Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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7.1 An Illustration of Reality

Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like.”

Lemony Snicket


Is the sun so dull or I’m upset today?

That, I’m unable to see the shine of morning;

Is the wind or cold or I’m so sad,

Now that, warmth of hope and faith has left me to shiver in disappointment!

Luck is the friend of moment, it’s your today, tomorrow it won’t, nothing is promised in its context; just luck. It’s the turns of life seeking your courage to take the risk. Luck might be your friend or your foe but considering the courage and will to step, one can change the paths and reach their destiny.

According to my teacher, the fate was my friend, every element was supporting me on my path; until now…but now…I won’t be lucky, I’ll have to hustle with fate, my will and courage will be tested…I agree, I’ll accept it all but only one question dangling at the beginning…Why?

Why it’s all happening?

Why am I being tested?

Why I’m at the place, where I shouldn’t be?

Why the destiny has brought me back here?

What stands on my future, what must I fight for?

This one ’Why’ can prepare me to every tussle yet no one answers…nothing reveals me to my fate.

Like a fallen pearl in the depth of ocean, I’m lost waiting to be found and set on my destiny.

A sharp ray falls straight of my eyes; I blink and the trail of thoughts break sending me back to the present.

The garden blooms in sunlight, the golden rays almost everywhere, they capture every nook and corner; warmth has engulfed trees and nature seems happy today; jolly—or perhaps it’s the joy and peace of present, I feel its reflecting in nature.

My fingers tighten against the warm cup, soaking the heat of my tea against my skin, occasional water drops unintentionally teasing me and I laugh.

“It’s so good to see you again, Niere. This home is back to life again.” Mrs. Mahri—yah babbles joining her chuckle.

I look at my niece bouncing through the green grass, small water pot in her hand, showering water slowing in the pots.

“It was gloomy and dull without you, I refused to come here.”

My smile dims, I look down, Mrs. Mahiy—rah squeezes my hand; her delightful smile encourages mine to bloom.

“It’s okay now, everything is fine.”

The crinkling of the main gate gains our attention, a very cautious Mr. McCoy peeking around, apparently for my Brother; I lean back on my chair, wondering how can I resolve this grudge between them.

Finding my gaze on him, he straightens and cast me a smile, before rushing towards us while I notice the smile on Mrs. Mahri—yah diminishes a little.

“Miss. William!” I almost cringe at his classic bowing greeting.

At least he is using my name!

“Mr. McCoy, what a lovely surprise.” I mumble gesturing toward an abandoned chair beside Mrs. Mahri—yah.

Mr. McCoy hesitates before taking the chair reluctantly, “I’m here for work purpose, Luna.”

I frown, so does Mrs. Mahri—yah, instead of answering, he thrusts his hand in the inner pocket of his pristine dark suit, fisting out an envelope and before I can comprehend, it’s presented toward me, “I’ll need the permission letter from your company. I hope you’ve it.”

Now, my scowl has deep roots as I straighten in the seat.

“Permission letter?” I utter in bafflement, taking the envelope from him.

“You’re taking a break from your company and joining our Company as a Finance advisory trainee.”


I’ve already been working as a senior Advisory for years; do I need training?

Mr. McCoy blinks before casting a weird chuckle, Well, Villain’s serious demeanor suits him well.

“I’m joining A V Inc., Why? How?”

Lines of confusion mark their way to his forehead, as he leans forward a little, “Sir Gerard asked me to hand you over these, and asked to bring the letter.”

I choose to disregard their bowing in my inquiring musing.

Sir Gerard? How was it—

I shake my head, “You can tell him, I don’t have any knowledge of this, also, I haven’t received any letter nor, My Teacher—Boss mentioned anything regarding this.”

Mr. McCoy nods, holding up his professional demeanor, yet one can sense his internal conflict over my words.

“You can speak to him, if you like and bring the letter yourself later.” He mumbles, eyeing the fresh tea cup offered by Mrs. Mahri—yah.

I stare at him then at the well-folded letter in my hand, the beautiful filigree design adorning the Known and worshipped initials of the Land. My eyes glued to the logo before fingertips tracing the twisted maze-like pattern. Just below, the permission and appointment letter typed—allowing me to join the office as per my wish, duly signed by the Great Guardian himself.

Why is it happening?

“Isn’t it great, you’ll coming to office with us, it’s going to be fun, again, like old days!”

