The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 37: Final's Last Shard

After he left, he gathered all the blood he has consumed since the first time he has used blood art and released some of it. Affecting most common demons, and turning them into dust. When he was satisfied with the results, he went home and slept. The next day, Shiro missed school, and went to the A-DL to report “Well, how can I help you?” Aruhi asked “I’m resigning” he said. “Wait, wait, wait, why are you deciding that quickly?” he asked “Because there is nothing challenging enough for me in here, but do me one favor, once my resignation is active, could you at least make Atsumi the squad captain, Koseki as squad vice-captain, and let them stay at my place, I’ll train them while at it” he said, Aruhi understood and passed him a resignation form. “Here, I knew from the start that you’d eventually quit because it’s not that challenging to begin with, besides, Itsuo and I talked it over for about a million times already. Also, when the prince died, I thought that you would immediately want to resign, but it seems that you didn’t for some reason” he explained. He filed the resignation form and left. Once he got home, Atsumi rushed to the door and questioned him, “Why are you so early today? Is there something wrong?” she asked “No, not really, I just filed a resignation form then left” he said, she was confused about it and asked him why, his response was very casual like he intended it to happen all along “Why, why did you have to do that?” she asked once more “Look, I go to places that would bring me challenges that would make my blood boil, but the A-DL has brought me nothing but nuisances, besides, Aruhi already knew that I would resign right after the prince’s death, so it would be worthless if I were to give up resigning now, besides there were deals made before I did. One last thing, my resignation is effective tomorrow, 00:00” he said, it broke Atsumi’s heart and made her cry, Shiro on the other hand, didn’t watch her cry but he also told his subordinates that he has resigned as “Shinigami” of the Legion, Koseki was the first to react upon the five, she asked him why and explained it again to them, but still conceals the fact that Atsumi will be promoted to squad leader and Koseki will be squad vice-captain. That night, Atsumi called the five and told her something that would bother Shiro for the first time. The next day, Aruhi ordered the Blood squad to come to his office for something very important. “Sir, Atsumi Orihime, reporting” “As you know, your former leader, Akumu Shiro, has decided to resign after the battle with the prince and has left some notes that should be taken care of today, as of today, Atsumi Orihime, I promote you to special class, and Blood squad leader. Shouyu Koseki, I now promote you to Special class and vice-captain of Blood squad” he said, “How did this happen?” Koseki asked, “Simple, Your former leader told me to promote the two of you and make the two of you lead the squad. And on that note, he also told me to let you stay in his house, for training regimens” he added. The squad was overjoyed and went home immediately. “I see Aruhi told you everything” Shiro told them while he was at the door. When the group entered the house, the Sozoukins were waiting for them on the inside with some decorations, and some food plated. “Congrats” Ryuu said. That night, Shiro placed a clone on his bed, ordered it to sleep and went to the underworld, and talked to his mother. He left without saying a word. The next day, the five kings received a notification that the queen of the deep caverns was dead. “Shiro, you really never do anything without drastic effects, do you?” his father thought. That day, the five kings requested an audience with Shiro, and when he came, the grand king told him that the queen of the commission is reported dead. “How’s that happen? I thought she was more powerful than anyone there?” he asked. In Shiro’s mind, he’s smirking saying “You got that right, she’s dead, and there is nothing that will come to light”. The Akumu king asked him if he knew something about it. “Beats me, I was in the surface all day, went to sleep early too” he answered. Fortunately, he was able to convince the five kings that he’s not the reason why the queen died, but in reality, the night he talked to his mother, his mother warned him that he might overpower himself with the abilities he has in hand with such young body, therefore resulting to killing his own mother. That day, Shiro went to class late, because of the five kings, “Why are you late this time? Something happened?” Kenji asked “Something came up this morning and it’s urgent so I had to go, sorry I’m late sir” he answered. The classes finished and Ryuu wanted to talk to Shiro in private. “What was that? The queen just died and it’s probably your fault” Ryuu scolded him “Calm down, I had nothing to do with it, besides, I never come to the deep caverns, well not that m8uch” he answered. Ryuu asked him about his agendas in the deep caverns and he answered “To get some materials from loose ghouls roaming around”. The three girls were talking about something when the two got back and didn’t want to talk about it with the two saying that its girl’s talk, that night, Shiro went to Himari’s room to talk to her and give some information about the queen. “She’s dead?!? How come she died so suddenly?” she asked “I barely know of the situation, I just heard it from the five kings today before I went to classes” he answered. The two of them talked for a while then Shiro left the room and went to his. The next day, classes were still normal and nothing out of the blue has occurred. The day went on like he was a normal person, but that night, the five kings called Shiro once again as they have evidence that Shiro is the one who killed the queen. “We have a video of you going in and out of the deep caverns, thanks to an anonymous sender” he said, “Well, there were times that I have to go there, I need some supplies from loose ghouls running around the beak of the cavern” he sent in an alibi that would probably convince the five kings. After setting up an alibi, he opens his secondary skill, “Prey’s mind” where he can read the minds of his prey, and at this point, his prey is none other than the five kings, all of them. The y were convinced about his alibi as the video didn’t last that long, and that would explain his visit to the cavern. Before he left, the five kings asked him why he was gathering some ghoul parts and what its use to him, “Well, the armor was from scrapped ghoul parts, to begin with. And also, my weapons were upgraded when infused with ghoul arcs and blood steel” he answered, they let him off the hook and dismisses him. That night, he did not sleep whatsoever but he experimented with his necklace and placed the “final” seal within it, and infused blood magic to it as well. The next day, it was a Saturday and the rest of the blood squad was asleep when Aruhi called Atsumi for an emergency raid. “Shiro, there is something coming up at the A-DL, teleport us there” Atsumi requested, and Shiro abided but he didn’t join them, instead he went back to sleep. When Atsumi and her subordinates came by, a ghoul in an armored suit with wings. “Wait, it can’t be…” she hesitated when she saw the ghoul. The whole blood squad seemed to know who it was so Aruhi asked if they knew, Atsumi nodded to confirm “Then, who is it then?” Aruhi asked again “Shiro” Atsumi said while her eyes widened. “Wait, he said he’s leaving because it doesn’t give him challenges? Why is he here to give all of us a hard time?” Aruhi blurted out. While the two squads are talking, Shiro took his mask off and revealed his face “Yo, Aruhi, sorry to say, but the prince ain’t dead yet” he said. Aruhi asked him about it and he answered “I’m the prince you all feared” “Why’d you do that, and besides, you can’t be at the same place at once right?” Aruhi tried to convince him that it’s all a lie “No, sir, he can clone himself and give it orders from the back of his head, that way, it’s more believable that he’s not the prince, on the other hand, while we were training at his place, we thought that what he said was absurd, so we didn’t tell you, since we were unsure about it yet” Atsumi spoke.

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