Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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4.2 Knock of a Miracle

Although, it changes nothing, neither your disappointment while waiting nor it can lessen my irresponsible behavior of disappearing like a ghost; but still I’ll try, I’m sorry guys.

I won’t make promises which I have no idea I can hold in future, but I promise I’ll be completing this book and all books which I dared to start to publish as soon as possible.

Trying to hold up to my life, I’ll live up my fantasies, for the promises of Forever!


“You fell in love with a storm. Did you really think you would get out unscathed?”

Nikita Gill


Sir Gerard’s POV

A maze of eccentricity,

A puzzle of time,

Destiny is a game of life,

Where all lose and fate wins!

The misty wind is mighty, as the forest which rules our land is swayed by its nuzzling force; nature has eccentric ways proving the significance of every element it has created. Proving how an ordinary can make an extraordinary move.

“Will he help us?” Baron’s query drags me back to the current discussion.

“For the nature he is known for, it’ll take the Royal command to make him comply.” My friend’s voice rings through the cabin, despite being miles away; it sends the chills to the air.

“But it’s a matter of great concern, he shouldn’t be delinquent regarding it.”

Sighing against Dexter’s mumble, I choose to keep my eyes on the dominating greenery, “He isn’t, Dexter. There is always a reason behind his acts, surely, something is holding him back from agreeing to our demand.”

“Like he is keeping the future of our Kingdom.” My fist curls into a ball before relaxing; Raymond, I presume must be smiling through his sharp glares.

The matter concerning the Council resolved under Majesty’s direct supervision, also it cleared the accusations awaiting us on Lamia’s death. When Majesty chose to leave early for his Miracle, my friend revealed his decision to stay and reach the core of the misleading letter from council. Abiding to his decision, I came back after taking care of other matters, only to find the life of our Kingdom absent; Niera had already left and her absence turned Majesty into an ice sculpture. She proved how life was revolving around her, in her absence, air was mourning with our grief-stricken heart.

“We’ve discussed my friend; matter of our Luna mustn’t be discussed; she—”

“I apologize to intervene Sir Gerard, but the abrupt leaving of the mate of supreme authority isn’t a matter we can overlook at. Yes, her identity is concealed but the news may not be concealed for long. It has reached to her place, soon, it’ll be spread. We can’t risk her being away from Kingdom and open to peril. Our world is perilous but letting her wander is life threatening.”

I can’t help but agree with my friend, Niera always has been a news; in our world, she was a human privileged by Authority and Majesty; now she is back to her place, her true identity has opened her to different dangers. Indeed, no one knew, but words spread faster than air, ears take more than mouth speaks. Her privileges might bring her perils.

“Since, it’s Majesty’s decision. I’d let you handle it. I’ll take your leave. Take care Elder.”

The disconnecting tune irks so does his parting words, and I can’t help but reconsider my decision of her leaving her behind, letting her be free; against the odds and her destiny.

I can only trust the time, which will take the command and fate will decide to shape our future.

“How is she?” I avert my gaze from the stormy haze to Dexter; his gaze speaking more than his words. Why shouldn’t it be, that fragile soul succeeded to rule our hearts, like breeze of fragrance, she came with freshness and soon she conquered us all and then left, without a trace, without a backward glance, and took away the light of our life, leaving us in sorrowful gloom.

When I look back, days were so bright, air was enchanting and it wasn’t because of a spell or magic our world proclaims, but it was the mere presence of an innocent girl; who is destined to ascend the throne but not an ounce of pride she had, she somewhere taught us the simplicity of life in her decent and living eyes. She made us proud and she made us smile, to be in her company.

She was life and she was heart of someone, which left tearing his life away.

Dexter’s anticipating gaze nearly shakes me, I let out a sigh, unsure how to offer answers he is seeking nonverbally.

“The fragrance has the quality, wherever it stays, it flaunts and brings the surroundings in sweetness. She is lively, and bright.”

A woeful sigh slips Dexter, looking down, he nods softly.

“That enchanting fragrance, surely is back in her life.” He mumbles and despite the heaviness in my chest, I allow a smile to settle on my lips.

“She is bright, yet I never said, she has been same, Dexter.”

