Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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And again, I’m trying to find you in the pages of my life; to feel your presence in between the lines of truth of my heart curved in dark ink.

Writing about how we met, what we had and then, what you become; how easily we turned the pages of past into a beautiful tale, I share it all with my dairy;

I write occasionally, when I miss you the most, trying to ease the void with words of Mr. Gorgeous Saviour; praises of his mighty personality, I gleefully smile as drawn words wink back at me,

Details of our first meet, I read in the confinement of privacy; all the acts of my imprudence and your commanding growls, I recite as I go to sleep;

It eases off the tightness building in my chest.

Because I miss you and I can’t go back...!

Closing my eyes, I wish you knew, that every night; someone is praying for your smile – your happiness and everything you deserve and more; but then I don’t—because then, you’ll recall the fragile girl of your Kingdom, who knew only to break rules, who was cherished and loved by all, whom you asked to stay and she promised; but then—

—then she left, breaking all vows, crushing hearts and taking away one part of you...!

The one you lose and she took away,

And you’ll never know, what she left behind with you...

Taking a part of you, I left mine in you, sadly, when yours is keeping me alive; you’ll never know of mine, neither will it help you breathe, nor will you live with it. But like a charm of life, it’ll follow you in shadows...after all, love knows no tricks of protection, it can be nothing but a shadow which you’ll never look...because you’ll never know.

Being your Lioness was sufficient, and I can’t ask for more...but for you, I’ll ask for stars and heaven to bestow my Miracle, the Miracles of life...a gift of prayer, I can only give you!


Another tear-drop falls and another word smudged...I caress the curves on the lines before closing eyes and closing the diary; placing it in locked drawer; I lean against the chair.

Another night has come, and I’ve written my confessions; it’s been a while now; I hope, I’m forgotten and forgiven...not in pain or tears but I’m lost even from their smiles...!


August 3, 2020

And that’s how, she writes her pain and hides her eyes; and pour her heart in the Whispers of Forever!

The first look of Book 2,

Why this Name?

Wanna speculate? Let me know,

Thank You,


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