The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 33: Things Undone

She was scared and couldn’t move, but Shiro came to her without his tracks showing up. “Come on, I’ll reveal myself” he said. This painted a smile on her face and answered “Sure”. The next day, Himari was very much happier than she was the past few days, this was noticed by Ryuu so he had to ask “Well, you seem more lively that the past week. What’s up?” “Nothing, we just need to go to the building from yesterday” she answered. Ryuu was a bit confused when she said it, but he brushed it off telling himself that she may a clue where he might be. That afternoon, the group went back to the abandoned building that they checked the day before, and Ryuu asked once more “What are we doing here?” “There is something special inside there today, I just know it” she said with a smile. They went in and found the same guy that had his back at them since yesterday, that apparently was a corpse, but Himari went to tap the “corpse’s” shoulder. Shiro revealed himself to everyone that he is alive and well, although, he is covered in blood. “Don’t you ever tell this to my squad, they are in danger if they find out” he told the group. Mai asked why and Shiro told them about the deal he had with the prince. “That’s not right! You know you should have gotten the best of it, right?” Mai replied. That night, Shiro didn’t come with them on their way home, but the realm already knows that Shiro is still alive, besides, the five kings wanted to keep the search a secret from all of the realm. The blood squad, however, knew he is alive since they live within the realm, the five kings would panic over his death. Himari, Mai, Hikaru, and Ryuu are all sleeping soundly that night, thanks to Shiro. He, on the other hand, is on a killing spree on both humans and demons, the news settled on it and called him “Shinigami”. Although his hideout isn’t revealed to the public, he often changes his hideout, just for security. The only problem he has is, his friends, if the public knows of him through his friends and subordinates, he’s doomed, and at least that’s what he thought. His friends never intended to sell him out, it would take them to their graves. Besides, if he ends up in jail, he doesn’t have to worry, he can pay all the fines allotted to him. One fateful night, Shiro was staying near his house, and Himari seemed to be wary about it, so she went to go to him, but to no avail. Shiro left at the moment he knew that someone knew his spot. “I wonder where you might be now” she said. A shadow filled the area for a couple of minutes, then dispersed. By the time the shadow dispersed, Shiro was seen in the light, Himari hugged him tight and so did he. “You think I’d run away from your presence? Think again, the next queen is not to be treated that way” he said. That night, Himari was not seen inside the house. The next day, Himari was seen roaming around the school, Ryuu went up to her and asked her where she went, she said that she had been with Shiro all night long. That afternoon, the group went to where Himari led them, surprisingly, Shiro was waiting for them there. “Welcome” Shiro gratefully welcomed them. The five heirs entered the house freely and carelessly that they fell into a trap “I see you’ve brought some visitors, 001” says Ryuujin. Himari and Ryuu never realized that the present incarnate can summon Ryuujin in the form of himself. “What are you doing here?” asks Himari, “Well, I am to help with the “Shinigami” cases” he answered. The group asked about the Shinigami that went on a killing spree and the dragon answered them directly that it was Shiro. “How come he killed all those people?” Ryuu asks “That’s simple, remember how the great arc formed?” Ryuujin asked the two, the two thought that it would be lore or a tale, but they were wrong as Shiro felt great pain that lies within him, the four wanted to help him but couldn’t “This is why he has been running away, why he never wanted danger to fall, why he never intended misfortune to befall against you all” Ryuujin said with his eyes closed, Shiro on the other hand, grew his wings, arms, feet, hands, and tail. “The great arc” Ryuujin said, the four thought that it was only a tale about the prophesized ghoul, but they never thought that the prophesize is true, and also, the prophesized one is Shiro. The night passed, none of them is hurt, but Shiro took an impact, the next day, the four talked about what to do with Shiro, and how to tell this to the five kings council. They decided that they’ll confront this to them and face the consequences that will befall them. That night, Shiro didn’t get any visitors because the four went to the five kings and told them everything about it. “We already know” the grand king said, the four was confused at first but the grand king explained to them how they knew and why they still insisted that Shiro become the grand king. “That’s why” Ryuu said. “Very much so, thanks to his father, we were able to know the full capacity of his strength” the grand king spoke. “Full capacity?” Ryuu asked “His full capacity isn’t seen in broad daylight yet, we do know that he is one of the legendary dragon keepers, same as you two, Ryuu, Himari” the grand king said. The two were shocked that the five kings’ council knew of the dragon keepers and pinpoint the hosts, although they still have no clue how far Shiro’s power can guide him. That night, Shiro went to the five kings and found the four talking with them.

The five kings talked to him for a bit then dismissed the five of them. Shiro told a secret to the five kings before leaving. The next day, it was a Saturday and “Shinigami is on a killing spree again” news started to spread again and it seems that it is spreading fast, everywhere he goes, and the “Shinigami” news follows him. a few days had passed and he had been all over the news, and fortunately, no one knows who the Shinigami is besides the five kings, and the Sozoukins. The past week is just like that as well. A Saturday, the five kings summoned Shiro for an important matter considering the throne, when he went, all of the council members came by and went to test him.

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