Like a lightening in dark sky, his gaze snaps up, and my smile widens, “Going through her own tussles, her eyes reflect the hope which is our faith.”

Dexter perceives the reason behind my words. Silence prevails between us; I know, he itches to know more but indulging more in her may be known through link; unintentionally affecting Majesty.

Though, Dexter can’t keep himself, he chooses to break it, a glint of hope gleaming in his tone, “Is she coming back? Why didn’t you—”

“Coming back is her decision, like leaving was. All decisions are hers, Dexter, no one is allowed to intervene.”

Dexter shifts in his chair, “Majesty—”

“He has given her freedom, like the bird, she is free is to follow her will. He is fulfilling the vow, he made to his Miracle since their first meet.” A surge of pride rushes through my veins; the promise Majesty made, which he is adherent to keep; despite the smouldering of his heart, and searing soul, he refused to chase her, bind her to him. He let her go, take her decision; taking command of not only hers but his destiny.

“It’s painful for them both, for him it’s like slitting his heart out and burning his soul.” Dexter announces the bitter yet lucid face of our present; the reality of nude truth.

Despite the soreness knocking inside, I smile before my gaze melts in the bright rays of afternoon, “He’ll go through that and more, because he believes in her. Flying through the sky, the bird comes back to her nest, crossing all bounds life comes back to its destiny, he believes her.”

The glint of hope, which I’ve witnessed in his eyes while he hides his pain in his commanding aura; I believe in his hope, his love and his Miracle which is burning in her pain away from him.

With a soft nod, Dexter agrees, smiling, “I believe him, in his belief.”

“And I believe in my Queen, after all its her destiny to breathe with her mate.”

I find a smile blooming at my face, so does in my heart before Dexter looks ahead, his gaze brewing into a scowling query and silence breaks when he speaks.

“Sir, do you come to know of her sudden depart?” this query settles chaos in me, I recall Niera’s eyes lower as she tried her hard to conceal the truth in her eyes, hoping I won’t read the hesitation. But she forgot, her eyes are the mirror of her soul, even if she hides her gaze, her heart says the truth.

And her heart told me, there is a reason for her sudden depart; she concealed it behind her mother’s health. The Kingdom was at peace, she made peace and prosperity herself, there was nothing alarming—nor she is someone to bow down against any peril. Then what can—

“Sir Gerard?” Dexter’s call brings me back to present, his brows furrow in worry, reading me with caution.

“Niera has learnt to keep her secrets to heart so well. I apologize, I couldn’t know of it.”

I apologize, to the air, the Kingdom, the Holy spirits and to my Majesty; as a Guardian, I had to make sure, my Queen stays with us, yet I failed.

Dexter comes beside me, placing his hand on my shoulder, he bows, “Sir Gerard, how can you say such thing? It isn’t your fault. I’m sure we’ll find a way.”

“Until then, Our King will suffer in his agony. That fragile girl will—”

‘Sir Gerard, I may like to interrupt but we need you. We were in Woods training then, Majesty, he is—enraged.’

‘What has been happening?’ I ask cautiously through the link, our discussion halts and almost forgotten against the alarmed message.

‘Please, you can calm him. Delta is trying to fight but—’

I choose to block the link before my gaze meets Dexter’s frowning one.

“We should go.”

I nod, “We shall.”


It takes only moments, for us to reach the exteriors of woods, the grunting and groaning making us aware of the charged energy slitting through the air. The wind is quiet yet the flow of power is supreme and sharp; without penetrating the aura, I can feel it under my heightened senses; so, does Dexter.

“Sir Gerard, please come, we can’t hold Alpha back anymore.” The shifter’s frantic tone says it all as he bows.

“Where is Fergal?”

The shifter turns to Dexter before he gulps, “Delta and Beta, both were trying to fight him, but they are in bad shape.”

I look over his shape, bruised and bleeding; his wounds are not healing effectively.

He is using his supreme powers without restrains!

A sudden cry of howl, followed by others takes away all my attention; without a second thought, I enter the aura; shielding Dexter along.

Just a little denser, the sight greets us made my insides churn; the man known for his patience is growling menacingly at his subjects whom he cherished, taught like a teacher—now is growling at them.

