The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 32: Aruhi's secrets

A team had to fight 001 but naturally, Shiro could do it by himself, Atsumi thought that he was taking it lightly and so that his teammates could do some work too, but she was wrong when she realized that he wasn’t holding anything back and was struggling with his power. “That’s a shame, I thought you were stronger than this” 001 spoke that infuriated him. Rage got the best of him so he invoked Ryuujin and invoked Ryuuketsu once again, this time, he is no longer the Akumu Shiro everyone knew, not even Himari could pinpoint who he is when rage gets the best of him. since no one is inside the facility, he revealed Ryuujin in front of the other members of Blood squad, and yet, 001’s expression changed, from grinning to having a big frown. “Prepare, everyone, get out and ensure the others are unharmed, because, I don’t know if I could get out of this alive” he said to Atsumi and the squad. After they left. There was nothing but silence, when they went in, the two of them were gone, this time, Shiro left blood trails but to no conclusion. Atsumi can’t think of anything but to worry about her squad leader. Shiro on the other hand was still at the HQ, only a different dimension. A few hours had passed like minutes, they were waiting for him to return, but he didn’t instead, 001 came out of a warp gate. “Got him back” he said. Atsumi wanted to know what happened there so 001 told them “The thing is, he’s dead, the next king you are waiting for is gone” 001 said with a straight face, Aruhi was hiding behind a pillar so that they won’t see him. On the other hand, Shiro was spectating them over the roof of the HQ. Aruhi went to his office after he heard that Shiro died in the hands of 001. “Well, they seemed to find that you’re not dead yet” Aruhi talked to a guy lurking in the shadows. On the other hand, Atsumi and his subordinates are grieving his “Death” and went to tell the next queen. “How?” Himari asks “The prince has already killed him by his own hands” she answered, “And as squad assistant, I will take full responsibility for his death” she added. Himari was not satisfied with what happened and decided to investigate. The next day, the A-DL sent a letter to the school that Shiro died during one of the missions given to him. His classmates were the first to grieve to his death, the Sozoukins however didn’t believe he has died. That day, they investigated the A-DL for past records and saw a tape where the prince and Shiro fought, the same day he “Died”. They played the tape to find that Shiro opened a warp gate and took the prince away so that he won’t damage the place, and a couple of hours passed, Shiro wasn’t found going out, instead, it was the prince. Himari’s tears came down her face and so did Mai alongside Hikaru and Ryuu. That night, Himari slept in her room while crying. Shiro on the other hand was lurking at the shadows killing ghouls one by one without notice. The next day, Aruhi went to check the data for the ghouls and found that a drastic amount of them died just last night and gave him the thought ’You’re giving them signals that you’re not dead yet boy’. A week passed with the squad presuming that Shiro is dead and so did the Sozoukins, the five kings’ council, however, deployed a search team since they don’t have anyone to place in the name of “Grand King” except for him, so they didn’t accept that he died and searched for him. That night, Shiro revealed himself to Aruhi asking him “Which clan do you belong to?” Shocked, Aruhi told him that he belonged to the Akumu clan. Convinced, Shiro asked him again “Why didn’t you call it “Anti-Ghoul Legion”?” “There are things that are meant to be kept from the public” he answered. Shiro bids him goodbye and he went on his way. Shiro went to his house when no one was there, Himari was searching for him, and his squad is sleeping. He grabs some food and teleports out. That night Himari went home and found some footprints of a demon, she tries to investigate where it led but to no conclusion “Therefore, you are not dead, my dear” she said. The night passed and Shiro was found nowhere, they tried looking for him at the A-DL, but to no avail, Aruhi said that he isn’t there and that they should just accept that he’s dead. Of course, they didn’t want to do that, the five kings’ council will punish them if he’s not found. That night Shiro was at it again with his plague mask and the Shinigami coat. Every night, he slays ghouls and reports it to Aruhi, and he alone, the others have no contact with him, thought Himari knows that he is still alive. That night, Himari was walking down an alley when she was abducted by a shadow she is unfamiliar with. The next day, Himari didn’t come to school, but the other three did, they got worried so they searched for her but to no avail. Himari on the other hand, had tears going down her face.

