The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 39.2: Ryuusuke's wish

They talked about the things that Shiro did just to secure that he is not going to be found by the realm, but on the other hand, the five kings knew that he was up to something as he asked to send a search party after him after he’s gone missing. “Why… why didn’t you tell us that you wanted it?” asked Atsumi “Well, there are numerous reasons, but the most obvious reason was, I’m still too young to take it” he answered. “Jeez, you should have said something, I’d give it to you right away” she added. The whole commotion was about Shiro wanting some coffee, on the other hand, Ryuu’s case was different, he helping Shiro out because he knew that Shiro would grant one of his wishes after helping him. “Shiro, I think it’s time for you to grant my wish” he said. “Sure, but first, let’s get out of here, the girls will be watching if we don’t. Jiku, Shinzo, you guys are coming with us” he said, as the guys leave, the girls talk about what Ryuu’s wish would be. “I think it has something to do with boys’ love” Kazumi Aiko blurted out while blushing. The others seemed to agree with it and after some time, the guys came back in and said “That was quite fun I had to say” said Jiku. “What happened?” asked Akira “We went to the arcades, damn even Shiro has his hidden sides huh” Shinzo replied. The night ended with such bliss among the group and they all decided to go home. The next day, Mai woke up after dreaming of Ryuu, thought her usual dreams were about Shiro. She was vexed by this and thought that maybe it wasn’t a dream at all. Night has passed and Mai seemed to have dreams of Ryuu over and over again. She wanted to ask Shiro about why she keeps on dreaming about Ryuu but she thought that he’d say that it’s love so she didn’t attempt to ask. Shiro on the other hand remembered the night they went on the arcade and said to Ryuu, “The first phase dreaming about you, knowing her, she won’t ask me about it. In the second phase, she will spend more time with you than anyone else. The third, is pure love, you can tell her how you feel, but be wary of your technique, you can pin her first to the wall if you want to, but don’t kiss her yet, that’ll stop the whole operation, and your wish will be in vain” when Ryuu realized what it was, then he knew what would happen and tried to avoid all the dangers in making his wish come true. But Shiro lied about one thing. All he would be doing is make Ryuu appear to her dream, and nothing else, the rest is up to him.

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