I flash a quick smile at Mrs. Mahri—yah’s enthusiasm, she claps almost jumping on the chair, “Oh! Bless our Guardian.”

“It was such a great time; I missed it and missed you.” Her eyes warm but a shadow of sorrow glows between.

I sigh, offering nothing.

“Aunt Bambi!” I turn just to catch my little bundle of joy as she lands on my lap, half soaked in water.

I peek on her forehead as she hides her face in my neck. The soaked clothes and wetness don’t bother against the warmth she offers.

“I missed you too…missed you guys a lot.” I mumble holding her close to my chest, answering Mrs. Mahri—yah.

“Well, I—never mind.” Mrs. Mahri—yah fumbles through her hesitation making me frown. Holding Tiara by one hand, I place my other hand on her shoulder.

“She wants to know, what made you leave so abruptly—early?”

Two heads snap up at the interruption before Mr. McCoy holds up his hand, fixing his tie, “Apologies, but she was loud enough in her mind to reveal her query.”

I sigh, well, surely, you’re. With that bright tube light like smirk and that confident stance. I’m sure you’re really sorry.

Mrs. Mahri—yah turns to me, the glow of her expectant eyes speaking miles, I lose, “The work, for which I had been here was finished. But the matter wasn’t resolved.”

“I don’t follow you, lately.”

I lean back, allowing enough space for Tiger to play with my pendent, “The mole from A V Inc., had been revealed. But from what she said, there was someone from Greefy Inc. as well who helped her. To finish this off, I had to find the culprit from there.”

“You coworkers were already helping you; didn’t they find any clue.”

Point noted, Mr. McCoy can turn shrewd and sharp when he wants…probably he always is.

“I had the better insight of the situation. My presence and inputs were considered a great help.”

Mrs. Mahriy—ah lifts the long-forgotten cup in her hand, contemplating whether to drink or not, “So, you found that person…the culprit.”

Dejection and distraught of reality hits me hard inside, yet I nod as casual as I could, “Yes, we did.”

“That’s wonderful. Now, you’re back, soon joining office. It’ll be great.”

I could only sigh at her excitement. Perhaps, she isn’t interested anymore, perhaps, I showed my disinterest too well for her to divert the topic.

“Oh, how is your Mother doing?”

“She is fine, doing great.” I mumble back.

The conversation stretches, from one cup of tea to a warm breakfast, the day rolls on its way but the thoughts pestering me stayed with me.


And then, the sword flew with the speed of lightening reaching the heights of Sky, before it came right back to the ground. She watched in utter bafflement as it made its way to her. But she didn’t flinch, nor did she try to run away.

Perhaps, that’s the destiny; to die.

Her misty gaze averts from the sword and finds him, horror and fear gleams on his shocked face. She smiles at him, finding the expressions adorable on his heroic face.


She heard him crystal clear in between the cries of the creature as the sharp tip pierces through her chest and continue to pierce her flash until her heart is damaged. Tears leak through her eyes as she falls; not because of burning pain the sword caused, neither for the sadness of dying.

Her eyes weep along with her torn heart for the man at distance, who rushed toward her. Now, that destiny has brought them here, she can never see another sunrise with him. No more sunsets beside the river-bank. All the dreams, she weaved are now shattered like her heart.

She can never call him hers’.

Should love be this hard? Should destiny be this cruel?

She wondered through raged breath. She held his hand as he showed panic staring at her blood-bathed body.

Many questions were unasked, many answers were never heard.

She breathed his name and her fluttering eyes stilled.

Her soul slipped off her body through her open mouth, perhaps she wanted to say something, but couldn’t.

Perhaps, she wanted to pray but couldn’t.

What her body couldn’t ask, her soul whispered;

She prayed to be an immortal, so she won’t have to die,

She prayed for another chance, to love him again.

She prayed to be strong, so her desires and hopes won’t be crushed.

She prayed to be his, even if they were never meant to be…!

Another drop falls on the word ‘Never’, drenching it completely. I wish, if could be washed off, if it wouldn’t have existed on the page—perhaps in the entire book, then, maybe it’ll turn to a happy book, then I wouldn’t have cried on every other page.

Should such novels be made, where the anticipated endings must weep in sadness and melancholy; the world of fiction is where person runs when reality turns too difficult to handle; why this fiction must bully our emotions by such painful ends.

Closing my eyes, I wipe off my tears and seize the book with force.

