The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 38.7: Akumu Shiro and Kage Katsuragi Kuzuryuu

At an early age of four, Shiro understood what it was to become the king of his bloodline or the domain from watching his father do his work as the king. Ryuu on the other hand had known nothing but to play around the manor and he rarely comes out of it. One day, Shiro was brought to the committee by his own wish, on the same day, Ryuu was also seen at the council. Ryuu comes up to Shiro to make friends but Shiro knew that there is nothing that he would gain by making hi his friend, but he accepted it as he planned to do something that includes an accomplice. Some time passed and Shiro had become friendlier to him and fully accepted him as a friend. After a year, Himari and Hikaru were with their respective parents on a visit to the council. Ryuu on the other hand glanced at the girl with the Tsumi king, his eyes, mesmerized by her beauty and when the Tsumi king had introduced her to them, he became more interested by her. Her name is Tsumi Mai, she had silky purple hair, well-defined yellow eyes, and the attribute Ryuu loved more than anything, her kindness towards others. That day, Ryuu and Shiro went to the park at the Kage domain. Ryuu went to play at the slide while Shiro was at the swing when Ryuu went to him and asked how he was, he ignored the fact that he’s not okay and wasn’t feeling well. Sometime after, Shiro collapsed and Ryuu called the castle guard to pick him u and send him back to the Akumu domain. When he got there, Ryuu took some time to think about what happened and noticed that Shiro was acting all weak when they came to the park. Ryuu kept on apologizing to him as he didn’t realize that he was weak. “There is nothing for you to be sorry about, besides, I was the one who neglected it” he said. The night passed and Ryuu has to go home, Shiro stayed in bed for days then was able to move once again. Ryuu has not been around Shiro and Himari and Hikaru started paying him visits. He ignores the two of them while getting Intel about the two. One day, Himari and Hikaru went to visit Shiro but the maid said that he isn’t there, so the two left and went to a park at the Akumu domain. There, Shiro followed them. On the other hand, Ryuu went to visit Shiro but the maid said that he isn’t there and if he wanted to leave a message to him, “No thank you. Please, don’t tell him that I went here” he said, the maid abided and kept shut as Shiro confronts a guy that wants to take Himari, and eventually ended up killing the guy with his invokers named 009 and 008. After some months, Shiro visited Ryuu and heard that he has a brother and wanted to meet him. “Hey there, are you Tora?” Shiro asked the kid behind Ryuu, the child nodded and asked his brother “Who is that guy?” “Well, this is a friend, Akumu Shiro. He’s going to be the next king of the Akumu domain” Ryuu answers. Time passed and the two parted ways alongside Himari and Hikaru and Tora, as well as Mai.

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