The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 3

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Chapter 38.5: The Conference

“What brings you here son?” asked the Akumu king, “Well there are things that I’d like to propose. One, I want to become the grand king after I retire from my matches at the grand tournament. This is to ensure that their next king isn’t as reckless as the past, no offense given to the grand king of course” “None taken” said the grand king “Second, I’d like the five kings to conduct a competition for the females only, they will be fighting for the crown of the grand queen. This is to ensure that the grand queen won’t act sloppy when I’m not around” he explained. The five kings knew that his tactics are not to be messed with and they wanted to know the other reason “There is no other reason, the only reason I have is to ensure that their next leaders will not be sloppy and respected” he said. As they hear it, they accepted his proposal and headed out to explain this to the other heirs. There was only one thing that they have not explained, or sad to the other heirs. Looking back to Shiro’s proposal, Shiro told them that there is one thing that they shall not explain to the others, when they asked about it, he said “Females with lovers, such as Tsumi Mai, is no longer qualified to participate in the tournament” they agreed to this and kept their mouths shut for him.

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