The Last Mates

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The werewolf world has changed. There was no longer mate because all she werewolf vanished. As a result, all werewolves were forced to mate with humans. ................................................................................................................. Xavier was the king of werewolves. He wanted to fall in love and claim a mate who will be his queen. But he can't do that because his parents have already fixed his marriage with their friend's daughter, Luna.

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" Mama, tell me a story,” said a little girl in her baby voice. She hurriedly climbed on the bed and slipped under the cover.

“I was waiting for you to say that” Her mother sighed and sat in bed next to her. “Which one would you like to hear today, Luna.” She asked even though she already knew which one Luna wanted to hear.

“The one where Moon Goddess punishes werewolves,” said Luna, the excitement was clear in her voice. She knew this story by heart but still, she wanted to hear it every single night.

Mother sighed heavily. She didn’t want to tell her the same story again but Luna always insisted to listen to it.

“Many centuries ago, there were equal numbers of male and female wolves in the world unlike now. Werewolves lived happily with their mates.” Mother began the story. The little girl closed her basking in enjoyment.

“What is mate mama,” Luna asked still keeping her eyes closed. Her mother was not surprised but annoyed at her daughter question. She had already explained to her about mates a thousand time before. Yet she always asked the same question.

“You already know what mate is, so why do you always ask the same question?”

Luna giggled before answering, “I like hearing about mate.” She was in love with the idea of a mate. It was shameful that she would not have one. She was saddened by the very thought of it.

“Mates are soul mate, the other half of your soul. The one who you are destined to be with.” Mother explained. She liked how her daughter's face brighten whenever they talked about mate. It was a rare sight to see Luna smile because her childhood wasn’t as normal as other children. She wasn’t allowed to play with anyone. The worst part was she wasn’t even allowed to leave her house.

“Please, continue the story mama.” She said in an eager voice.

Mother smile as she continued the story. “As time passed, many wolves started rejecting their mate and choose someone else. This made the moon goddess very angry.”

“Who is moon goddess,” Luna asked again.

“Moon goddess is the god of us- werewolves. She is the one we worship.” She paused to see the reaction of Luna.

Luna again giggled. Her laugh was like a piece of music to ears. “I am a werewolf, so she is my goddess too.” She said like she just solved a big puzzle.

Mother looked at her with amusement. “She decided to punish werewolves so she stopped sending mates to the world. Wolfs no longer had mates so they were free to choose anyone as their life partner. But something else happened.”

“What happened?” Thrilling excitement was clear in her voice.

“Moon goddess was not done with punishment. By the time werewolves realized that it was too late. All she wolf had already vanished from the face of the world. After that, male wolfs were forced to mate with humans, but it had a disadvantage. All wolves born were weak and feeble as a result of mating with humans. Also, no she-wolf was ever born again after the vanishing.” Mother sighed and look at her daughter. She dreaded what Luna was going to ask next because she didn’t have an answer to that question.

"But I am a she-wolf. So, am I the only she-wolf in existence?” Luna was curious. She didn’t understand how she could be the only one she wolf among 30 Lakh werewolf population.

“It seems you are Luna.” Mother replied in a sad voice. She was a human herself but her husband was a werewolf- Alpha of Blue moon pack. When they gave birth to Luna, they had to leave the pack to keep her secret safe. Being the only she wolf in existence, Luna was in grave danger. So it was important to isolate themselves from the world.

“Will I have a mate?” She asked again with hopeful eyes.

“Sleep Luna, The storm is coming.” Mother ignored her question. She wanted her precious daughter to enjoy safety and peace while it lasts.

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