The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 39: Chains are meant to be broken, not passed down to another

The group went to their respective homes and Atsumi was waiting for Shiro to arrive. “What the hell are you doing by the door?” Himari asked “Waiting for somebody to come inside” she answered. As the two continue talking, their talk became a quarrel between the two. After some time, Shiro went inside the house to check what it was that was causing a commotion. “Both of you, stop that, there are other people that are sleeping soundly in their homes and here you are causing me a big pain in the ass” he said. The two stopped as soon as they heard Shiro’s voice arising in anger. “Sorry, but this girl really pisses me off. Oh well, I’ll just have to show her that I am powerful enough to be your queen” Himari said. “Don’t worry Himari, the tournament won’t take place until the grand tournament isn’t done, so there is plenty of room to practice, besides, if you underestimate your opponent, you may fall into a trap they made” Shiro spoke “Why does it look like you’re taking her side?” she asked. Shiro brushed it off and went to take a bath. Unfortunately, when he entered, Aiko was still in there. Kazumi gets flustered and turned red, Shiro on the other hand, looked away, and his face was all red. “Now I can never get married” Kazumi said while a teardrop falls on her blushing face. “Sorry, I opened without knocking, I thought there was no one inside” Shiro apologized. Himari went in and scolded Shiro for what he had done and he instantly apologized. The night was unpleasantly quiet as the girls sleep in their rooms, while Jiku and Shinzo are playing some kind of mobile game. Himari was beside him, and he thought, ‘Why did I build this room again?’ the thoughts in his mind crashed over the other and he had nothing left to do, so he tried falling asleep, eventually, he dosed off and slept through the night. Some days have passed, Ryuu and Mai are still acting all lovey-dovey while Himari and Shiro are the opposite, they don’t show their affection while inside the campus, but instantly locks arms once they are out. Their days went on as per usual, but when New Year came, Shiro was no longer seen anywhere. “Hey, have I encountered this before?” Ryuu asked, “Right, we have encountered this before. This time, we know where to look” Mai said. They searched for him at the places where he was found from before but to no avail. They searched for him at the places where he never goes, but again, to no avail. They were looking for him around the whole country, but no sign of him was found. Meanwhile, Shiro was using “Encore” on the group so that he’d block every ounce of their ability towards finding him. that night, Himari went to the master bedroom that she and Shiro shares, she found a note and it said “To whom it may concern, I will be away for a while, tell my homeroom teacher this as well, because I fear that I will not make it until daylight to get there. One more thing, tell all the girls living in there right now to join the Queen’s tournament, so that Himari won’t be lonely being the only one joining the tournament in the household. Singed, Akumu Shiro” she was brought to tears after being touched by his words, so she went to gather the others and give them the letter so that they’d read it. “How can this be?” asked Jiku “Well, apparently, it seems that Shiro is nowhere to be seen, more likely missing” answered Atsumi. They said that they’ll help the Sozoukins search for Shiro but Himari declined “This is something you cannot be inclined with, besides, you still have your duties as the Blood squad right?” she said. The squad backed out and let her be, meanwhile, Shiro is watching over them and expecting them to not find him after searching everywhere he had went to and even to the places he has not went into. At the moment, the five kings sent out a search team to search for him around the globe and as well as Japan. Three days have passed and the new year’s festival came, Himari and the other heirs have been searching for him but to no avail, they always end up failing their mission on finding him, even Himari could not track his movements, Ryuu can’t find his scent anywhere, Mai’s butterflies can’t see him, and Hikaru’s grass blades has not seen him. From that point on, Shiro decided to reveal himself to everyone after the countdown, and yet, Himari, and the other heirs are at Shiro’s house waiting for the countdown to finish, they wanted to search for him after it. “9… 8… 7” the countdown went and the heirs have nothing on their minds but to look for Shiro, Shiro on the other hand, was watching them wait for the countdown to end and began thinking that they knew what he was up to, but it changed with their frustrated looks when the count fell to 5. “4… 3… 2…” the count went lower, and they become more frustrated, when the count went to 1, the electric power went out, and Himari thought that it was a power shortage during the New Year, but the lights went on and a shadow appeared in front of them but they can’t figure out who it might be due to Shiro’s encore. “I see, so that’s how it is. Welcome back, old friend” said Ryuu. Hikaru and Mai began questioning him about the guy he called “Old friend” so he answered “That’s Shiro, being in his unchained self” the group was shocked to hear that Shiro has an unchained form. At that moment, the shadow lifted up his hood to show his face, and by Ryuu’s guess, he was somewhat wrong. The face of the shadow is not Shiro, but Ryuu.

“I guess you can say that he’s led you to some paths you’re not supposed to” Said Shiro standing beside Himari. Hikaru asked him how couldn’t he be sensed by the other’s abilities, and his answer was simple, “I’ve put a seal to everyone in the realm, that includes the heirs, the blood squad, and everyone at A-DL, even though they are not a part of it. The blood arts was supposed to be a distraction for my real plan, and it includes Ryuu in it this time” “The plan was Shiro will collect as much blood as possible to cast a seal to the whole realm, this way, demons won’t know where he would be, that includes me. The time of his disappearance was also set to a week before New Year, but due to some distractions, it was held back to just three days. The seal he cast was an Alchemist seal, a high grade one, one that consumes some power from the castor, its name is “Encore” supposed to be, it’s only used to lock away dragons or other beasts, but this guy right here tweaked it for a bit and used it to counter all types of seals. Our plan was also to make use of the latest announcement of the queen’s tournament, Shiro left the letter Himari found. I was the one that led everyone to the paths where he won’t be near, for example, when we were searching for him at the old building, he was at the ghoul commission where we weren’t allowed to go into” Ryuu explained. Mai was a bit confused, but after some time, she collected herself and asked, “Then, my ability was to cast butterflies to search for you with their eyes, they must be able to see you, but didn’t they?” “That is because of the alchemist seal I cast upon all of you, not one of my traces were found because of that, even Ryuu’s sense of scent was blocked by it, and his senses are the best of the realm” he answered.

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