“Don’t cry, nothing gets done by crying, and now you know my secret, you can’t leave here” the guy said. “Why didn’t you come back?” she said “There is nothing I can do when I come back, besides 001 already said I’m dead, they have to accept it first, before I come back “From the grave” and support them again” he said. She thought that he’s hiding from them just to surprise them after. “Why’d you proclaim you’re dead all of a sudden?” she asked “Because I need to get my work done without them, besides, I get weaker around my subordinates” he answered. She got the gist of what he’s saying so she decided to shut her mouth about what happened and make an excuse why she was absent. The next day, she went to school, but was flooded by her classmates about the day before. “Where have you been? You’re not in his house” Mai asked her. She made up an excuse so that they’ll let her off the hook. “Anyway, today, we still need to search for him, without delay” Ryuu said. That afternoon, Himari wanted to tell everyone where Shiro is but she remembered her words and her promise to him, so she led them to the wrong path saying “I can see Shiro’s footprints here” the group trusts her in looking for him because of her tacking ability, but she broke that trust just to protect her king. That night, she went out again to an alley where Shiro told her to meet up after a day, “So, what’s up with everyone?” he asked “There is nothing much, but I closed down the routes that might lead to your hideout” she answered. While they were talking, a girl was listening to them, and Shiro noticed it. “We have company” he said then grabbed Himari by the hand and teleported out of there, the girl was Tsumi Mai, she was shocked that she was talking to someone with a plain white mask. She thought about it and realized that Shiro liked masks to hide stuff from the public. The same guy appeared in front of her and abducted her. When she woke up she’s in an abandoned building outside the borderline. “Where am I?” she asked “You’re in our hideout” Himari said “Well?” the guy said “Shiro… why didn’t you come back?” she asked “There are something I never intended to do, and without me, heroes and villains can fight without fail, with me in it, I’m only going to kill them all regardless, besides, I made a pact with the prince that he can say that I’m dead so that he can fight the Legion neck to neck with my squad” he explained. She didn’t get it, but she did get though why he wanted to be away. “There isn’t room for two powerful beings in this world, so I’ll manage to keep distance with all of you” he added. That night, something happened between the three that kept their mouths shut. The next day, the two didn’t speak until they were searching, Himari was watching Mai’s mouth if she’s going to sell him out but Mai noticed this and didn’t speak of him. That night, Himari went to the building where they usually meet, Mai gradually follows. “Well?” Shiro asks her “There is something going on with Mai, she seems to want to tell the others of your location” she answers “Don’t worry, in your hands, it will be fine, just keep an eye on her” he then orders her. She leaves the facility and noticed that someone was there with them. “Well, Mai, there is something you need to know” she said. “Well, I guess I can’t hide in the shadows forever” she answered. The next day, Mai was at her energetic self and so was Himari. That afternoon, they came to search for Shiro but to no avail, until Ryuu said “How about we check locations where he is rarely found?” Hikaru agreed to it and so did Mai, but she agreed without thinking. As for Himari, She agreed to it as well, because she thought that the abandoned building is not considered to be one of the hiding spots. But she was confirmed wrong when Ryuu pointed out the building. “Why there?” Himari asked “I kind of followed him around before stumbling upon all of you, and he went here quite often when he runs away from the manor” he answered. Himari makes up a lie that there were no prints of him there. But the group decided to check it out anyway. Upon getting in, Ryuu saw a man in black, “This guy might know where Shiro is” Ryuu said, so they approached the man and when he turned around, it was a corpse on a stand, which scared Hikaru very much that it made her faint. A few hours went by and Hikaru finally woke up, she asked why she fainted and Ryuu told her what happened, she went up saying that they need to find Shiro soon. That night, they canceled the search because of Hikaru fainting. Himari on the other hand stayed with the corpse saying, “That was a good disguise you have there” the corpse didn’t answer but instead it attacked her, she thought that it was Shiro putting up a disguise but she knew that she was wrong when the corpse attacked her and almost cutting her abdomen open. A shadow filled the area and she was spared, when it dispersed, the corpse was gone and she was the only one left on the area.

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