The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 39.5: Shiro's chains

When Shiro was born, His father placed a seal on him that would suppress his power, knowing that he is a ghoul. His mother had done nothing to stop her husband from chaining his son as she also knew that he would be in great danger if the public knew that he is a ghoul and also the heir of the Akumu clan. One of the potentials Shiro could do is to break his chains when he is strong enough to destroy them, although, Shiro’s will was to overcome anyone who would stand up against him. Before Shiro disappeared, he knew how to destroy the chains and told Ryuu about it, when the two finished talking, Ryuu knew that Shiro will be gone before New Year, but was delayed because Shiro had to find the time to disappear, the right time to do so was when Himari and the others were completely calm about the situation, and let Himari know that there will be another tournament only for the Queen. Their plan was able to be finished, even though it is a little delayed, it can’t be helped, and Shiro’s plans were able to connect with reality in the end. But that was phase one of his real plan. The real plan has yet to come.

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