Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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8.2 Offering Hope in Despair

“I wasn’t expecting you. I didn’t think that we would end up together. The single most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done with my life is fall in love with you. I’ve never been seen so completely, loved so passionately and protected so fiercely.”

This is Us


My heart said listen,

I did,

then it said follow me,

I did

and here I’m,

because it led me to you...!

“Wonderful. I believe it’ll work. Good job, Miss. William, Mr. Revin.” I find a soft smile dancing on my lips as rounds of applauds resonate in the hall. I look at my brother finding him applauding loudly, the pride on his lips a lot more than others. After all, for every praise my way, he steps up another level of pride.

“Thank you, everyone. I think, we can proceed with further detailing now.” I ask Mr. Adam—the coordinator from Prague team—through the huge interactive screen. Jerry scoots my way but keeping a step back, allowing me to deal uninterrupted.

Protective brother!

“Yes, of course. As you deem fit. Keep me posted with the progress.” Stating this, he nods at Jerry’s way then mine, before leaving the screen blank.

The hall howls at another level of incessant elation, “Finally! It’s done—approved!”

“Congratulations guys!”


I grin hearing each and everyone’s excited squeal, after all weeks of hard work has paid off. Arranging the scattered files, my hand still for a moment; these people maybe the distinct species of creatures, yet their way of showing their enthrallment is so similar to humans. Despite being so different, we share same traits and emotional tact.

How shall I distinguish us when we are so similar?

“You’re so going to treat me tonight.” I declare, sensing my brother’s presence beside me.

“Yes, sure. Hot Chocolates on the house.” We share a warm grin before congratulating the entire team, I propose to head out. I might use this time doing some discussions with the Authorities regarding some legal matters.

“Where to?”

I press my chuckle into pursed smile, smiling at the team members as we pass them, having people around seems nice and normal.

“At Sir Gerard’s. We must seek his advice on proceeding initiatives. Also, tell him the good news.” Jerry shakes his head at my etiquettes before taking us to Sir Gerard’s cabin.

The calm surroundings are prominent as we head toward his cabin, but then our steps slow down coming to an abrupt halt, the serenity crashes under the loud conversation reaching us through the open doors.

I frown, apparently so does Jerry as we contemplate over turning back or waiting for it to end.

“Should we?” I catch Mr. Theodore’s voice; so, it must be him and Sir Gerard.

“They’re on our grounds Theo. We must entertain them.”

“But we are Royals. This act might encourage others to bring their thrifty matters in Kingdom.”

“We can always choose our acts to define our intentions Theo. Packs may see this case as an example for their future propositions but now, we must look into this matter, as they’re already in our place.”

Of course, guests must be entertained and respected, even if they’re enemy.

“Absolutely correct, Niera.” I nearly shriek at my name, realizing what sin have I committed just now, while Sir Gerard and Theodore’s gaze had captured me, I, cursing myself look at paths to run.

“Please come in, child.”

Stealing a glance at Jerry, I drag my reluctant feet to enter the cabin.

“I’m extremely sorry. I don’t intend to eavesdrop; I was waiting for a chance to announce my presence.” I mumble looking down at the polished floor.

“Your presence was already known, Miss. William. But this tact might not be beneficial for you in future.” I bit my lip in shame for Mr. Theodore’s statement.

Even after months, he has been same, crude-polished and stone face; relieved to find him healthy and stable.

“I apologize, Mr. Theodore, extensively. Please forgive my imprudence.”

“Sir Gerard, Niera and I came to brief you about the Prague project meeting, concluded just now.” Jerry butts in, bowing to the two gentlemen.

Nope, one gentleman and one stone-man!

“I believe you’ve some urgent matters to handle, we’ll take your leave, then.” I mumble; initiating to turn and leave.

“Miss. William, wait.” I stop at Mr. Theodore’s call, turning to find him a step closer.

“I didn’t intend to insult you, I apologize.” A moment, I took to process it; his words, his demeanor and his tone; all—so eccentric on his face.

