The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 35: The demon princess' feelings

“You know, there isn’t anything that I would want right now that peace” Shiro said out of the blue, Himari was thinking of it and thought of an answer to give but in the end she couldn’t think of an answer. That night, Himari mustered up all her strength and said “I love you” Shiro was in shock after hearing her words “There is no need to give me an answer, but I would like to tell you that I love you, truly” his thoughts went blank and wanted to move but couldn’t. Later on, a bandit bumped into them wanting to kidnap Himari, and he was furious, at that moment, Shiro’s thoughts were nothing but protect Himari. He cut off the guy’s hand and took Himari. He canted “Final” once more and killed the guy, Himari didn’t what it was, so she asked him “This? This is my experiment with Ryuujin, it was a success, all of my weapons lying on the same invocation. But of course, I can still invoke all of them on their own” he replied. At the end of the night, Shiro had his mind go blank, and Himari very, very flustered. The other three on the other hand… “WHAT!!!!? YOU WHAT!?!?!?” Mai asked her in a shocked voice. “That’s no good, at a time like this, your timing was way off, if you mind me telling you” Ryuu told her “That’s fine, it’s already in the past anyways” she replied “In the past? IN THE PAST?!?! Well, if you don’t mind me, I bet he’s thinking of his answer to give you” Yami scolded her. That night ended with Shiro having his mind blank, Himari confessing, Ryuu, Mai, and Hikaru scolding Himari for not timing her confession. “Though, I would have confessed with him if you didn’t get in my way” Mai mumbled. The three asked her what it was, but she ignored them. The next day, Shiro went back to his house within the surface and surprised the whole blood squad. “WHERE WERE YOU? ARE YOU OKAY? ARE YOU HUNGRY? YOU SCARED ME” Atsumi cried and hugged him. he pats her head and said “I’m okay, there is nothing to be afraid of” the rest of the squad cried in his presence for a little while, after they finished crying, Himari went inside the house only to find Atsumi being all over Shiro. “What the hell is this about?” Himari asked her. “Is it wrong for me to hug the person who went missing the past month?” she replied with a rather teasing voice. Shiro tried to break the bad vibes going on with the two and told them to get along. That day, Shiro went to school and told his homeroom teacher that he ran some errands that took him that long to finish, Hiiki already knew that he was experimenting something and he took the royal test. That day, Himari was very cheerful and so was Mai and Hikaru. At the end of the day, Shiro thought to himself ‘What if I accept her feelings? What if I don’t? Would she be happy? Would she be sad? Would she mourn over it? Maybe not. Would she kill me? Maybe not. Is there something I can do to avoid stuff like that to happen?’ the thought sunk in him for a couple days and finally he had his answer. The next day, Shiro wasn’t seen in class but rather a notice “I won’t be coming to school today, the A-DL needs their Shinigami -Shiro” the note said. His teacher may know what it meant but he brushed it off and proceeded to class. After class, Hiiki, their homeroom teacher, went to the realm to report to the grand king, “There, sir” he said. “Very well, the next grand king is planning something that would take him some time to finish, in any cases, let me know” the conversation did go well, but the two of them still has no clue what his plan is, Shiro on the other hand, went down an alley to teleport to his house, meanwhile, the blood squad is at his house training. “Atsumi, report” says Shiro “Today, there are two ghouls seen hostile with a civilian, some other ghouls were seen to be calm” she said. That night, Shiro took out the ghouls spotted by Atsumi even the calm ones. The next day, Atsumi didn’t get a glance at the calm ghouls from the other day and went to ask Shiro about it. “Nope, I only killed the hostile ones” he answered. That’s obviously a lie, Atsumi may not know but Shiro tends to kill on anything reported to him. The day ends with Shiro not being able to talk to Himari but she seemed so disturbed by something and wants to talk to someone but couldn’t. That night, before he slept, he went to Himari’s room to talk to her “What do you want?” she asked “You said it’s fine that I don’t give a response but I will so that I won’t look rude about it. To be frank, I knew about it all along” he said, she then asked about how and when he knew about it. “Simple, it was from the first time I came with my father at the council meeting, am I right? You and Hikaru both” Himari was shocked that he remembered it so clearly that it made her ask “Hikaru told me that on your first day at school, you didn’t speak to her and it seemed like you don’t know who she is, care to explain?” “I tend to forget people from my memory when I don’t get to meet them in person, but instantly remember them after I see their face and know of their name” he answered. She was in shock that