The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 38: Shinigami, resurrection

Aruhi got shocked by this and wanted to lash out, but Atsumi stopped him from doing so by saying “Don’t let your rage take advantage of you, while you’re eaten up by rage, he’s using that as his advantage to overthrow you, besides, if you touch him, it may be possible that you won’t get out alive. He’s been using blood art to vaporize his foes, he will not hesitate on dusting you since he’s not on our side anymore” he halted his attack and Shiro brought drastic casualties upon the legion. When he left after bringing chaos to the legion, Aruhi ordered the Blood squad to take a close look on Shiro’s actions and by all means necessary, make him stop raiding the A-DL, the squad abided him and went home. When they got home, Shiro was on his bed asleep, with Himari beside him, Atsumi got flustered by this and bashed the bed with her DL, “Shi no buki” an arm type DL. “What’s your problem Atsumi, breaking my bed like that” Shiro angrily said “Himari was there lying with you, of course I’d break it” she answered, when he looked, Himari was beside him while he slept. “What the fuck are you doing in here?!?!” he surprisingly asked “You looked cozy when you were sleeping, so I helped myself and tucked myself in with you, besides, you are my future husband, can’t we share the same bed?” she answered and followed it with a question “I knew there will be a time that you will say that, but for your information, I got ahead of you for a little while now” he answered. She thought that he is willing to share his bed with her but, “When I renovated this house, I’ve put a big blank room, because I thought that you would begin asking me if we could share the bed just like now, don’t worry, I have something in mind, that big spare bedroom, was no spare, it was meant for us, it also serves as the master bedroom of this house apparently” he explained. Himari, struck by joy, dove in and hugged him tight, Atsumi on the other hand, “A battle I already lost, and yet, I kept on fighting as I had hope” the other members were struck by it too and told him to sleep on that room tonight “Yeah, I know, I’ve been planning to” he said. That afternoon, Atsumi was spying on Shiro for the daily report when Shiro came up to her and said, “You know, there is a better way to spy on someone, for example, asking that person to spar with you” she was taken aback when he came up to her because he knew that she was spying on him. “So, Aruhi finally told you to spy on me after knowing that I’m the prince, oh well, I can’t blame the old man if he wants to protect this branch” he said. That day, Atsumi didn’t pay that much mind o him as she has something more important to do as she is promoted to squad leader. At that moment, Shiro realized that he should stop raiding the legion for no cause, but he brushed it off telling himself that it would give his apprentice a challenge to defeat. He went in to drag her to the practice area inside the house and Trains her to fight, with more power than the usual. “Invocation, Ryuujin” he invokes “Shi no buki” Atsumi calls out to her DL, the fight has finally started, Shiro lets her to swing her gauntlets at him for some time while taking in some damage at the same time “All right, my turn” he whispered on his own, Atsumi didn’t seem to get a grasp of what he said, then he lashed out a series of different hits under ten seconds, after, Atsumi admitted defeat and asked “How can you strike that fast? And with different weapons and directions too” she asked, “Well, I was always studying seals and fighting methods. You can say that I use all kinds of fighting styles to fight in a single fight, after all, the faster the lecture is, the faster I learn from it” he said “There is also one thing, there is also a weapon that I haven’t showed any of you” he added which gave her chills. She wanted to ask but knowing his actions, he’ll just brush it off, and completely ignore it, so she didn’t ask. That night, Atsumi thought about asking Shiro why it was that he hid himself under the legion’s radar and still commit such a sin, but after some time, she dozed off and slept through the night, the next day, Shiro was missing, the Blood squad has not seen Shiro since daylight, Himari on the other hand, was with Shiro in their room that night and was asked where he might be “He went to the realm, he said that he still has some business to attend to” she said. The squad then went to the realm to go under cover and found Shiro at the Akumu palace about to go somewhere in the realm, the group followed him to where he is going and found him going in the Deep caverns, they couldn’t go in as Joker and Percent was guarding the entrance for him, at the time, the group waited for him to come out while catching the scene on tape. After an hour of the group waiting, a man in an armor similar to “Final” had appeared at the gates of the cavern, ordering Joker and Percent to guard the gates while he returns to somewhere he has to go “Of course my king” says Percent. The man turned to dust and the wind carried the dust like wind blowing the sand. They thought that Shiro had already left the caverns and went back to the surface, Shiro on the other hand knew that the blood squad was following him when he got to the caverns, so he modified his “Final” and sent a clone that looks like it to vanish in front of them while he kept on modifying Final. At night, Shiro went to the surface and noticed that none of the blood squad has come home yet so he thought that they still have not left the realm but has sensed that they are at the surface. The blood squad went to the A-DL headquarters to talk to Aruhi about what happened at the realm where they followed Shiro into the gates of the deep caverns. “I see, he still insisted that he will give me a hard time defending him off” he said, Jiku asked him about it and said “A