Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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9. Whisper of Promises

“The problem with promises is that once you’ve made one, it’s bound to be broken. It’s like an unspoken cosmic rule.”

Bree Despain, The Dark Divine


Sir Gerard’s POV

The flow of wind is free, bounds bow to its majestic force,

The force of nature is mighty, even the thousand denials; fate finds it way!

The serenity of hall brings peace along; chaos has finally subsided and submerged into acceptance; bowing head have accepted yet many have other thoughts but none trying to counter.

An exasperated sigh escapes me as I watch the entire pack bows my way and with one nod from me opens the grand door again for people to disperse. Leisurely, my gaze moves to the couple fought against all odds, now standing together holding hands. Although at elation, I can see the shivers of panic in her demeanor.

A small smile graces me, she couldn’t do it alone. She found the correct guidance in our Luna.

Holding my calm demeanor, I walk out of the hall in the direction of gazebo, permitting Theodore to leave for arranging the guards to secure the Hall surroundings until the pack leaves. The pack won’t wonder aimlessly in our Kingdom.

“Sir Gerard!” my walk doesn’t interrupt at Dexter’s call, instead I find his presence beside me.

“How did it go?”

I find a tiring smile gracing my lips, “You sure know, Dexter. Well and peaceful after the Luna of Pacific pack barged in.”

The elders in the pack had a firm belief, resolved in their decision; they almost had the Alpha go barbaric and resign from his status as ruler for his mate. Chaos was turning the discussion into mess; it had no solution. An entire pack against only one, Alpha Alex was loosing his calm and reasoning, it was Theodore’s Royal Beta command keeping him from committing grave mistakes in the Kingdom. It was until Dexter called me through link, asking for her to enter, also offering the jest of the conversation between them.

“Bambi sent her and asked for permitting her to enter.”

I notice the warm aura of the day has been changing in the cool breeze of mild light; probably the Kingdom will witness another cold night.

“It’s alright Dexter, her intervention brought situation in her favor.”

A warm proud smile flaunts in Dexter’s face, “Bambi had trained her, asking her to stand beside her mate.”

“Of course, only she can.”

From the sun, my gaze finds our breeze of change, warmly speaking with a few elders, probably it made Dexter’s attention drawn to her as well.

His smile drops into a concerned face, our steps halt as he turns my way, “Sir Gerard, you brought Niera here. It not only could raise suspicion in the eyes of Pacific pack but also could trigger their primal urges.”

“Also, Majesty isn’t with her—”

“Dexter, even in his absence, she is well-protected. No creature can cross the safe distance until she feels herself safe around that person.”

I look at the content couple at distance, “And Dexter, I brought her here, because she was needed here.”

It was a blind hunch, testing her judgements; although, my initial thoughts were seeking her opinion, never knew, the little girl would change the entire deal.

His frown merges in his brows, “Needed?”

I let out a sigh, pride and adoration for the young child brings smile on my face, “Yes Dexter, the matter in this discussion needed a nurturer than a Ruler; the girl must understand what it meant to be standing beside an Alpha, also only a Luna can perceive things in a different approach.”

Content, Dexter nods, “Isn’t its eccentric, Sir, how without knowing the true meaning of the word, she is acting as a true Luna.”

I can’t help a soft chuckle from me, “Perhaps that’s how nature works, teach and train the person naturally for their destined fate.”

“Indeed.” Dexter nods in agreement.

Theodore marks his presence along with Alaric, their confident stone stance, informing us about accomplishment of the task.

“A few elders wanted to visit Alpha, we seized them, now they’re in guest confinement.”

A scoff slips Theodore, “Luxury of being a guest of Kingdom with all perks, who would want to be released.”

“Alaric, fancy seeing you here.” From Theo’s comment, Dexter snaps my attention with his words.

The shifter bows again, “Luna Queen is here, as her shadow, I must be present and see her security.”

Nodding with a tinkle of chuckle, Dexter’s gaze finds me; the remnant shadows of reservation, now I see have cleared.

“Isn’t Majesty going to visit?” the shifter asks, bowing; his concern seems genuine, the time, he’ll spent will raise the chances of our Queen glancing his way. The greater the risk of him disclosing his identity to her, which is too soon for his nature.

“For such trivial matter, his presence would be superfluous.”

He remains quiet but his worried eyes sharing his concerned thoughts. Not just him, but everyone had the same concern.

“He had been away for more than three weeks now; it isn’t his nature. He was like this only after receiving Bambi’s news of leaving.”

I can’t help but nod looking for our Queen, “Only his Miracle has affected him in his long lifetime.” I comment, pressing down the glimpses of the small broken boy, I once came across.

“But now, Bambi is back. What is keeping him away from her?”

I find no satisfying reasoning to help Dexter, all I recall the rush of that night and his strict orders to seal his Villa and Majesty command prohibiting anyone to enter his place.

Only one question pestering me, why Majesty command when Alpha Royce is with him.

Taking a breath of hope, my gaze finds the ray of our hope and faith, our Luna Queen admiring the view around her, warming speaking to people who come across her.

“He’ll be here soon Dexter; his heart resides here.”


Niera’s POV

The power of love is amazing,

It turns the mightiest to weakling,

And a coward finds strength for this same magic,

I’d always wonder,

Is it a blessing or one sin one wishes to commit once in life?

The trail of thoughts keeping me busy with the musing, briefly distracted by the curious gazes finding their way to my direction; I’d been in dilemma, whether to greet them and face their preposterous suspicious queries or hide behind the strong back of my brother and continue my musing while worrying about the girl, I just sent in the diner of Supernatural Authorities.