All against one yet powerless to stand the strength of Alpha Royce; his one growl silences all their efforts.

“Sir Gerard, he is barbaric.” Dexter’s whisper almost dissipates against the howls of pain of our warriors.

“How?” I can only grit out, my gaze transfixed on the furious Majesty of mine and our Beta and Delta shielding others behind them, taking the direct charge of powers.

“Majesty was training us; when a few soldiers collapsed. He gave us chances; but they kept slacking—”

Neither his staggering mumble needed nor any word of knowledge, Majesty’s gaze snaps my way.

A resigned sigh slips me and I look down; he is angry.

Although, not to destroy everything, his powers are harming the nature—life around him.

Majesty awaited his mate; his hope shattered when I came back empty hand; without a word.

All the pent-up emotions are surging in the name of anger, he is finally letting out all.

The rage, sadness, melancholy, gloom, distress, worry all coiled up inside him, has finally busted; and like restless stream his turmoil of months is coming out.

A thunderous growl resonates and land of mighty forest shivers followed by the thunderous lightning and dark clouds spreading murk in the bright day.

And he turns, before claws dig into the mud and he leaps away, closing himself into his grief, taking away the excellency powers, leaving us all in relief, we us in melancholy and fragments of pain, which sears his heart.

“How should we save this? We need to calm him.”

A resigned sigh escapes me, the vibrating mud particles beneath me proclaiming the strong aura affecting our surroundings.

“The one who can calm him is far away; his breeze of contentment is fighting off her own dilemmas.”

I lower my gaze to the ground, shoulders sacked under the burden of guilt and sorrow drawn upon us.

“Clear the grounds, keep people away from area, I hope you understand what I mean by area.”

The shifter gulps, nodding frantically before rushing out.


Resignation glows in Dexter’s tone dimming the light around us.

Closing my eyes, I take the grunts, the struggle of our wolves against their Teacher, their leader, the pain and distress longs in the link we share. The one respected by all, has always put others above him, placing his desires hidden, he has worked—lived for others. Now, his heart and soul are away from him; it’s only fair, he takes it out.

After all, he is a mate.

“Can I help?”

My eyes snap open; the fragrance and awareness settle slowly but hard, like a dream asking to knock in reality, I turn; although the familiar sweetness the voice carries has declared it all.


'How can she be here?'

I find a ray of smile, 'Miracles, often come as a surprise, Dexter.'

The face of fairy smiles before her eyes turn gloomy, the air sinks in silence, as she walks ahead, I can read the hesitation well in her eyes, “Can I?”

I nod, giving her way, “All yours.”

She doesn’t need to be told again; she leaps toward his way before her steps stagger.

Not an ounce of fear or terror radiates around her, just the wild heart thundering in her chest as she ascends the way he vanished into dense forest.


Her whisper brings howls of submission; the rage ruling the majestic powers of our King slits into such perilous intensity before it settles.

Although, the storm is high; danger is free and wild is dominating; I’m relieved.

Calm is here!

Peace is promised!

Luna has finally arrived.

I can help but bow, submitting my head to the powers ruling over us; offering my gratitude for sending her back.

And to my Luna, for coming back to her Miracle.

“The storm has settled.” The joy and relief in Dexter’s tone is palpable.

With a new surge of calm radiating within me, I nod, “Yes, Dexter, the peace is finally here.”


Despite the calls of reality, I wish to dive in my dreams;

I know, it’s all a fantasy, yet I wish to believe this lie,

Shattered and broken, I know, it’ll leave me to painful future,

I’ll be walking to the edge of this venomous water,

Indeed bitter, I like the sweetness of my dream, the enchanting perilous path, I’ll do it all,

So, when I die, I’ll be in your arms!


December 13, 2020

And she is back, to the land where she belongs, to the people she longed for, to her mate who believed in her decisions.

But will she be accepted; will her mate accept her imprudent decisions. Will it be easy?

Or another hustle is waiting for Gideon’s Miracle when she’ll face the fate?

Stay tuned for more!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being here, for believing in me and my promises. I truly appreciate you guys!

Thank You,


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