Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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7.3 A Coincidence of Serendipity

“Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked.”

Elizabeth Berg, The Year of Pleasures

Sir Gerard’s POV

Bound by the duties, one loses his time to admire the beauties of life,

But then, if not adherent to the duties, what can become of a man!

The perplexities of life are amusing, from putting one in the hard times, they bring the changes, which offer them the better insights, a deeper sense of comprehension, in a way, the hurdles prepare one to the greater hurdles.

This is the one principle which has given many their path of life, strong resolves prepared them to face the adversities, eventually conquering them.

“Sir Gerard?”

From the deep musing, I look up to the worried Dexter standing near the threshold.

“Your musing tells me; you’re worried over something.” I bring myself to smile, the scattered papyrus on the desk still waiting for my attention, I believe they’ll have to wait further.

I lean back on my chair, offering some comfort to my exhausted back, “Constant chaos is what maintains the life, without worry one can’t be alive.”

Dexter affords a small smile on my words; I offer him the chair as he tries to look over the ancient inscriptions on the dried preserved leaves. I lightly shift one in his direction which holds his gaze of interest.

He grins softly, “Ancient inscription is still difficult to decipher for me.”

I let out a warm grin, recalling how much time and efforts Dexter has given to his interest to hold greater knowledge in the old scripts, his untiring efforts and passion to learn the inscriptions so he can access the treasure of healing techniques, our ancestors left on remnants of these preserved papers.

Not only his excellent knowledge makes Dexter a Royal Healer but also, his will and consistent passion to learn and grow better makes him the best choice to be honored him as one.

He is well-deserved to hold the only legacy our Alpha Queen left on her name.


My gaze lowers at our Queen’s mention, “Yet, you learnt the different inscriptions, reading and practicing many techniques, even risking your spirit to save lives.”

The serene wind from the nature becomes out companion as we settle into silence; resting my knee over other, I set my gaze on Dexter, now, we must discuss the matter in hand.

“Have you visited her?”

Dexter purses his lips in thin line, “From the training ground, an emergency had to be attended.”

Dexter shifts in eager comfort, “I intend to meet her in evening.”

A warm smile crawls on his lips, “I’m really looking forward for it.”

His smile said it all, his words weren’t needed to define his joy, the same joy everyone can experience bubbling inside as now, they know, their Luna is back. They all hold their reasons, some are elated to see her as their Alpha’s peace and for some, who personally know her warm heart and vibrant personality, are joyous to be around her, having her back in their life.

This child has certainly changed our life, only just because she holds the future of our Kingdom, but she has changed our present in her warmth. Our Kingdom is already in her debt.

“I wonder, should we worry or celebrate her returning, then?” his words shatter my musing, tilting my head, I find his astute gaze upon the papyrus, which raise to my face.

My impassive demeanor greets him, “When is isn’t a matter of elation Dexter, our Luna is back, one can sense the change, her return has brought.”

“Then, why is the Guardian worried now?”

His declaration seals my speech, I surmise, Dexter has now improved; taught well by his Teacher.

Perhaps my silence alerts him, he bows, “I apologize Sir, I didn’t intend to come rude to you.”

I shake my head, “No need, Dexter, I understand, you read well. Indeed, there is something bothering me.”

“Is it regarding Bambi?”

I sigh, “More or less.”

Trying to keep him away from worry, instead, I share my reason of distress with him, “I’m worried, now she is back, her destiny will soon begin the tussles she is fated for.”

A deep frown forms on his forehead as he assesses my concern, “It’s an unavoidable occurrence, Sir Gerard. For her destiny, she must face her predestined hurdles. Is it, are you worrying over her—”

“I don’t doubt her, Dexter, she is more than capable, she is deserving to sit on throne, she has proven her worth and the entire realm has witnessed this.” I break off his speech, standing up, leaving the papyrus unattended, Dexter follows leaving his chair.


With a swift glance over the mobile resting on the desk, I recall the conversation I had two days ago, weighing the thought of sharing it with someone other than my friend, I look up at Dexter, “I had a conversation with Wilson.”

