The Fire Within

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We are on the road to our new house. We decided it was safer if Mr. Ozric stayed at his home. The brothers are driving the moving truck and Dawn is in the passenger seat of my car, annoying the shit out of me.

“Will you please stop counting the houses with the same landscaping?” I groan and she laughs but goes silent. Really?

“How long do we have until we get there?” She asks and I eye her cautiously before answering.

“You aren’t going to be like one of those annoying little kids, are you?” She shakes her head. “An hour and a half.”

“Alright. I am going to sleep.” She gets comfortable, leaning her head against the window, and she looks at me. “Is it alright for me to go to sleep or do you want me to stay awake with you?”

“Go to sleep, Dawn. I’ll wake you up when we get there.” She nods and she closes her eyes. She gets more comfortable and I sigh. I turn the music up a bit to play in the background so the ride wouldn’t be as silent.

When I saw Dawn with black hair, I froze. She is a beautiful woman. Even as a blonde she was gorgeous. And now that she has black hair, her purple eyes almost glow.

I didn’t mean to react the way I did. But, I couldn’t stop myself. The way she shuddered as my lips brushed against her ear did things to me that shouldn’t happen. I need to control myself around her. If I don’t, this job will get ten times harder.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, we are pulling up to our new house. I park on the side of the road so Devan can back into the driveway. Dawn is still sleeping so I cut the engine and I put my keys in my pocket.

I already brought my sisters to their aunt’s house before I left, so they should be fine for right now.

Thing is, they are my half-sisters. My dad cheated on my mom and brought along two girls. Their mom died giving birth to them and dad chose drugs over all of us. So, my mom took them under her wing. When I was twenty, my mom died from cancer. So I became the girls’ legal guardian. It was a lot of pressure, taking on parenting and dealing with FBI things. But, I managed. Their aunt reached out to me and told me she could help take care of them. I didn’t trust her at first. It was only after I interrogated her for a day that I trusted her.

I turn to Dawn and I shake her leg slightly. She groans then stretches and sits up. She looks around before her eyes land on me. She has confusion in her eyes before she shakes her head and looks outside.

“Hey, look. We made it,” she says and she climbs out of the car. I hear the moving truck backing up into the driveway and I get out as well. I lock the car and I walk with Dawn to the front door. I crouch down and I move a big fake rock away to find the house key. I grab it and I stand.

I walk to the front door where Dawn is standing and I hand her the key.

“You do the honors,” I say and she smiles as she takes the key. She slides it in the lock and unlocks the door. She opens it and we walk in.

Dawn gasps as she looks around and I smile. This is an amazing place.

“Whoa, this is awesome!” She squeals and runs around. I watch her with her sudden burst of energy and I chuckle. She stops at the stairs and she looks back at me. “Let’s go find our rooms!”

I run over to her and she runs up the stairs with me following. It’s funny how earlier, she could barely walk. Now, she is running up the stairs.

She looks in both two rooms upstairs and she decides to take the one on the left. Which leaves me with the one on the right. It’s big and spacious. I have a balcony and a nice sized bathroom. Dawn’s is almost the same just positioned a little differently.

We go back downstairs and we help the brothers carry the boxes in.

Well... Dawn tries to help but we tell her she shouldn’t because she would just be in the way. She scoffs and informs us she is going to check out the pool. I tell her to yell if she needs anything and she nods before walking away.

Almost everything is in. I am bringing in the last box before we are going to start bringing in the dresser and things like that. That’s until I hear Dawn scream.

I drop the box from my arms and I run downstairs and to the backyard. I look for any danger when my eyes land on Dawn who is crying. I run up to her and I wrap my arms around her, still looking for danger.

“What is it, Dawn? What happened?” I ask as she sobs into my chest. I hear her brothers looking around when Devan gasps and curses. I look at what he is looking at and my eyes widen.

A dead cat is laying on the ground, torn to pieces.

What did this? How did animals get in the back yard? It's fenced with 6-foot wooden fencing.

Mr. Ozric told me that Dawn loves cats more than anything. She’s always wanted one but her mom is highly allergic to them. Dawn even volunteered at the animal shelter just to be with the cats. She loves them as much as she loves being in the water.

Shit... This isn’t good.

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