Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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6.2 Mayhem in Mist

The river is wild. You can’t control it. Embrace the chaos.

—Maxime Lagacé


Moments spent in your embrace,

Take away all my sorrow,

Like a dew-drop on leaf,

Morning glows on my skin,

Even if I’m doomed to drop and disperse with light,

I’ll come every morning, just to hold you for a moment!


Dark clouds of unconsciousness fades as the flutters of conscious alertness knocks; I stir, trying to dodge it to settle back into slumber but something collides my stirring hand and my slumber breaks.

Eyes shot up, I look around me, utterly baffled; blinking through the daze of sleep. The familiar warm comfort of living room settles me to peace and I heave a breath of relief.

Trying to adjust into the soft lights from ceiling as I find the source which broke my beauty sleep; turns out it’s Sahira’s photograph, now sprawled facing ceiling’s bright light. Quickly, I place it back properly, apologizing in process.

“Ah! You’re up!” my brother’s voice snaps me to alertness; I drag my sore legs under me along with the blanket; grateful for it around the main-hall’s cold air.

A warm cup of hot chocolate with a heart shape marshmallow floating-melting over it; I cringe at the white cloudy thing, scowling at him next, Jerry grins nervously before scooping it out hastily, “Sorry.”

I thrust it back to him, “It’s yours. Stop shoving it in my stomach.”

Jerry bubbles the response but I beat him, “How am I here?”

Jerry takes his first slip, licking marshmallow clean off his lips, “Majesty brought you here. You must have dozed off.”

I sigh, I was the pillow of someone’s else and ended up sleeping myself; way to greatness, Dumb cheeks!

“It’s alright. A few hours rest won’t hurt after a sleepless night.” And I still against his words. The gravity of my actions breaks upon me; the supernatural traits again defeated me.

My brother wasn’t sleeping, nor was he resting but he was attentive—or rather, my futile attempts were really failed to assure him.

Instead, Jerry, despite himself could hear my struggle with sleep.

I close my eyes; seeking relief or hiding shame, I don’t wish to comprehend, “Now that you’ve got some rest, I’m relieved. Get freshen up, I’ve prepared from Tiara’s list. Let’s set table together.”

I frown, holding up my brother’s arm as he gets up to leave.

His face calm and composed, unlike his worried face, “Jerry, won’t you ask?”

“If I, will you answer?” I choke back my words; my brother reads my answer and I sigh.

He takes place beside me and place his palm on my head, “I know you’re capable enough, but if you want me, I’ll be right beside you.”



I almost glare at the bubbling pleading child whining on the floor who instantly pouts before making a sulking face.

“Tiara! What’s the matter? Why are you rolling on the floor?” I sigh as Fergal enters through the main door, the girl straightens up like an obedient doll, making show for her dad.

Such a drama-girl!

Fergal’s gaze shifts from his daughter to me, I let out another resigned sigh, “She is asking for chocolate bars, I brought with me.”

He raises his brow, surely getting idea of hidden information.

I look at my cookie monster who is acting like the most obedient child of Mars.

Well, she is…just not when chocolate is involved.

No girl can…perhaps something’s wrong with chocolate!

“The fourth one.” The change on Fergal’s face seems quite comical, as he is trying to hold back laughter.

“Oh! Dear, you can have it tomorrow.”

The child bits her lips, “Nope, from tomorrow, I’m on diet.”

The water just entered in my mouth spills, “What—you di—why?”

“Coz, coz—please Aunt Bambi!”

She shouldn’t spend time with Mrs. Mahri—yah.

Releasing an exasperated breath, I hand over her the chocolate, I had been hiding in the pillow cover, “This is your last one, for this entire month. No sweets, no desserts.”

The little monster squeals before stealing a peek from me, rushing back to the stairs.

“Only, if I can hold back her Daada from spoiling her.”

“That’s kind of impossible.” Fergal sighs before the hall hears us chuckle heartily.

I place back the glass on table, checking on the wall-clock, I realize, it’s time to head back to bed, I shoot up on my feet, I pass a smile at my Brother-in-law, “I’ll heat up the dinner.”

“I’ll be fine, Niera. By the way, where is Jerry?”

I turn back to him, “He is on a video-conference in his room and it’s fine, Fergal, go clean up.”

I press my lips tighter saving a chuckle as he awkwardly leaves for his room, when will he be comfortable with a girl in house!


“He is taking long.” Fergal comments filling his bowl with warm curry.

I nod, passing a glance at my brother’s room’s closed door. He has been in meeting for hours now.

The atmosphere settles back into silence, until I fidget to break it.

“Back to night shifts?”

Fergal smiles, “Yeah! We’re training new soldiers, murk and night facilitate the most.”

I frown and Fergal probably learning of my dilemma continues, “In day, you trust on your eyes only, but night teaches you to enhance your other senses. They improve the instinct work.

I nod, forming an O.

His interest approves the taste of food, as he munches, “Niera, you’re happy, right?”