while ago, when the prince’s death was still believed as a fact, Shiro and I talked about what would happen to him when he decided to resign, he told me that he would side with the ghouls next, and give me a hard time”. Atsumi understood what he meant and went straight home without even saying goodbye to Aruhi, the rest of the squad apologized for her rudeness and Aruhi understood her position and forgave her instantly. When Atsumi had reached the house, Shiro and Himari are no longer inside the house so she called her subordinates and ordered them to split up and search for them, their search started and one of them had already found the two, Kazumi Aiko, age 19, had reported that the two are at the park swing talking, and Atsumi gave orders that they go to the park undercover. When the group had went to the park, Shiro sensed this and grabbed Himari by the arm and teleported the two of them to the house, while Atsumi ordered the team to search for him. That night, Atsumi forgot to look into the house and gave up when they realized that it was already 1 am, and went home. Shiro and Himari were at the room they were sharing since Himari insisted that they share a room. The next morning, Shiro went to school as well as the other members of the blood squad, Atsumi was jealous of Himari as she locks her arm to Shiro’s. Jiku saw this and intervened “Senpai, you know we’ll be late if you drool any longer than that right?” he said. Atsumi fortunately snapped back to reality and went to university. Mai saw Shiro and Himari walking to school again with their arms intertwined so she pulls Ryuu who tagged along with her upon seeing each other at the convenience store. “Hey, what the hell are you doing?” he asked while thinking ‘I wish that this could go on until I’m dead’ “Come, on, those two are there walking to school with their arms locked with each other’s and I start to get jealous” she said while pouting “You know, you can just get a boyfriend so that you can maybe at least get Shiro to be a little jealous, besides, what’s not there to make someone jealous of you anyways?” he said then asked to boost her confidence “you’re right, what is there that I can make him a little jealous of me? Speaking of, how about you and I get in a relationship? You’re the one who suggested it, you’re the one going to take responsibility for it” she said. Ryuu’s heart won’t stop pounding as she spoke those words that made him accept her offer ‘Today, has been great so far’ he thought to himself while going to the school. At lunch, the five stayed at the classroom to eat their lunches, as usual, Himari and Shiro’s lunches are always the same since they lived in with each other, Mai and Ryuu on the other hand, was acting all lovey-dovey with each other to make Shiro a little jealous but instead of jealousy, he felt relieved that Ryuu has his own girlfriend as Shiro knew that Ryuu never had a girlfriend as he rejected all of the girls that confessed to him for an unknown reason, well, it’s a reason that only Ryuu and Shiro knows. “Here, say ah” said Mai offering a bite to Ryuu, he played with her and took a bite. Shiro looked at them with content as he felt relieved, so he smiled. “Why’re you smiling?” Hikaru asked Shiro “Well, it’s been a while since Ryuu has been chummy with other girls, you see, he has rejected every single girl that confessed to him” he said. Mai was confused because he immediately accepted her offer and not the other girls, so she began asking “By any chance, was I the reason?” Ryuu was shocked to hear her words and tried avoiding the question “You know, you asked me to take responsibility because I was the one that brought the idea up. I’m just taking responsibility” he said. Shiro isn’t convinced by this and Mai noticed Shiro’s reaction to it, so she asked once more, “Tell me honestly, why’d you turn the other girls?” “It may have seemed that you don’t believe me at some point, maybe you noticed Shiro’s eyes, or maybe, you just don’t trust me at all, but for the sake of answering your question, I shall answer you honestly. The reason is that there is no connection that I feel towards them no matter how hard they try, besides, for a long time now, I have my eyes to only one person. I’m not saying that it is you or anything but, there was this one girl that I’d hope to get chummy with” he replied. This time, Mai looked at Shiro’s eyes and believed Ryuu’s words. That afternoon, the five went to the five kings because Shiro has something to discuss with them. While the four is waiting outside, they were wondering what on earth is Shiro talking about that he would take them with him. a couple moments later, the five kings, alongside Shiro came out of the doors and the grand king spoke “The next grand king has decided for two things. One, he will not be crowned until he can retire from the grand tournaments. And two, each passing year, there will be a contest exclusively for women, as he decided that he will base his queen within that tournament. If you won the last one, it doesn’t mean that you will win the overall, but he is just reassuring that his queen will have the power to protect the kingdom while he is no longer around” Himari was shocked that Shiro asked for a yearly competition in the place of grand queen but she is also relieved as she knew that he is placing everything to his plans. “Why wait for your retirement? You can just become king you know” Ryuu said “I know, but this is also to reassure everyone that their next king is fit for the job” he answered. That night, they all went home relieved that there is something going on with the five kings and Shiro, but their hopes are high enough to not doubt him of his actions. While the others are sleeping, Shiro cloned himself and went ghoul hunting, while on the hunt, he noticed that Himari woke up, so he immediately formed himself once more.

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