The Fire Within

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When the doctor told Dawn she was completely healed, I fought the urge to see what she meant. But I didn’t. I just listened to what the doctor said.

“Telling from your fast healing, I assume the scars will go away in a few days. It’s almost supernatural,” she says and I furrow my brows. Supernatural? No such thing.

“Is it bad that I am healing this quick?” Dawn asks skeptically and the doctor chuckles.

“Not at all. I’ve just never seen anything like it. You should be out of here in no time if you keep healing as quickly as you have been.”

“That’s wonderful.” I smile at Dawn’s excitement but I quickly push it away. I have no reason to be smiling. This is Dawn's good news. Not mine.

Then why do I feel happy for her? Why do I feel the need to give her everything? I feel this... connection sort of thing towards her but... that's crazy, right? It's probably all in my head.

I hear the doctor help Dawn fix her clothing before she then tells me I can turn around and I do. She is looking at her arm that isn’t bandaged anymore. She cautiously touches the scars and shakes her head in astonishment. But I notice a sort of fakeness behind it. Like she is acting.

“It doesn’t hurt,” she reveals. The doctor nods, says her goodbyes and takes the supplies out of the room. When the door closes, I sit in a chair and I stare at Dawn. She looks at me with a smile and she laughs. “This is wonderful! I get to leave this stupid place sooner than expected!”

I nod and continue to stare at her. She frowns and wiggles a little.

“Uhhh... Agent Cross?”

“Liam,” I correct her and she nods distractedly. “What do you need?”

“Can you help me to the bathroom?” She asks while blushing and I nod. I stand up and I help her remove the blankets. She moves to the edge of the bed and swings her legs to the side. She then grabs onto my arm that I offered and she slowly stands. She takes a cautious step forward and I move with her, watching her every move.

She takes another step and another. Soon, we make it into the bathroom. I turn my back toward her and she holds onto my shoulder as she pulls her gown up and slides her underwear down. She sits on the toilet and tells me to leave, which I do. I shut the door and I wait.

I don’t mind helping her with whatever. I am not the kind of man that is inappropriate about everything. I have two sisters. One of them is blind. The other is too young to help out. So I help my blind sister with whatever she needs. Yes, it’s not the same as helping a stranger, but the experience from helping my sister makes me able to help Dawn.

“I am finished, Ag- Liam. Can you help me again?” Dawn asks in an embarrassed tone. I open the door and I keep my eyes trained on the floor. “I am already standing and I have my clothes fixed. But can you help me stay standing so I can wash my hands?”

I look at her face and I nod. She holds onto the counter as she moves in front of the sink. I hold onto her waist, keeping her up, as she washes her hands. I feel tingles dancing through my hands and up my arms, but I think nothing of it. I just wonder how long it will take before Dawn can get her strength back.

Being in a coma for so long and take the strength away from you. It will take some time for Dawn to fully recover from being motionless for so long.

When Dawn is finished, she dries her hands and turns around. I offer her my arm and she grabs it. She walks slowly, and I open the bathroom door for her. When we make it out, I see the Ozrics all waiting for us.

Her brothers are glaring at me but I keep my face neutral. When they see Dawn using me for support, their glares soften. When she sees her family, she smiles widely.

“The doctor said I am healing quickly! She said I can leave soon!” She rejoices and everyone smiles. We keep walking until she is at the bed. She sits and releases my arm. I prop up her pillows so she can sit up and she thanks me.

“I see that your bandages are off,” Mr. Ozric says and she nods as I help her cover herself up. “How do you feel?”

“Better. Liam has been helping me a lot.” I go to the other side of the bed and I sit down. Mr. and Mrs. Ozric take the couch. Devan takes the chair from beside the bed and Declan gets the chair at the table in the corner of the room.

“I can tell. It is quite comical seeing an intimidating man such as Liam being so caring and gentle,” Mrs. Ozric says and I resist the urge to roll my eyes. I don’t think rolling my eyes at the governor’s wife is a smart idea.

“When do you think you can leave now that you’re almost healed?” Devan asks Dawn. She frowns and she looks at me. “I can ask the doctor for you?”

At Devan’s offer, Dawn’s face lights up and she nods at him. He leaves the room and a frown forms on Dawn’s face.

“I just realized I never asked how long I was out for,” she states and Declan sighs.

“You were out for almost a month. Which the doctor says is normal considering the trauma your body went through,” Declan explains, and Dawn nods.

“Well... Knowing I was in this place for that long... I just want to get out as fast as possible.” Everyone laughs and Devan returns with the male doctor. He greets everyone and says that Dawn can be released in two days. Dawn happily cheers at this news. “Yes! Let’s go!”

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