Fergal smiles lightly, “Everyone is telling you their tales of excitement, none is asking your thoughts. So, I thought to ask you.”

I gratefully pass him a smile for his concern, “For their love and affection, I’m really happy.”

Fergal leans forward, taking a careful bite of his bread, “And your wish, was it here in coming back?”

I sigh, what do I want? It’s difficult to answer, as I never seek an answer to it at all. Thanks to Fergal, I could finally ask this to self.

“I don’t know Fergal. All I know is I wanted to come back. Maybe I can produce many reasons, but the real one is, I just don’t know but I feel, I took a right decision.”

He doesn’t counter, neither does he comments, accepting my reasoning over his query.

“I just wanted to tell you, all are happy to have you, yet it’s your happiness that matters the most.”

“Thank you.” For accepting me, for welcoming me, and for being here for me.

He merely nods, taking small morsels from his plate.

I find myself glancing back at the large window, closed shut, hindering the cold air of night to invade our home, sure I love the wind but tonight, tonight seems colder as the day was warmer, like trying to balance the warmth of day into coldness of night.

I must have got lost because Fergal taps my shoulder, I realize, he had finished his meal and now was standing with the leftover bowls in hand.

“Not sleepy?”

I smile, shaking my head, “Nah!”

He nods, “Read some novel…it helps.”

I grin, accepting his suggestion.

The room basks in the moonlight as I enter, through the twilight, I could easily find my little bundle of joy sprawled over the pillow piles. I stifle a chuckle, taking soft steps to reach the bed, I settle her properly on the middle, making sure to tuck her in blanket, so she won’t roll and dangle on the edge. The wrinkled wrapper shines from under the pillow-pile in the moonlight, and frowning I find it packed, realizing she followed my words, even after fulfilling her stubborn demand, she gave in to my command.

Putting the bar into the drawer, I warmly kiss on her forehead, indeed, it was the most difficult to leave her, with her was left my piece of heart.

Not just her!

My eyes shut close, as the searing ignites in my chest. Caressing her forehead, I let her sleep while finding my way to my favorite place; window.

Opening the latch, I let the glass panel swing open, the cool wind invades and the temperature goes down instantly. The sleep is nowhere, and I know, I’ll loathe the idea of laying down, when those dreadful dreams will haunt.

Sighing, I consider Fergal’s question and my answer. I came here, because I wanted, without considering whether it was right or worth doing. I just came, perhaps, the moment was pushing me, my fate had it planned, despite all reasoning it was the only option worth choosing.

Worth choosing after confronting the maze which was the beginning of my Majestic journey.



Pulling back the wetness of emotions, I look up at the door proudly claiming the name of our Boss.

The silence in the room irks like nails on chalkboard. From the quiet surroundings, I find my teacher gazing down at the loud streets with sheer interest; like evaluating the minds of busy people.

“Has he left?”

I sigh against his blunt query but nod anyway, “Yes. He is leaving today.”

My Boss hums, “Understandable, he never stays away from Kingdom for more than two days.”

His words and plain demeanor are more than enough for confirmation but I can’t help but ask, “You know Sir Gerard?”

From the busy city, he glances my way, smiling he nods, “Yes. We both know.”

A sigh escapes in rush, “About his world?”

His smile forms a word, “Not many but few are privileged to know and encounter the enchanting land of Kingdom Alicia but none is allowed to speak a word.” His smirking eyes meets mine, “Just like you.”

In the custody of knowing eyes, my eyes widen and I blanch, he knows, about everything, the secrets of Kingdom Alicia.

Everything, I wonder what can you comprise in this ‘Everything,’ Niera. No one can know Everything.

He laughs at my surprise before sparing another glance out, he walks away from the window, “I’ve been working with the Subsidiaries for long, Niera.”

For his distinct brief response, I purse my lips in displeasure, “You know each other personally, that’s why he came to meet you.”

Sir Gerard is the Guardian, he holds utmost importance in the Kingdom, neither his position or his status allows him to see people from human world, nor he owns such leisure time against the responsibilities.

“You’re very close to him as well, Child. Can’t it be, he has come to see you?”

His words stung, recalling the scenario, I curse my impulse; surely, he along with others treated me well, I was cherished but rules are rules, I must’ve had abided by them.

“Was he?”

My mentor leaves a hanging silence between us before passing me to reach the door.

He gestures me, “Come!”

“Where?” I can find the alphabets of it as a soft caress.

“To your answers. I’m sure many queries are floating in air; I must answer some.”


The buzz of office fading behind as our steps ascend toward the vacant corridor, we’re heading. The surroundings all familiar to me because the wing which had been restricted to all, I got the privilege to visit again. Then, I was surprised by Sir Gerard’s visit, I wonder what can be today.

The eerie tranquility helps me think, my thoughts unsettled as I follow my mentor.

“I believe you still have an unfinished business.” I look up to my teacher; whom I once worshipped as my mentor, I do, I still do but I can’t up the fact; he has been behind all of this.