she has to hear that but was also relieved that he remembers ’Actually, why am I relieved’ she thought to herself. Shiro talked to her for a while and went back to his room, that night, Himari went to the realm to talk to her father. “What brings you here, dear?” he asked. “Can you release me from my status as “Queen”?” she asks. The next day, Shiro went to the A-DL to report. “I see, so the prince is dead?” Aruhi asked “That is correct, we met once when I was back at the realm” he replied. That day, Himari didn’t return to Shiro’s house so he got worried. He went to the realm to the Akuma manor, to talk to her father, the grand king, Lord Eiken. “What brings you here boy?” he asks in an angry voice. “Is she around?” he asked. He tells him that she and led her to her room. When he got in front of her room, her big brother, Ittou, was at the door “What do you want?” he asks “I’m coming inside that room whether she likes it or not” he answered. Ittou pushed him but instantly backed out upon seeing Shiro’s enraged face. He knocks at the door, but no answer “I’m coming in” he says. He went into the room to see how she’s doing, but all he saw was her lying down on her bed covered in her blankets. “Look, I may not be able to return your feelings from you but I already told myself that I’ll try to, there is nothing more hurtful than being rejected isn’t it? So here I am telling you that I promise, I’ll try returning your feelings for you” he said. It lifted her spirits to get out of bed “Get out” she said “What for?” he asked without thinking, now looking back… “O…okay, I’ll go, and get out. You, you need to get changed” he said and went out. His heart was racing rapidly, he’s confused why, but he decided to hide that fact. “You can come in now” she says while hiding behind the door, he goes in and they talked for some time. After several hours, he went to say goodbye and left. The next day, Himari returned to Shiro’s house and went to school with him. At school, Shiro wasn’t seen anywhere but Himari remembered that she walked to school with him, but for some reason Shiro isn’t seen by anyone at school, even her. Shiro on the other hand, placed a vanishing seal over himself so that he’d not be found by anyone, even Hiiki thought that he had some business at the royal council. That day, Shiro attended class without being seen by anyone. Himari sensed him at his chair so she watched his chair for a while and noticed that it moves on its own. After classes ended, “You know, you shouldn’t have placed a seal over yourself right?” she asks, the seal deactivates and “Yeah, I know, but there are things that should be hidden in the shadows, and that’s me, the prince of the ghoul commission and the next grand king” he said. She was confused at his actions but she got her head to clear out before she headed out. While going to the door, Shiro grabbed her arm and said “Besides, I told you, that I’ll try to return your feelings with my own. This is my way” he said. He lets go and she leaves. Ryuu on the other hand heard their conversation and went in the classroom “That’s unusual for you to just jest out of nowhere” he said “What can I say? Every now and then I tend to do something I’m not used to doing” Shiro told him. Ryuu’s surprised face made Shiro’s expressions to fade away and say “Now, shall we begin?” he asks “It’s now or never” Ryuu answers. That night, Shiro goes home and sees Himari arguing with Atsumi, his gut is telling him that whatever they are arguing about, it’s worse than what she’s arguing about with Hikaru. “Hey, what’s this? What’re you both arguing about?” he asks “This bitch says that I can’t be the grand queen since you don’t really love me” she says “It’s true isn’t it?” Atsumi butts in. Shiro sighs as he realizes that they are fighting over nonsense. “Come on, stop it, there is nothing good that will come out of it” he says keeping the two in opposite directions. That night, Shiro went from tired to restless due to Atsumi and Himari arguing all night long. The next day, Shiro called both Himari and Atsumi in an urgent meeting, just the three of them “Look, Atsumi, you’re 11 years older than her, you should know better, and please, quit acting like a child, you’re no longer one. And as for you Himari, quit acting tough, you know you can’t win an argument on your own, you need somebody to rely on when it comes to something like this, so please, if you may, act like you’re older than her. The both of you, if you can’t settle this in words, I have something in mind” he says “Well, if you insist” Atsumi agreed “That’s fine with me, that way, I can show this hag that it’s a crime being a pedophile” Himari added. The three of them went to the five kings’ arena to spar, the two of them will be going up against Shiro, he will evaluate the two of them and decide who the winner is. Atsumi hesitated that she has to fight against someone who perfected all the criterias to qualify oneself for the title of grand king. Himari thought the same, but for the sake of pride, the two of them decided that they’ll fight.

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