I shake my head, “I understand, your intention was to teach me well.”

“Is something wrong, Sir?”

Sir Gerard faces Jerry to answer him and my anticipation flies to sky as I shift my attention to him, “It’s Pacific Pack, they have arrived in Kingdom.”

Although, I can’t see, I can distinctly tell Jerry is frowning, so am I.

“Pacific Pack, for a particular reason, I believe. Since, packs don’t visit Kingdom, unless the Royal ceremony—or a conflict which has shaken their foundation.”

Ripples of shivers surge through me at Jerry’s nonchalant reasoning.

His statement puts me to wonder, what could be the reason behind their unannounced visit.

“Shall I accompany you, Sir?” I almost wince at my brother for stealing my statement.


I blink twice as my name resonates. I look up at my brother and read his eyes for certain concern.

“I’ll…yes, I’ll go home. Tiara and Fergal are not home, I’ll spend some alone ‘me’ time.”

“Oh! No! you must not, I’ll come with you and ask Mrs. Dovin to drop by.” Jerry rushes in frantic flow and I throttle the urge to roll my eyes.

“Child, if it interests you, you can come with us. Visit the Visitors Hall, now that you’ve a chance.” I threw the remnants to sulking embracing the smile, willingly accepting his offer.

“But Sir—” Sir Gerard stops Theodore with his hand, “She’ll be fine, Theo. Trust Majesty.”

Although, a little reluctant, Theodore accepts.

My mind wonders, hopes I find my Miracle there.


The sight of passing scenery of the nature can be soothing and thrilling for anyone who looks out for it; nothing but the blank mind swirling in the shade of enfolding scenery. From the small homes going behind, to the empty streets, the outskirts of woods meeting the edges of ordinary urban life; I find elation watching them all pass through my eyes.

The journey to the Visitor’s Hall, I thought would be few minutes away—or it may take few miles. But when the royal rides of Authority took us, they revealed, we’ll touch the boundaries of the Kingdom in the other direction. Bafflement clouds me as I seek a plausible explanation only to receive a shrewd smile.

Through the ride, it’s either Jerry or I made conversation, Sir Gerard warmly answered us while Theodore kept himself cocooned within his stoned demeanor.

The events of past few days, then the work load, this trip, I believe to would bring a change; at least for a time being, I hope it can fill the void…his absence brought me.

“Niera, Revin, you both have done a great job.” From the passing mulberry tree, my focus shifts back into the car; toward the old man sitting right in front of me.

I frown, then cast a small smile; riding in a long Limousine demands quick and clear reactions from passengers, noted.

“I was informed, Niera, I’m proud of you.”

I nod softly, “Thank you, Sir Gerard.”

“We are here.” Theodore’s gruff tone penetrates through the calm atmosphere; the car slows down as my gaze finds the way of the window.

From the dense outskirts of woods, now our companion is the wide ground which serves as a path to the vintage manor, whose one glance whispers its contribution in the glorious past of the Kingdom. Different from the magnanimous edifice of A V Inc., this one is simple, subtle and simply gigantic, like a castle from ancient myths.

Hall? Really? But then, they call A V Inc. an office!

I suppress my urge to comment before the door opens for me, revealing a Man-in-Black bowing down to greet me. I feel a soft shade of tint warming my cheeks before looking up at the mature company of mine, who in response, nods ushering me to lead and head out.

Gulping out the awkwardness bubbling inside, I slip out; strangely, the man—even after noticing me—kept bowing. Sir Gerard follows along with Mr. Theodore, leaving Jerry to join us in last.

“Niera, child, would you like to join us?” I blink; glancing at the small crowd accumulated in the front yard, once engrossed in conversation now, coming our way.

I quickly shake my head, “I’d like to stay here, if I’m allowed.”

“Of course, Child. You can take a tour around. Revin will accompany you.” Jerry happily agrees bobbling his head; the guards halt the crowd from approaching us. I’m grateful for Theodore to hide me from their pensive gazes on me. The same Man-in-Black approaches us taking our queue to be separated.

