The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 40: The chains came off but it worsens Shiro's senses

Going back to the present, Mai, wanted to reconsider talking it out to Shiro, but she fears that his answer will be the same as she thought about. “Mai, what’s wrong? You seem down” Shiro went to her and asked “Well, there have been some problems with my dreams lately” she answered. “Are they nightmares?” he asked once more “Well, I wouldn’t call them nightmares but it bothered me as it came out of nowhere” she answered. They talked about it and her thoughts are exact, he thinks that it’s love. She rushes home after the classes ended and avoided Ryuu while on it, so Ryuu went to Shiro and asked him what happened to Mai, and Shiro told a lie that everything is going fine, but she is avoiding him so that she’ll not fall more into the hole. Days have passed and Mai has still not approached Ryuu, and Ryuu still doesn’t know if his wish was coming true. Their break is coming to a close and they have to return to the realm and make some final training to get ready for the grand tournament and the Queen’s tournament. They will now go into a new term at Shouto high and will come into another election. Shiro knows this too well, he knows how to win the election by his own ways. There were a few candidates, he is one of the 6 candidates that are fighting over for the post and yet, 4 of them had backed out from the election, due to some unknown reasons. Shiro on the other hand has been spreading nightmares after nightmares to the candidates until they break. The last candidate to ever withstand Shiro’s nightmares, was Haizaki Yuugi, an upperclassman, from class 2-a. but had withdrawn from the election after giving up on having the nightmares about the student council. Since Shouto high lets the president choose his comrades, he chose Haizaki Yuugi as the vice president because it took him 5 more nights to take him out of the election, the rest of the student council was based on their grades. But one of them was exceptional, he chose Kirisaki Kyouka so that he’d have back-up when he’s coming home late because of duties. Kirisaki Kyouka is one of Himari’s friends in class 1-A. Shiro experiences some dizziness after some time that he had unchained himself from his father’s seals. When they were taking their lunch, Shiro suddenly fell unconscious after a while when they were eating. “What? What happened? Where am I?” Shiro asked while he was at the infirmary “I see you’re awake. Good afternoon Akumu Shiro.” Said the school nurse. “How long have I been out?” he asked “It’s been 3 hours since you have been out, don’t worry, your friends brought you here, and they’d be here soon, the class is almost ending” Shiro has been knocked out for three hours but it felt like he has been with a demon while he was unconscious. “What am I doing here anyway?” he asked the nurse. “Well, when you fainted, it seemed that you were out cold when they brought you here when I checked your eyes are getting blurred. You need to check your eyesight, it’s getting worse” the nurse said. He left the school early because of the recommendation from the nurse, he went to the realm and ordered to see their family alchemist, Kurogane Shiro. “What brings you here?” he asked “Well, the nurse in my school told me to get my eyes checked, she said that it’s getting worse” he replied. The test went on and it seemed that Shiro has a problem with his eyesight and needed some glasses, fortunately, Kurogane Shiro has some spare glasses with his grade, so he gave it to him until he could make some for him. “Thanks, man, this helps a lot” Shiro said “No problem, I wouldn’t want my student to be less productive in school” he replied. Shiro left and went to his house on the surface and told everyone what has happened, he even called the heirs to come by for it. “Well, I’m not surprised that it happened, because, if you wanted your chains to come off, there would be some kind of price for it” Ryuu said “I agree” said Himari. That night, Shiro thought about things that he could have something to prevent his eyes to be damaged, but he dozed off before he could even think of an answer. The next day, the girls in his class were fawning over him because of some glasses he wore and it pissed Himari so she grabbed him by the arm and said “We need to get going, we have something to talk about” he followed her but some girls did too, fortunately, Shiro placed an invisibility seal on the both of them so that when they went to an alley, they could lose their classmates. “You know, you should get some contacts, those girls will keep on getting in your way in studying” she said “Don’t worry, I don’t entertain them that much, so you don’t need to worry” he answered. They talked about it and missed a class. That night, Shiro went to the realm again with the notice from Kurogane Shiro. “Here are your glasses, if you want, you can leave the spare here” he said. After that, he went home and placed a clone in his side of the bed so that Himari won’t think that he’s going away. He then went to the deep caverns and collected some more materials for his experiment. The next day, Shiro was missing from his bed so Himari went downstairs to look for him, and found him at the kitchen cooking breakfast, although that is not what he usually does, he did it anyway. The first thing that Himari noticed is that he had changed his eyeglasses and it looks more suiting to him that the last one. They went to school and was about to graduate but someone bought the school and let the non-sealed graduate, the people that can control seals, however, did not, and they had to endure classes one more time, this time, they have to take a test to see what rank they would be. The ranking system goes by “SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, F” from the control they have over their power. At the test, some people got A’s but none of them were able to reach S’ except for Shiro who got SSS rank.

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