Reading people has been a quality one has to acquire in our profession; and reading someone efficiently has been a quality our Boss excels.

He exhales looking over his shoulder, “Your holding grudge against me, won’t change the past.”

The privacy around us helps me burst it out, “Don’t I deserve the right to feel betrayed, at least. Sir, I feel played.”

The art of holding up calm, one can learn from my boss, where I’m torn at the revelation, he holds his pristine polished features.

“Why did you—”

“What is it you want to know, Niera?”

We stop in front of a white door, blending well with the cream-white theme of the wing.

“What would satisfy you?” he says, pushing the heavy door.

“I want truth not satisfaction.”

“Then you have it.”

A voice announces, and it doesn’t belong to my Boss. It’s a voice I crave to hear, I don’t believe it, almost…because it might trigger my hope.

A shaky breath escapes, before my head whips toward the source, “Jason?”

***Michael Trevino as Jason Devin***

Relief surges into me as the very familiar anxious face looks at me, and despite myself, I rush toward him so does he.

Holding him gives me a proof that he is here, my friend is really in front of me.

“Niera…!” his whisper gives away the well-spoken stress lingering in his mind for months, I tighten my grip, crumbling his crisp shirt. Telling him the same, for the first time, we share the same anxiety and relief.

His broad figure almost hides me, “Jason, are you alright?”

My mumble doesn’t escape our touch but he somehow hears and answers, “I should ask you this, are you?”

Unable to form words, I nod softly.

Moments pass before the gravity of my present and burden of past few months crash over me, and I remove myself from his embrace against his wish.

“Where have you been? I—I was so—I thought I—god, I was so worried.”

Instead of answering, he stares at me; my frustration riles up unintentionally.

“You’re stealing my line.”

I scowl as he smiles softly, before his back straightens.

“Jason, its serious. I’m clawing my skin for your whereabouts. I was—”

He holds up my shoulders, I realize I’d been going hysteric, “Niera, calm down.”

Calm down, how can I? when I’ve found my friend after four months, whose whereabouts were blank like Earth and Heaven swallowed him whole!

Frown lines appear on his forehead, “I’m here now. I’m fine.”

I scowl, so easy for you to say this.

He sighs, looking behind me, before meeting my gaze, “I know, you’ve been through a lot.”

I look away, for the first-time taking note of our surroundings, the lavish exquisite surroundings are covered by the mess of papers and files—folders scattered around, comfortable yet not approved to be classy, the hall had been an example of office room, precisely, Jason’s room.

My eyes widen, he had been here, all the time, for the three months, I’d been searching for him, he was this close to me!

Jason offers me the glass of water, I take it stupefied while he takes me to couch; his eyes communicating with our Boss who busies himself gazing at the plain interior, I know his mind is formulating something behind those eased back staring.

“Your friend needs her answers Jason, I’m sure, you’ll help her.” Our Mentor announces, tucking his hands in his pocket.

His warm eyes darken at the mention, like a misty wave took away all his joy. Placing back the glass on table, he turns, giving me his utmost attention.

“Has the matter settled?”

A sigh escapes me as my gaze moves to my dress, the beige reminds of one similar shade I wore from Sahira’s wardrobe.

All the events, like scented breeze of winter rush through my memory as I nod, “It’s settled. Almond Vines is under the holding company A V Inc., I’ve spoken with the Authorities. It’s solved and won’t arise again.”

The Jason I’ve come to know, would’ve heaved a sigh of relief, from his stiff posture, a good amount of rigidness must’ve reduced but no, his back is as straight as a stick, in fact, the harden muscles of his, telling another story.

“Had the notice reached by then?”

Relief which had been a dominated factor until now, flees as suspicion takes its place.

“Why would you ask?”

Prince asked me the same, why would Jason question the same; am I missing something?

Clearing is throat Jason shoots up on his feet.

Silence greets us, which is unbearable for me to tolerate, I follow his move, “Jason, what is it?”

Jason turns to me, his warm eyes holding so much, and I can decipher them only as untold secrets.

“Do you know who was behind all this?” my distressed gaze reaches my Mentor, who seems to be happy as a quiet audience.

“Mr. Wilson…and I.”

Sanity refuses to comprehend his crystal-clear announcement, my own whisper irks my ear, “Wh…”

“You…what…why…” I could only mumble before the shattered mirror of reality pricks me from inside and I lose the strength, I fall back on the couch.

Guilt looms over Jason’s features, he rushes to check upon me but restrains himself witnessing the daggers of disbelief in my gaze.

This should be sorted out, one by one!

Silence prevails around us, while inside each one of us, a battle was alive, slashing and wounding us to fatal injuries.

Suddenly, I’m not defeated, all the pent-up distress and worry turns to a blasting energy; I don’t thrash, nor I accuse. I shoot up on my feet and find the door heading out.


April 17, 2021

The big Question ′Why’? Let’s find out.

I hope you enjoyed it. Would love to know your views.

Thank You,


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