“Won’t he be here?” I inquire in a soft mumble, my thirsty gaze roaming around, hoping for a familiar soul-soothing shadow.

Jerry remains quiet, dragging my gaze at his way, “Is he all right, Jerry? He is gone for so long now.”

I know my brother, so I refrain myself from mentioning his name and feel another wave of pain…but void strikes anyway.

The wreaked worry and concern don’t hide from my whisper, despite myself, I let my brother see right through my eyes, a long sigh escapes Jerry.

“You’re worrying for no reason Niera. Majesty is our Alpha Majesty, he is strong…invincible. Nothing can happen to him. He’ll be back soon.”

Being invincible doesn’t guarantee you won’t be hurt…one can still feel pain…still get hurt!

I want to scream this, shake my brother with the reality check, Gideon can be hurt…he too has feelings but I remain quiet.

Is that why Kings and Monarchs are depicted as powerful, because being on the place they sit, they can’t be weak…or their loyal subjects forgot they are human…superhuman too.

Or the delusional subjects can’t see them from that height?

Instead, I remain quiet. The guard brings us to a wide garden area; a beautiful huge gazebo in the middle stands, taking away the admiration of the beholder. We’re now far away from the crowd and lingering tension of the air, yet because of the wide clear garden area with small partitions, I can still see them all, having a conversation, looming their gaze around in sheer curiosity.

Seems like, I’m not the only one!

The guard bows at my way before stepping back a few steps giving us privacy. Wide perplexed gaze, I follow Jerry to the gazebo, taking a seat opposite to the crowdy chatter, I choose the wide green lands as my scenery.

“Why did he bow to us? Are you promoted?”

A small chuckle escapes my brother as he denies nonchalantly.

“Bambi!” I turn, a wide grin already taking place on my lips.

“Dr. Baron!” elated, I greet his frowning face.

“How are you here?” he steals my words, asking Jerry while mentioning me.

“Sir Gerard brought us here.” Jerry quickly responds, offering him a seat while sitting back on his.

For the flood of concern, he only nods.

A soft buzz resonates in the air, I turn to look at the side, another car pass leaving another set of people swiftly rushing inside the grand Manor—hall.

“What’s going on here?” I find my own baffled whisper reaching me.

Both siblings find the Good Doctor to satiate our curiosity, who in response leans back calmly on his chair to initiate, “This pack wants Kingdom to resolve an issue and give decree in favor.”

“In favor—of who?”

Dr. Baron flashes a smile on my scowl, “Two different opinions believe themselves to be right but then, the judgement should be in the light of facts and reality.”

Jerry nods, “True…but what’s the matter?”

“The Alpha of this pack has found his mate.”


I made my comment so soon, and Dr. Baron made it clear.

“But the pack isn’t accepting her.”

My scowl deepens as I lean forward a little, “Isn’t having a mate is natural thing and Supernatural Realm believes it as their auspicious blessing?”

The Good Doctor sighs, “It is…but then, sometimes, a blessing tests person’s will.”

I can’t help but frown, his word play pulls my mind into bafflement. My brother apparently smelt the jest and his face burns curiosity and decorates concern.

“Niera, the Alpha has found his mate, but the pack isn’t accepting her because, she is a rogue.”


“A creature abandoned by the pack…or being left alone to survive after the pack being destroyed.”

Jerry’s revelation shuts me for a moment.

“So, basically she is an orphan that’s why they aren’t accepting her?” I ask, quizzically making Dr. Baron to shake his head.

“During pack wars years back, her pack has caused a massive destruction to his pack. Years passed but the engrained pain and suffering hasn’t healed.”

They are rejected her because of something her pack—people had done years ago.

“Isn’t it same with humans, instead of accepting the change, you allow your strong emotions to rule. Rage or pain, dominates even after a long time.” Jerry mumbles quietly; smacking a nail on soft spot.