“Is there any sequel to this?” I ask in a small voice already alert to the fact; the other person is hearing me well from the kitchen. I notice, Tiger has stopped her cooking with her kitchen-set and now is staring at me with wide eyes.

I intentionally look away, sucking back the ready tears. My laptop resting on the sofa, awaiting to be used for hours. I was sending reports to Jennet but took break for this evil thing, making a mental note to do it later, now, I curse the idea of procrastinating as I lean forward for the water bottle.

“Anticipated…they say.” Fergal speaks coming out of the kitchen, holding what it seems to be reheated Curry, Mrs. Mahri—yah brought in morning.

Somehow, Fergal knew…he anticipated my emotional wrecked state, he comes to sit on the sofa opposite mine, passing me a smile while taking still astound Tiger on his lap, with her half-cooked pasta still in pan in her hand, he faces me, “Feeling cheated?”

Cheated…I feel murdered!

I let out a resigned sigh, “The mortal had an unattainable wish, how can she not be hurt.”

I drop my back on the sofa, the emotional fatigue triggered physical one, I perceive; a very moody Tiara winces when her father feeds her curry, a moment of smile, I find in her etiquettes.

Probably, I’ve scared the kid with my tears.

“I shouldn’t have agreed to his book.” He grumbles softly; my eyes shoot up and twinkle recalling when I find this one pressed down in the dark corner in the Literature Treasure of Fergal-Sahira’s in study. I was given access to it after spending another sleepless night.

I briefly recall, how annoyed my brother was, for him, Fergal was opening another door to help me escape my sleep which would affect my health eventually. It took us a long time to pursue him. But when he saw this book being pulled from the heavy well-maintained shelf, he threw a tantrum. I was told this book had Sahira under its spell for a long time; now, looking at the alluring cover, I realize what enchantment it had left on her.

“No, it’s a good…one; I just couldn’t grasp how unfair the ending was.” Slow breeze nuzzles me softly, my eyes move toward the evening shine invading our home through the window; the hue of setting sun is mesmerizing to watch.

“Everything was great; her budding feelings and his heroic presence; slow and sweet, she was weaving dreams a loving future but it didn’t end well.” The words leave sour taste on my tongue as I recall every detail, I just read in one day.

Fergal, however shrugs, “Sometimes, it’s not about happy endings, sometimes, it’s about the journey itself.” He shifts taking now happily eating Tiara engrossed in playing with her father’s shirt, “They spent time together, they were happy, I believe.” I frown at his uncertain expressions, apparently, only Sahira, who has read the book.

“She narrated you the entire story.” I let a genuine smile settle on my lips. Fergal’s warm dark eyes dart at the frame resting between us on table. The Delta of Supernatural realm transforms into a warm love-lost man staring at his wife. It’s not sadness but pure love and adoration, I witness in his gaze for her.

His smile widens, “She went crazy over it, had us—Jerry and I, both reciting her views on this story. She was sad, but also speculative. She wanted more.” His eyes rise to reach mine, “She told me, this story made her realize, it may not last long, but one should be happy until its happening.

I quietly nod, watching him kissing his daughter’s forehead; smiling in her smile. Irony, the tragedy in story mirrors their life; she is gone and he is…breathing, fulfilling every responsibility they had together.

I look down at the book on the table with new light…new thought. It isn’t depressing anymore; it’s beautiful now…more than ever.

Holding it, I caress the swelled words of title, indeed it justifies the story.

“Thank you, Fergal.” I mumble and he returns a smile with a nod.

“How about we take an evening nap?” My Little Bundle of Joy pouts before hiding her face in his chest. Denying with all her might, but we both can see, she is already drowsy.

Grinning, I shoot up on my feet, “I’ll make preparations for Dinner.”

“Noodles!” my Niece squeals, I had anticipated her upcoming demand from her dedicated cooking-play, I lean forward and peek on her forehead; letting Fergal to pick her up and turn to leave but not before casting smile at me and the frame.

My eyes find Sahira’s smiling face and then the simply designed book neatly placed near it.

Well, it’s not necessary to reach forever in love,

Love is fulfilling in the moment itself,

People promise forever and then break the ties,

True longing and felt absence are the true reminder of love,

Maybe, that’s all she wanted, again and again,

If the story continues, she might have her wishes fulfilled,

But just like her prayers in her last breath, she had a beautiful life.


May 18, 2021

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