubes, she’s a beautiful girl. She looks otherworldly. I wonder how this is all going to turn out.

Please let this mission be interesting.

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