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The creature had very pale skin that glistened in the moonlight and long raven hair that cascaded down its back and was streaming with the current of the river.

It stood there by the waterfall, eyes closed and splashing water on its face with its uplifted hands.

Chelsea glanced at Lucas uneasily. Had they found the wrong waterfall? This being didn't look like a monster at all aside from the freakishly long hair and pointy ears.

Had they just stumbled upon an elf playing in a waterfall at night?

The D.E. Was supposed to have raven hair, red eyes and be a powerful monster. This looked in no way like a powerful monster.

Lucas lobbed a rock into the water near the possible elf.

It lowered its arms and half turned towards them. Gazing at them with red glowing eyes.

Maybe it wasn't an elf after all.

It wasn't wearing any clothes either.

"I-umm. Hi D.E.? We." Chelsea cleared her throat and averted her eyes, "Lucas and I are here to guide you safely back to the Seeress."

The creature just stared at her with those unwavering red eyes. She felt like she was being judged.

"Uhh, here. Please put this on." She handed over her cloak, blushing "I don-err. It will help you blend in better."

Chelsea looked at Lucas while the cloak was donned. He had his eyebrows raised and a devious smirk on his face. She elbowed him.

"It's not good to stare." She growled quietly.

Lucas just shrugged, "Can't blame me. My mom is a succubus after all. And Dee looks mighty fine."

"Shut up!" She retorted, taking a swing at him that he dodged.

Refocusing her attention on the now covered creature, Chelsea cleared her throat. "Well. Now that you're covered, we are supposed to take you back to the Seeress. It is only about a few days journey from here."

"Don't worry. We aren't humans and we won't harm you." Lucas chimed in, "We only look this way because we had to get here without rumors spreading of monster movement in this area. A lot has changed since you were sealed."

He put his arm around its shoulder.

"Oh and Dee- do you mind if I call you Dee?" Dee nodded. "Well in any case. Once we get to the Seeress and get out of these disguises, I think I've got the perfect clothes for you in my closet."

"Umm wait." Chelsea interjected, "Before we move out we are gonna have to give you a bit of a haircut. There's no way we are dragging that much wet hair with us without getting caught by suspicious humans."

Dee shrugged.

She pulled out her dagger and cut Dee's wet raven hair to about ankle length. Then she made sure that the excess locks were tossed back into the river to be carried downstream and away from here.

If it alerted any humans, they'd only be coming upriver to search, instead of closing down the roads they needed to cross.

"Now let's get outta here." She said, sheathing her dagger.

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