Clouds of queries in the color of bafflement graces in Dexter’s eyes, and I turn away to the open door of the balcony; fresh breeze flowing so freely around, mighty as no one dares to hold it, like the fate, which finds its way, one way or another.

“Does Bambi know—”

I stop him shaking my head, “I surmise, she doesn’t. However, she must have given any clue—or—something, her resolves were strong and determinant.” I let out a resigned sigh reminiscing her face, “She wasn’t coming back.”

“Sir Gerard, may I know, what was the conversation all about?”

I sense Dexter’s present behind me before he steps to stand beside; holding the golden boulder which limits the balcony and one stands behind it.

It’s the limit one must respect, one must follow!

“To remind me his part of deal.”

“I don’t understand, Sir.”

My grip on the round metal tightens before I leave it all along, “He played his part, pushing Kingdom’s precious possession in my hand, now, it is I, who should fulfill my side of deal.”

Dexter turns to face him, fury blends in his calm yet perplexed features, “Was it a deal? Does he consider Bambi a possession? Has he left with no respect for the Kingdom?”

I choose not to response, for respond, I must have some explanation, for him, he left none.

The strong gusts accompany us as eeriness settles.

I hear Dexter mumble, “His demand?”

“Only one.”

I shift my gaze to his warm ones, “To keep Niera safe.”

His sharp features burn into a scoff, “Why would he make such a preposterous deal, she is our Queen—Our Luna, we’ll sacrifice our lives before letting any harm touch her.”

I look away from Dexter’s declaration, indeed, we would, yet he put his words crystal clear; does he intended a deeper meaning.

The look on Dexter pulls the string of my consciousness, if there is an hidden matter, it must be I dealing with it, not him.

I place my hand on his shoulder, shattering his distressed musing, “It shouldn’t be our concern, Dexter. He’ll reveal his cards when he deems his time. For now, I’ve other concerns to deal with.”

His quizzical frown declares his thoughts, I proceed to get back to the confinements of my cabin, “Niera is joining the company.”

“Has she agreed?”

I notice a spark of energy in his tone, offering me solace as I reach for my desk, “Fergal informed in morning; she made her decision last night.”

“That’s nice. Her presence around Majesty will keep him calm. You did the right thing, Sir.”

Shaking my head, I place the last one in its box, “This time, it’s not just for him.”

Sealing the box back, I take it to the small vault built in one wall, “Something is eating her up from inside, she is lost.”

“Can it be her home or Wilson?”

I remain quiet, at this moment, it’ll be mere speculation, instead, I look up at the dense forest guarding the city, the greenery enticing the beholder to walk and become a part of it.

“Dexter, Niera has so much to face and know, a lot awaits her; she must not be lost in her past now.”

A knock on the door interrupts, and the door reveals James McCoy.

Quietly closing the door, he bows to us, before folding his hands behind his back, straighten.

“Sir Gerard, you asked for me?”

“Yes, McCoy, come in.”

“I have a task, which I wish to assign you.” He bows offering me his acceptance.

Dexter chooses to become a silent observer as I take my seat, “It is regarding our Luna Queen, I want to assign you, her security.”

A frown marks on McCoy’s face, “But Sir Gerard, Majesty has assigned Alaric and other shifters, and Revin—”

“Yes. He has, our Queen is secured at all levels and all the necessary steps are already active. Yet I assign you to protect her.”

Despite the vagueness of bafflement, McCoy slowly nods, “In the Fortress.”

He caught the crux of my words “Yes, I’m assigning you her security within the Fortress.”

When his bafflement raises on his face, I provide him the knowledge, “She’ll be joining Fortress from today.”

Apart from a dramatic gasp, his face showed us all colors of surprise, “As—As an employee?”

I nod, affirmative.

“Sir, please forgive my imprudence, but may I say something?”

I nod, sparing a glance at Dexter before concentrating on McCoy, “You may.”

“Luna is human, when she’ll be working, she’ll be interacting with our people. Without revealing her true identity, her—around the supernatural entities, it’ll be perilous.”

