The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 34: Taking Royal Tests

The test is composed of his mental and physical abilities to carry and protect the kingdom at all costs. The Yami king presented the first out of five tests, the economic test. The questions were about the realm budget and about handling it, the test was about 300 questions, and none of the previous grand kings have perfected the test, the highest a grand king has got is Akuma Eiken with 288 points with a time of 4 hours. Within the next hour, Shiro passed his work and managed to perfect it for some reason. “How’d that happen?” asks Eiken, “Well, it was simple, putting thought and processing it quickly will maintain your mental balance about the realm’s economy, besides, the more thought you put into it, the more you will fail, and also, there is a question there about the budget that changes between each year, so there was no simple answer to it” he explained. This explanation is the one explanation that led the grand king to believe in him a lot more that he did. The second test was about strategies led by the Akuma king since he became the grand king, he has not yet lost a chess match, and the game is the best of 7 games. The first game went ahead and the Akuma king is anticipating the wrong moves against Shiro, Shiro on the other hand, had known that the grand king would anticipate things that way, so he always moves things go the opposite way. Eiken’s ability is to anticipate things more accurately than other people, while Shiro’s ability is to know if there is a demon nearby, his secondary ability is to read the minds of his prey. At this chess match, the grand king is now his prey which makes Shiro’s mental power a lot more than the grand king, things settle down, the first match belonged to Shiro. The second match was a bit more intense than the last match since the grand king used a more from his ability and Shiro did nothing but the same as the last round, after some time, Shiro reigned victory of it as well. “Wait, is it possible to use your abilities when in a chess match?” the Yami king asked, “Yes, but unfortunately, Shiro has the upper hand” the Akumu king said, the Yami king asked why and he answered “that’s because my son is born with a primary and secondary ability, the primary being his sharp senses, and the secondary being him to read the mind of his prey. And in this test, Shiro’s prey is none other than the grand king” the Yami king worries for the grand king, and that it might hurt his pride as “Unbeatable”. The third game went underway and the four kings are talking about how and why Shiro’s abilities surpass mostly all of the past grand kings, “There is only one answer. He is basically a compound if a ghoul, a dragon, a demon, and a Shinigami. With those abilities he has now, he could conquer all of the surface and the realm at the same time” the Akumu king explained, “There has been no sign of him being weak is there?” the Kage king asks “There was one” the Tsumi king says “It was when he didn’t report and I asked my daughter about him and he was in his room, not moving an inch for a whole month. It seems that his weakness is seen by him and him alone” he added. The third match was decided, the victor is Shiro, only one more win and Shiro will pass the second test, though he intentionally lost the fourth game, to boost the grand king’s pride and keep fighting, the two went like that until the final game. The last game of the seven is not chess but Shogi. The two will be competing in a way that they have to know how to order their men in war if it happens. “Isn’t that Shiro’s forte?” the Yami king asks “Yes, even I couldn’t keep up with all of his tactics, and yet, he learned it by himself after watching a match” the Akumu king replied “Just watching a match?” the Kage king asked. “Yes, a match, right after that, he never went to take Shogi lessons and neither did he take Chess lessons” he answered. It’s been an hour since the two had started the final round. Akuma Eiken had studied Shogi and Chess since he was little, while Shiro on the other hand, just watched some matches played by pros. The four kings had nothing to do so they watched the second test finish, and yet, Eiken had the lower hand, since he lost both his bishop and rook and Shiro took advantage of that and used it. The grand king also lost both his golds and silvers, and are being used in Shiro’s advantage. After several turns, the grand king conceited defeat and finished the second test with a victory. The third test is about being patient about things around him, this was led by his father, Akumu Hanzo. “Now, this will be boring perhaps, but bear with me, even lord Eiken had done this before being a grand king himself” he said “And this is where it gets very boring boy, so please bear with it” the grand king said. After the next hour, Shiro is still waiting there, and victory is still out of his sight. The rules are, he has to meditate for three days without food, water, and he has to withstand it. The next day, they found Shiro in the same room and still meditating, also, his expressions didn’t change, and they decided to check on him. So when they did, he didn’t move a muscle. The Akumu king told the others to check on him so that it would be a chance of him to fail the test, but it looked like he didn’t mind them at all, and kept meditating. Two more days had passed and he was allowed to move again, therefore, he had won three out of five tests, meaning, he is more than qualified for the title “Grand King” but the two other tests are tests of strength led by the Tsumi king and Kage king. It was a two on one match to unveil Shiro’s full power, the five kings decided this while he was meditating. The battle went underway and Shiro thought that he could go easy on them, but he was wrong when they two attacked him in opposite directions and in sync too. Of course, he noticed this and dodged. The next few hits are also dodged by him, the two kings used magic seals on him but were stopped for some reason, they remembered the grand tournament finals between Shiro and Ryuu, Ryuu wanted to use his seals but was unable to do so because of Shiro’s seals somehow. The two kings knew of alchemy seals which made it easier for Shiro to counter, but he let them off so that they’ll think that his seals won’t work against alchemy seals. A few strikes were dealt by the two but to no avail, Shiro’s abilities surpassed the both of them even though he was just taking it easy but he got tired of it and wanted more out of the fight, so the negated the two kings’ seals and took a crystal ball out of his pocket and opened a seal, “Final” he chanted. A cloud of smoke filled the battlefield and when it dispersed, Shiro was in a new form, “Final” the Akumu king said. The grand king asked him about it and he said that he saw Shiro experimenting on his own power and he called it “Final”. “Final? What does that mean?” he asked again “It was his final form, all of his strengths combined, from his bare abilities, dragon abilities, Shinigami abilities, and ghoul abilities. The armor is basically his weapons, from his dragon keeper’s weapons to his main weapons. All of its mana combined” the Akumu king replied. “Then that means…” the grand king thought for a bit a halted the fight, but all three of them are not in their normal state. “Halt the match, Akumu Shiro, has passed all five of the tests given to him by the five kings’ council and therefore, will be crown king whenever he wants to redeem” the two kings halted and so did Shiro, but he had to ask “Why to stop now?” “It is because the two kings may die if you continue” the grand king replied “HUH?!?!? We could’ve died?!” the two kings asked the grand king. “Yes, Shiro’s power exceeds all of us in every way, so he already passed all five right?” he then asks the other kings. The other kings agree, that day, the other Sozoukins went by to congratulate him, he was given a feast to commemorate the event, but he felt nothing but sorrow. “Excuse me” he said. After he left, Himari followed him, being worried. “What are doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be with the other at the feast?” he asked “No, I never wanted to go there in the first place, I just went so that I could see you, and that priceless smile of yours” she answered. While they were roaming around the realm, they talked about what would happen if Shiro became the grand king that instant. “Maybe, our marriage would be a few months away from us now” she said in a teasing voice “hey, why did I just get the feeling that you were teasing me just now?” he reacted. She smiled and went to him ‘I can’t hide from my feelings forever, I must confess to him tonight. There is nothing more important to me than that’ she thought to herself as they were walking down an alley.

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