I find myself nodding quietly at his words. Indeed, there are deep wounds which time don’t heal…perhaps we don’t let it. Instead, we dwell and keep the flame alive and at simple mention, it combusts, exploding wild, burning deeper.

But then, it’s not easy to look past the scars and wounds…neither it is wrong.

“If she had been a mate of any pack member, the situation wouldn’t be this dire. Alpha rules his pack, he is the protector, along with him, his mate stands and nurtures the pack, one lived and knows to be alone and lost, would she be suitable as the nurturer of many?” Dr. Baron intervenes looking at me, taking the boat of conversation away from critical waves.

Oh! That’s the reason…they don’t trust her.

“Is she the mate—girl?” I ask, staring at the girl pacing around for quite some time, I can easily catch her slight shivering moves from distance.

Dr. Baron turn quiet for a moment before nodding, “Yes.”

Oh! Yes, Trance of mind-link…!

Now, I’m not sitting anymore, but thoughts buzzing inside as I ask, “Why she is here and not inside?”

I find myself moving to her direction, not waiting for any speculating answer.

Why not ask her?

I keep my distance until I’m holding her complete attention, when she tilts her head in query, I smile.

“Please forgive my imprudence, but let me ask you, why is he alone?”

“Huh?” she inquires, yet her befuddled expressions said all aloud.

Instead of clearing her doubts, I look at the direction of Vintage Royal Hall, now the visitors all gone inside, along with Sir Gerard and Theodore, “For your status and acceptance, he is facing the entire supernatural clan, fighting alone.”

I look back to her, “Shouldn’t you defend yourself and speak up.”

The girl visibly blanches, for already drenched in trepidation, my words were not easy to take.

“But he—” she stutters to mute, also, I feel my company along with guarding guard just behind.

“Must have stopped you from intervening.” She nods and I flaunt a soft smile.

“The one destined for ruler is also destined for the throne, you’re sooner or later going to join him for his pack; you’ll also be the head unless, you rejected and deny him for his relation.” I find my answer in the aggressive snarl my way.

Disregarding it, I continue, “If not, then, take a stand, behave like one ruler.”

I step forward, “Be that mate, he loves and wants to live with. Stand by him when he is fighting for you both.”

“Prove him right.” I mumble as she gasps before taking my hand in her warm shivering ones.

“Should I?” she asks and I shrug, “If you wish to.” Nodding slowly, she rushes in the direction of the manor.

“She won’t be allowed to enter.”

I softly glance at Dr. Baron’s way, “Make her, please.”

He nods revealing an assuring smile.

“It won’t be easy Niera, she might face humiliation and wrath for barging in front of Royal Authorities and Pack elders. She is practically going to ruin—”

“She deserves a chance, Jerry. A chance to show herself; her strength and willingness to stand beside him. Why should he do all the efforts for them.”

“Bambi! I’ve met him, Alpha Alex is a capable man; he is willing to struggle alone for her, she doesn’t need to intervene.” Squinting under the sunlight, I look up at the glowing handsome face of the Good Doctor which is frowning probably under sunlight or my words.

Smiling, I shake my head, finding my gaze at her vanished figure of her in the manor, “He can protect her doesn’t mean she should not make efforts. She must also prove her worth for him, for the pack, she’ll be protecting and nurturing in future.”

“Today or tomorrow, she’ll face hardships, better, she acquaintances with it now.”

Jerry shakes his head, “You sometimes puzzle me.”

I grin, “Trust me, I believe, she’ll make it. I’ve seen that love; she’ll conquer this hurdle.”

“Bambi, we’ll know that soon. For now, would you like a tour?” like a thrilled child, I bobble my head, making him both chuckle in delight.

I pass a brief glance at the ancient manor, maybe, it’s a big gamble, huge risk…but I wish for her to fight and not get weak and lose.

I wish you can take stand for your love;

You’re lucky…not all are!


July 5, 2021

I believe that’s how love is: you both step up; you both make efforts.

If only one grinds…how can we call it Love?

What do you believe in?

How would you define love? Tell me more.

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