The same concern McCoy shared for her first visit, despite all efforts, she went through not one but many life-threatening situations. A human in the Kingdom of Supernatural, indeed is a matter of concern, Niera will be constantly under the shadows of danger.

Instead, I look at the Loyal subject with an impassive face, “That’s why, I must ask you.”

Leaning forward, I place my arm on the desk, “You must keep her protected, by your method.”

“Do what you excel in.”

Without another word being exchanged, I see realization hitting the core and settling on his face. He bows, “I receive and obey your command.”


Niera’s POV

How does it feel to be broken? I’d always wondered, we break things, we try to mend them, we try to fix them, if they do, we smile and placing them back to an unreachable place, we forget; if they don’t, we forget them, like a memory.

We move ahead in both the cases; but what about that broken thing?

Does it also wonder about its fault? Does it consider cursing the culprit? Does it ever get satisfied with the scar forever marked, reminding it of its brokenness? Does it ever stop thinking about the flaw someone left it to stand with, or it feels sad for being so away from reach, or it makes that thing happy, that now the chances of being damaged and broken are far less and it can continue being safe with its scar.

I continue to wonder, looking down at my torn bracelet, considering the idea to fix it then considering to put it in my pocket and then in box, safely treasuring it in this form; I’d always loved it, since Grandma gave me this a long time ago, I treasured it for a long time; it was a reminder of her, like her hand always in holding mine. Now, it’s torn, would fixing consider continuing her hand in mine?

“Again, lost in musing?”

I turn finding the shrewd face of wisdom holding his genuine smile.

I smile, though, I shouldn’t be yet I feel surprised to find him here. Perhaps, I wasn’t expecting anyone to disturb me.

Removing the web-cob of thoughts, I try to concentrate on him.

“What was keeping you so lost?” Sir Gerard repeats, clearly intrigued.

I hide the bracelet in my palm, shaking my head, “Nothing much, Sir.”

Taking my words, he nods, however we both know, he isn’t convinced.

He leads us toward the elevator, probably towards his cabin, yet I choose to initiate the matter of concern, “Yesterday, I received a letter from Mr. McCoy, stating permission for me to join the A V Inc.”

He nods pressing the call button, “Yes. I surmise, you’ve made your decision.”

The announcement of the metal box halts my response, I follow him into the Golden box.

“I’ll join A V Inc.” I state staring at my golden reflection as the door closes.

A soft very faint smile of satisfaction blossoms on his lips, telling me I’d made him happy with my decision.

“Sir Gerard, may I ask something?”

“Why I sent the offer?”

I gurgle and gulp my resignation, offering a stiff nod. We watch each other through the mirror ahead of us, “For the reason, you accepted.”


I look down, suddenly feeling vulnerable under his shrewd eyes, “I…was hoping to help Jerry. He’s been—” I take a soft sigh, “He’s been quite worked up these days.”

I look up to find the tall old man smiling quietly way, “Well, he is. That’s why I offer you the post, so, you can help him and…us with your skills.”

Is that it? That’s all!

“What else would you expect?”

I intake a sharp breath, Sir Gerard’s inquiring gaze slits from middle, taking us to the destined floor. I curse my tongue before stepping back to let him lead. He does and I release it only to stiffen again.

“Won’t you, Child?”

I nod to his walking back before trotting behind.

The golden door frame of Golden hall greets us, an attender—exceptionally peculiar from the past, stands and bow as Sir reaches him, and obediently opens the door for us; while Sir enters nonchalantly, my feet stop to look at the bowing man, holding the door for me.

Are they renewing the fashion of doorman?

Perhaps, the call from Sir Gerard or the conscious fidgeting of the bowing man, I strut inside quickly, and heaved a sigh once the door came back to close.

Despite the bubbling inquiry of the keeper, I seal my lips taking the respective seat on the white and Golden sofa. I suddenly feel, the ancient aura of the furniture gripping me, I frown unable to hold back this eccentricity.

It has never happened before, what peculiarity it has achieved today?

“Any word from Wilson?”

The oddness of furniture piece combusts into ashes. Despite the churning discomfort piling in my chest, I keep a neutral face, “I…I’m hoping my teacher might mail someday.”

