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Fading Seal

Two figures walked along in the somber moonlight. The trees of the surrounding forest swaying gently in a light breeze. One of them stumbled slightly and cursed.

"Why do we have to play human? My true form is WAY better than this. I wouldn't be stumbling around in the dark, blind as a human!" He complained.

"The humans wouldn't have let us through. You know that. They don't allow any monsters in the Darkness' End Forest." The other sighed, "Besides; you heard the Seeress, we have to find the D.E. Before they do. They don't know the seal fades tonight."

"I know! If the humans find the D.E. first, they'll kill it. But they thought I was a lost child! I don't understand why Ametrine sent us to Kyurin for these specific disguises. My fabulous form shrunken down, my magic blocked, and my senses dulled! This isn't ideal Chelsea." He fumed, "And just how will we find the D.E. here?!? If it weren't for the moonlight, I'd be completely blind!"

"The Seeress said 'That which you seek shall appear at the river's fast feet. If not found beneath the full moon, then it shall under the sun meet it's doom.'" Chelsea explained, rolling her eyes. She had forgotten how dramatic he could be.

"So?" He quipped, sulking.

"So we're looking for a waterfall that we must find before sunrise." She bluntly replied.

"Ok then." He huffed. Time to start listening for water.

After awhile of tromping through the trees growing more volatile with each misstep and stumble, Lucas finally heard rushing water nearby. He ran towards the sound eagerly.

"Yes! I found the river! The D.E. Can't be too far now." He exclaimed as he skidded to a halt by the riverbank, "and look there's even some food here too."

Chelsea caught up in time to see the rabbit he was referring to scurry away into the trees. She scowled.

"I can't hunt well in this form and neither can you. Let's just focus on finding the D.E. We can all eat later."

They followed the river upstream along its mossy bank hoping the waterfall wasn't too far, for though they still had a few hours of night left, they were getting on each others' nerves. Small talk was only worsening things.

They were overjoyed when they finally heard the roar of a waterfall nearby. Lucas began to run towards the sound, but slipped and fell. Chelsea laughed at him as she passed him by, fast walking towards it.

"That's what you get for running next to a river." She teased.

She stopped dead in her tracks when she reached the waterfall. Lucas joined her shortly.

Stunned by the sight of their target.

They stared for bit, not believing what they were seeing, for the tales of their people hadn't done the creature before them any justice.

The "Demonic Entity" that they were here to retrieve before the humans, the creature that was to save all monsterkind, that was supposedly very powerful...

Looked almost like an elf or a half human hybrid.

This had to be some kind of joke.

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