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Lasting Effects

They walked all night and were almost out of the forest as the sun began to rise, lighting the sky with its warm orangey light.

"How's that for a nice sunrise?" Lucas asked, turning to look at Dee's face for a reaction. "It's been five hundred years since you last saw one right?"

The response he got was just a bored disinterested look.

"Lucas leave him alone maybe he doesn't want to talk about it." Chelsea chided.

He gave her a disdainful look and blew a raspberry.

"If you had gotten a good look you bashful puppy, you'd know Dee isn't male nor female. Dee is one of those in between types. I don't know which species Dee belongs to though."

Chelsea was flabbergasted. How could Lucas say that right in front of Dee as if he wasn't there? What if he took offense?

And monsters that had the in between gender were very rare. She had heard that those kinds can choose which gender to be once they mature. Dee had been alive for over 500 years, how had he not matured?

Dee just kept walking.

She cleared her throat. "So Dee, if you're curious about us, I'm a werewolf and Lucas is the offspring of a sucubus and a vampire. Do you mind me asking what species you are?"

"Elemental dragon." Dee replied.

"Dragon?!" The others chorused.

Dragons were nothing but myth now.

And dragons weren't supposed to have a human like form. They were big mountainous creatures. Legend says that they were tremendously powerful, but either wouldn't do squat when asked for help, or obliterated anyone that approached them and half their surroundings too.

They were wild and unreasonable and had been hunted to extinction by human and monster alike long ago.

How was Dee a dragon?

Chelsea was so lost in thought that she almost missed what happened next.

As Dee finally stepped out of the shade and into the early morning sunshine along the road he gasped and fell forward writhing in pain.

The others rushed to Dee's side to find out what was wrong.

Lucas turned Dee over and exclaimed in surprise, "Dee, you've shrunk!"

A dark look crossed Dee's face as the writhing stopped. He looked like an angry child.

No wonder Dee hadn't matured yet, Chelsea thought, he was still a child. Why were they sent to find a child? How could a child save them from the greedy grip of the humans and their unfair laws and chains?

"Now that you're small, I think I can carry you." Lucas said cheerily, "How about it Dee? I mean we do still have quite a ways to travel and with your now shorter leg span, it will take much longer if we walk at your pace."

Dee glared Lucas for a minute but then sighed and nodded.

Dee must feel humiliated, Lucas thought, but there's no better way than being carried by me. I am much stronger than Chelsea by a long shot. Disguised or not.

They passed a few carriages, magic carts, and other travelers as they walked along the side of the road. Chelsea made sure to warn Dee to keep his eyes closed when others were approaching.

Nothing like glowing eyes to make the humans scream monster. Especially red eyes this year. It was the year the seal was foretold to break in. The humans just didn't realize it had broke last night.

Old seals fade with time. They just counted themselves lucky that it hadn't had a flashy end. That would've put all humans on alert.

"So Dee, why did you shrink?" Lucas asked when the road was once again empty.

"The seal used the power of the sun, coupled with the other elements. So direct sunlight will have lasting effects until I regain my strength." Dee explained.

"That's the most you've spoken since we met." Lucas said.

"The sooner we reach the Seeress house the better." Chelsea chimed in.

She was beginning to have some major doubts as to if Dee would be much help to monsterkind at all.

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