The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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He faces a challenge of conquering his weapons corrupting him and manages to halt. he then proclaims his "Death" to be true. but there is something that is left unattended.

Fantasy / Action
Tokikaze Kohaku
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Chapter 31: Testing it out

His aura has changed, his weapons changed form, and he is losing control over his own stuff. Ryuu, Himari, Hikaru, and Mai are getting him to calm himself down and focus on his true goal. Shiro on the other hand, feels like he is being drowned in an endless sea, Ryuu invokes Kurogane and Himari invokes Akibara but Shiro wasn’t fazed about it and invoked Ryuujin alongside with his DLs. Kurogane was the one who started to throw hands at him followed by Akibara, but the two of them are severely overpowered by Ryuujin and Ryuujin on the other hand was overpowered by Shiro’s current state. The three of them clashed for hours that seemed like minutes, Ryuujin is on the upper hand, while both Kurogane and Akibara are bruised and almost out of stamina “Damn it, at this rate, we’re dead” Kurogane said to Akibara. She agreed to it and said “There is one way that we could stop him but we’re one person short” Kurogane analyzed her words and realized that Albion is the only one who could outrun Ryuujin, but the two thought that Ryuujin is more powerful than the three of them combined. So the two chanted a spell that could weaken him but to no avail, Shiro’s body acted on its own and chanted an alchemy seal that he revised to stop all incantations. The two were losing hope and Shiro wanted to escape his mind from drowning him, before Ryuujin could even hit Kurogane and Akibara, Shiro got a grasp of his control and halted the attack. Akibara had her eyes closed before his attack but to her surprise, it didn’t hit, Kurogane on the other hand, eyes widened, and prepared to die, but again, it didn’t hit. Shiro reverted all his weapons including Ryuujin, and led the four to his office, far away from the DL facility. “What’re we doing here?” Himari asks, “This is my office, a replica of all the facilities inside HQ, this is where I was going but I sensed a shadow lurking so I went to the DL facility so that I might scare it away, then the next thing I remember, I was drowning in an endless sea.” He explains. Ryuu got the gist of it “I am still appalled that my DLs could overpower me like that, it never happened before” he adds. The misunderstanding got cleared out and Himari asked him why he didn’t go to class and why he was nowhere to be found “I was in Germany, killing ghouls in their branch, I didn’t want to put you guys in danger, that’s why I left alone” he answered. “I brought you here because I wanted the four of you to know why I am sent here. See, my primal mission here is to keep an eye here, but the legion assigned me to investigate on them as they noticed that I know much about it, yet they are not suspicious of me, and at night, I kill ghouls and bring them here, to examine their body before they wilt. Ala, Joker’s specimen is one of a kind, same with 001. Just recently, I have cut off both of 001’s tails, so the facility is manufacturing my new DLs” he explains. That night, Himari went home with Shiro, and went to sleep after getting home. The next day, Shiro was seen in school again, and his classmates started asking him why did he go absent for the past week. He didn’t respond, but instead, he kept silent and made a lie. That day, Aruhi gave him an urgent message that he needs to come to the HQ quick. He told his teacher that he’d be going to the A-DL HQ for urgent work. Upon getting there, he was ordered to go to Aruhi’s office for an urgent matter, “Why call for me sir?” he asked “Take a seat boy” Aruhi told him “Remember the twin tail you cut off from 001 while in Germany? Well the DL got here and we want you to be the first one to know what it is.” He added. Aruhi gave him a case and he found two swords in it bearing the same name, “Akatsuki”

He wants to test it out, but Aruhi told him to go to class first. He went back to class only to find his classmates waiting for him so that they could ask questions “Look, I appreciate the wait and all, but you guys really have to mind your own business” he says “Right, and you’re coming with us” Himari says, his other classmates are getting jealous of her for knowing what Shiro is up to but they don’t, and his girl classmates are jealous that Shiro chose her and not them. While at the school yard, “Alright, spill it” Himari told him with Mai and Hikaru with her “Alright, alright, I got the DL” he answered. Their eyes sparkled as they wanted to know what kind of weapon it is “Their dual blades, one red, and one black” he added. Himari thought of the color of arcs a ghoul could have, “Black, then red, then blue” she said. Hikaru and Mai seemed to have the same thought. “Correct, the other tail is a bit cut off before I ripped it off” he said, assuming their minds are having the same thought “Are you a psychic?” Hikaru asks “Nope, I just assumed that you are thinking that a ghoul’s arc color differs when they’re trying to regenerate” he explained. Relieved, Himari thought that he might be one and he might have found out something he shouldn’t have. “By the way, Himari, we’re going to have a talk when we get home” he said, shocked, Himari can’t do anything but agree, since she is staying with him in his house after all. That night, Himari was at the family room when Shiro came in with six people with him, seeing this made her remember that before Shiro went missing, he renovated the house and increased it from two floors to four floors. “Himari, these are my subordinates, the blood squad” he said. “You said you wanted to talk to me about something” she asked “You don’t mean anything by that do you?” Shiro asked her. “No, not at all” she answered. “The reason I renovated the house is because I was ordered to take the squad under my wing, and in our realm, by taking people under our wind means taking them to our domain, and this house is my domain, therefore, I’ll let them live here” he explains. Then he ordered her to call the other “Sozoukin” t0 come over to the manor. A few hours later, Mai, Hikaru, and Ryuu went to Shiro’s house, for something they weren’t told about “Blood squad, meet the next in line as clan heads. Sozoukins, meet the blood squad” he says. A week has passed since the blood squad had been living inside Shiro’s manor, and the squad remembered his words that made their minds more capable of training with full power. “The training center at the fourth floor has a barrier so that you can go full force, no need to hold back or worry that your teammates get injured” Atsumi remembers the words as she trains with a clone. “Akumu-kun, isn’t it unfair that we have to fight your clones and not you?” she asks, “That is because, I can lessen the power of my clones but not me, if I were to fight you, injuries that will be dealt upon you, might not heal” he answers. The past week had no raids whatsoever so the squad had nothing to do but to go to school, go home, and train. The next day, it was a Saturday, and the squad had nothing to do but to train, but Aruhi called Shiro and told him that there was a raid. “I’m off to buy groceries” he told the squad. Atsumi had suspicions but she didn’t mind it at all, she went back to training after seeing him off. When Shiro arrived at the HQ, Aruhi and Itsuo was waiting for him to arrive because there was a bigger raid than usual. “Who raided?” Shiro asked “You should see for yourself” Itsuo replied, they went inside and Shiro saw 001 destroying the facilities. From a frown, Shiro grinned and called out to his DLs “Ryuuketsu” he invoked and his DLs reacted to it and changed form. 001’s tail seemed to be fully recovered and ready to fight on full force. “Blood squad, come to the HQ, Raid code: 001” he said through his transmitter, in less than half an hour, his subordinates came to the site and saw Shiro fending off 001 and so he ordered them “Get everyone out of here, and Zetsubu Jiku, stay on watch, if there are others on the loose, tell me” he ordered the team without hesitation. The facility has been evacuated and ready for a full-blown fight against a high-grade ghoul.

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