Or My Cryptic Friend might!

I can’t keep sadness from my tone; however, I convince myself, my mentor’s act, I’m unable to justify.

Sir Gerard heaves out a sigh, “Some actions however look unjust, are essential, my child.”

His warm gaze collides mine, I read concern there and a smile slips me, “I don’t know, Sir; but I believe, perhaps, one day I’ll be able to understand. For now, I’ll send gratitude to almighty. My teacher’s actions have brought me here.”

Yet I can’t save a scoff from escaping, “A great co-incidence.”

However, Sir Gerard doesn’t like it, and he expressed it, “There are no coincidences, Niera.”

I straighten, when I see sternness masking the mature nonchalant, “It’s fate, things that we believe aren’t supposed to happen, happen, coincidences we call them, but these coincidences happen, as a part of destiny. In the end, taking part in these unplanned accidents, we find our fate.”

He turns, his smart mature smile stays intact, “Finding your way here is a part of your destiny. Don’t you feel so?”

In the forbidden, I was allowed, where every restriction resides, my path is always clear;

In the perilous path where death was a guaranteed acquaintance, I was secure, safe like flame,

When all odds were against me, I was most saved, again and again.

Where none could make a blink, I was privileged to enter and witness, the wonders of secret mysteries lying in murk.

“You made the changes none could ever think of, you brought us light which was hidden in the clouds of murk. You had your fate to come and make changes.” He announces, I’m dragged out of my own reverie of glimpses imprinted in the walls of my heart. All the smiles, fears, madness, warmth and caresses, I recall and live at my inner call.

That’s what I said to Alicia, I was here because of my vocation to bring the two royals together!

“You had met Princess, when?” I almost jump at the sharp commanding tone; I look up, alert, and the wise eyes of the Guardian summon me under their inquiring severity.

“Niera, when child?” although, he is trying to keep softness in his words, yet I can feel the surge of urgent demand in his dark shrewd eyes.

“A coincident, just a coincident, that’s how it was. We met, we talked and…I left.”

I smile and something flashes in his orbs, too soon and too magical, that, I almost took it as a figment of imagination. But the stiffness of his shoulder speaking more.

Silence prevails between us; when he regards me his shrewd scrutiny; I find a harder task for keeping my fidgeting squirming under control.

“I realize, you’ve changed.” He declares softly, and my gaze shoots up to his gentle face.

He let out a sigh, finding interest in the crystal stone on table between us, “From a girl alert in her actions, you’ve come to realize your actions.”

“From avoiding mistakes, now you prefer to take responsibility for them.”

“From making people around her laugh in her innocence, now you try to understand the situation and person’s heart.”

“From a naïve girl, I see you’ve turned into a gentle smart woman.”

Leaning back for a comfortable position; from pride, I see something different sparkling in his orbs, and I read it concern.

“Yet one thing hasn’t changed, you still try to hold back.”

A resigned sigh slips my lips, I look down at my wrist resting on my lap, missing my Grandma’s treasure; my fingers itching to feel it on my wrist.

“Child, sometimes, you just need to let go.” Hearing him, I can’t help but fall back into the lane of memories; where my friend once told me about the eccentric yet simple secret of living.

Emotions, situations, tears or smiles, sometimes we are powerless, sometimes we’re mere puppets. So, don’t hold up yourself, letting go, sometimes, is the only way.

“Let go child, perhaps, you’ll feel an ease.”

I wish to accept it, follow it, yet I can’t; my heart doesn’t allow me to—it’ll bring chaos, it’ll bring only pain; not just me but also to people I cherish, people I care for.

“Even if it’ll hurt me—or others. even if tomorrow promises disaster?” I ask; my voice resounds like a scared whisper; for a brief moment, I fear, it’ll give away my secrets. So, I look down, rubbing my bare wrist.

“No one has seen tomorrow, how are you so sure of it when tomorrow is uncertain of its own.” My answer comes in a soft calm statement, excepting me to smile while all I can do in the moment to ask, really!


May 29, 2021

Many questions left unanswered on the clouds of Tomorrow?

Would you believe it, must Niera too?

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