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In the Hyacinth kingdom magic is abundant and the humans have long been at war with the monsters. The humans have gained the upper hand for the most part. Though according to an old prophecy, a Demonic Entity is about to come unsealed and may change all that. The monsters are rooting for that to be true. To get out from under the hunting gaze of the humans. To not be slaughtered or enslaved, but to be free to be themselves. They look forward to the uprising that the Demonic Entity in the prophecy may bring. For the one who was sealed, it has been 500 years since they were wounded and locked in a dimension of pain. An adventure awaits. Who will win? The humans and their heroes? Or the monsters and the Demonic Entity they place their hopes in? Or, will the Seeresses successfully manipulate them all for peace and equality of both man and monster?

Fantasy / Adventure
Sara Esmieu
Age Rating:


"In the depths of a void long sealed away from the light, floats a being with long raven hair and eyes red with revenge.

It waits for the day the seal shall fade.

It was too strong for the heroes of old to defeat, all they managed was to weaken and seal it away.

New heroes must rise, survive and be wary; for when the seal fades, it will fall upon them to stop the evil from spreading throughout the kingdom.

To abate the Demonic Entity's hate once and for all."

-Hyacinth Kingdom Prophecy

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