The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 36: A matter of pride, one shall fall, one shall rise

The fight started and Shiro doesn’t move, on the other hand, the two girls are giving it their all. Shiro isn’t leaving the circle he’s put down and still managed to block every single strike the two have dealt. “What’s the matter? Afraid?” he says to appall the two and take a step forward strike once again. “Invocation: Akibara” Himari chanted out loud, Atsumi remembers something that made her become stronger in terms of strength but not when it comes to seals. Akibara’s aura didn’t fill the air as Shiro already knew that Himari will invoke her. Shiro used silent chanting against the two of them so that they’ll have to manage him by fighting with their bare fists. Shiro on the other hand invoked “Final” and smirked. Himari remembered the incident including the guy who wanted to take her away from him, the same armor the same aura, and the same look in his face that frightened the guy and died in its presence. Atsumi has never seen this form of Shiro in the past and thought that it was more powerful than the others. “Surprised, Himari?” he asked, “What’s this about Himari?” Atsumi questioned her “This form, is the reason why he perfected all of the tests allotted to him within three days and no further” Himari replied. Atsumi’s eyes widened and wanted to forfeit but she kept going as she can’t let her pride down, and so did Himari, neither of them wanted to let their pride down, the two insisted that they have to win, even though it is a hopeless fight “You still want to go? Well, if you want it to be like that, I can show you the power of everything I hold near me” he says. Without invoking his weapons, they appeared but their form was more frightening than before like there was nothing out of the usual weapon. “What’s this?” Atsumi asked Himari, she raised her shoulders and told her that it’s the first time that she has seen those kinds of weapons being held by him. The two was struck by fear and were unable to move, Shiro on the other hand still insisted to strike the two, right before the blade hits the two, Himari went and blocked it with Luna. She has finally learned how to chant silently. This was Shiro’s intention in the first place and wanted the two of them to learn it, the first to learn win. Shiro halted the attack from going underway and said “Congratulations, Himari, you won” Atsumi’s expressions were unsatisfactory and is telling Shiro indirectly that she doesn’t agree with the outcome. “Well, in that case, you want to go again?” Shiro asked “Nope, no thank you” she answered in a displeased face. On the contrary, Himari was very bright that she won but still pitied Atsumi for her loss. “That’s fine, Atsumi-san, there is always another chance for you to steal him from me” she says in a teasing voice, “Why you” “Now, now, Himari, quit teasing” Shiro told her and brought the two back to the house where the others were waiting for their return. “How’d it go?” Shinzo asked “Don’t ask me about it, it pissed me off” she replied. Their day went on and the two didn’t talk to each other, so Shiro made an arrangement for the two so that they’ll talk, or at least try to. At dinner, the two weren’t called and were left behind, due time, the two realized that they weren’t called when it was dinner time. Himari first went down the stairs and thought that they still hadn’t set the table up, but as soon as she went to the kitchen, stacks of dirty plates were seen “Atsumi, get the hell down here” she shouted “What is it? I had nothing to do with it” she said while going down the stairs “Look at this, how much did you eat?” she asked “Look, I locked myself up in my room all day, may I mind you. I had nothing to do with this” she defended herself. That night, the two were left inside the house while the others stayed at Shiro’s other house near Himari’s former house. That night, the two did nothing but fight. The next day, Shiro went to check how the two managed and unfortunately, things are broken, somethings are misplaced, and the remote is missing. He called cleaning services to do the job and paid them to triple the amount they asked for. “This is too much sir” the maid said “No, take it, I insist, my house was too much to deal with by just the two of you” he said. The three talked and after a while, left, Shiro went back in to see that everything is back in place, except for one thing, Himari and Atsumi are still not getting along after the incident. “Those two seemed to have fallen too much that they’d fight over it, tell me, what was it?” Koseki asked, “You’re a girl, aren’t you? Can’t you tell just by the looks of it?” he then asked, “It must be a boy then, but I’ve never seen Atsumi fall in love before, I mean, she’s very cold about everything, well, that was before she was assigned to be your squad assistant” she answered “That is the correct answer” Shiro told her “Wait, what? Who’s the guy?” she asked once more “Can you take a guess? Who does Himari like that could probably be Atsumi’s as well?” he asked. She thought for a while and came up with the answer in hand, but she didn’t tell him her answer, instead, she went to the two and told them “What are you? Idiots? If the two of you are fighting over him, why not take it to the death? It seems that you are not getting along fine” “What good would that do to you?” Shiro asks Koseki “Well, I’ll just tell you when they finish fighting, it might cause more trouble” she answered. The two wanted to brawl so bad that they could kill the other. The whole household went to the five kings’ arena to watch their fight and Shiro on the other hand was watching from the side. “You scared that Shiro isn’t here to help you win?” Atsumi asked her in a teasing voice. “Well, for your information, the last fight, I learned something valuable that I could use at this moment” answered Himari. The fight went underway and the two clashed with all their might, even though Atsumi can cast seals, Himari stayed quiet but still invoked seals “This is why I wanted one of you to learn this…” Shiro thought to himself. Himari invoked Akibara and dealt more damage than Atsumi could. “Eclipse: death” Himari chanted out loud since she still has no control over her new ability. “What would that do?” asked Atsumi. Himari pointed behind Atsumi and when she looked the moon is almost crashing on her. The moon collided with the arena dealing a great amount of damage, Atsumi is shouting in pain, and Himari’s reactions are merciless, her expressions went from angry to grinning. Atsumi on the other hand is almost out of breath just by being under the moon. Shiro comes to the rescue and makes a clone that looks like Atsumi to be under the moon instead of her. He heals her wounds and woke her up “Where am I?” she asks “You are alive so don’t ask me where you are” he answered “Damn, I thought I died” she says, he smiled as he knew that she was back to normal once again. “You know, you won’t win against her with that power of yours, you got too cocky because you can keep up with me, but the thing is, I never intended to show everyone my full power, and I have only been using an eighth of my power to deal with the whole squad, that includes you, and on Her side, she can keep up with a fourth of my power” he said “Well, can you help me get stronger?” she asks, “Well, that depends, are you willing to give up some of your blood?” he then asked answering her question “Of course, my blood means nothing if I couldn’t dispose of them for good use” she answered. He instructed her to reveal her neck to him, and she abided. “What’ll you do?” she asked “Don’t worry, this will only sting for the time that I will consume your blood” he said. After some time, Himari went to where Shiro was, but when she got there, she saw Shiro doing something with Atsumi and got shocked, Atsumi saw her coming in and made some erotic noises. This led to Shiro getting hit by Himari “AAAAAAAAAAAAH! THAT HURTS GODDAMMIT” he shouted “What were you doing???” she asked, “Consuming one’s blood, one for my disposal” he answered, his answer bothered her mind and she began questioning him. “Look, why do you think I killed all those ghouls?” he asked Atsumi “To protect humanity” she answered and got hit right away “What was that for?” she asked “Wrong, it wasn’t supposed to protect humanity, the A-DL has no knowledge of my actions, therefore, my killing spree as “Shinigami” led me to finish my job” he said. Atsumi thought for a while and came up with an answer “Blood arts, an ancient technique that uses the host’s blood to operate. By consuming blood from different demons, the host has more blood to sacrifice for its operation” she said “Correct” he replied. Himari shot him in the head with a log “You know that’s dangerous right?” she said “I know it will be, but I’m taking a risk, besides, the kings are planning to do another test on me, and this time, it’s about seals” he said. That night, they went home and took a long rest but Shiro left the others with his clone so that his presence is still there, he went to the five kings and wanted to discuss something in his mind.

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