With another soft smile, the old lay bids her goodbye, asking if I could tell her where the lunch arrangements are. When I shrug, she had a sad frown for that my Brother chose to help her, passing a meaningful commanding nod to the nearby guard before taking her to an unknown direction.

Shaking my head along a sigh, I find my interest in the breathtaking portrait created by nature, in the form of its elements. The view from the fields of Visitors’ Hall is quite different from the other edge where we reside.

With the greenery of woods, there is a blend of red with the maple leaves. Serenity glows here with the beauty of an outstanding form of nature. It simply does take the beholder to another phase of enchantment. A voluntary smile appears every time, I look at the blend of orange-red and green; I never believe these two colors can go so well, but here in this moment of enchantment, they prove every concept wrong and their picture; pure and perfect.

A presence I sense and my poetry of admiration for the grounds interrupt; I turn around and blink in surprise finding the same girl from earlier standing at distance.

I plaster a smile greeting her, “I believe it worked, your proved them your worth.”

With a soft tint, she nods.

“Is he happy?” probably, very straight yet I ask, after all, for her, it should only matter.

She blushes harder, her voice now firm and poised, “He said he is very proud of me.”

Me too. I press the appreciation under my concealed lips, instead bobbling a warm nod. Silence prevails as I look past her, the vintage inscriptions on the pillars intrigue me at every glance; although, concentrating becomes a little difficult with her constant gaze.

I started to feel uncomfortable just when she breaks silence.

“Would you like to come with me, I’ll take you from here. The place—”

“Ow! What?” I almost shriek in utter puzzlement.

“I’ll take you to my pack.”

Blinking twice, I try to digest her words but fail to stutter, “I—I’m—I don’t understand.”

For my flabbergast babble, she merely smiles, “You’re a slave here, but I’ll give you better. You’ll be happy.”

If only I could smile while scoffing, “I’m happy—ecstatic here.”

She hushes me with her hand, “As a slave, yes. But I’ll get you a better life where you won’t be a lowly human.”

Her words struck me like a lightning; lowly human?

I’m not smiling anymore, her words washed away every emotion, just the guarded walls are left to face her, “No one used this word ever before you in this Kingdom. I had been cherished and loved like their own.”

“But you’re not one of them, you are different.”

“Yes, yet they accepted me. I’ve a family here, friends here and people who take me like their own closed ones.”

My soft mumble brought her perplexed frown.

Who would believe if I say horse has befriended grass!

“Darling, what’s happening?” our discussion is interrupted by a gruff dark tone; instantly, our eye-contact breaks to welcome the intrusion. A tall dark and dangerous looking man strides our way. His intimidating eyes assessing me as he slid his arm around her shoulder in a protective way.

I take a blink to realize, it’s the Alpha of Pacific Pack.

He looks down at her, “Is there any problem?”

Instead of answering, she looks back at my way, probably seeking advice to answer him too.

“She had a confusion, we just cleared it.”

“You must not intervene when an Alpha speaks, girl?” although polite, his tone splashed threat all over his spoken words.

An exasperated soft sigh escapes me; I’ve shut Alpha Majesty, Mr. Dangerous!

“What did you say?”

My eyes widen at the realization of my blunder; I—

“What made Alpha Alex to heat up?” my words drown in the coastal region of farthest ocean hearing my brother.

All attention drawn to him when he comes close standing just beside me, taking a step ahead, which clearly declares to face him before reaching me.

Despite the heated moment, I find warmth and pride filling in my heart for the gem of a man, I found as my Brother.

“Human girl in the Kingdom, I see Supernatural rules are being played with by the Kingdom itself.” The rude Alpha scornfully mocks.

Instead of taking anger and reflecting the rage, I find my brother smirking, “One must be cautious of their tongue and place where they stand. It isn’t Pacific Coast where we let you rule but the Lands of Kingdom which rules over everyone; think before you commit sin of questioning our law on our land.”

Despite the strong and broody demeanor, I could see a small change in the iris of the Alpha, his furious gaze shoots on me.

“Think twice before try to harass my sister. Visitors’ Hall isn’t far, neither are your Pack elders. We can arrange another meeting for removing an Alpha.” My brother states holding the same malicious smirk.

My jaws agar, fall on the ground tasting the grass and mud, witnessing the cool and authoritative demeanor of my brother.

Is he the same person who cooks with me daily; scolds us for being so impulsive and gets worried on measly matters? Or he has been replaced by an alien from Saturn or Pluto?

“How dare you—” before Jerry’s gaze could reach the girl, Alpha squeezes her shoulder to shut her.

“Your sister?”

“Yes.” Another voice resonates this time, I sense Dr. Baron’s presence from distance. The Alpha and his mate bow and I feel a warm hand on my head.

“She is our Kingdom’s member. Does it sound inappropriate to you Alpha Alex?”

The bowing Alpha shakes his head, despite colorful words creating chaos in his mind, he chose to stand numb.

“The Royal Healer of the Kingdom.” He introduces his mate who shows the sign of awe and admiration.

Yes, she is charmed by the charming Doctor.

“This is my family; I was talking about. My brother and my Uncle. Now you know, I’m not different.” I shrink my lengthy speech into few words, measuring them well in front of my brother and Doctor. The less the merrier!

“I see, let’s go, love.” For his simple gesture, she blushes and air turns lighter again.

She looks up at me and smile, “Thank you for earlier. I’ll forever keep your words in heart and serve him and pack loyally.”

A soft whisper of elation glows on my face as I nod, “Take care.”

Nodding, she leaves in his arms.

A ping of sullenness brews in my chest at their vanishing figures in greenery.

Indeed, she had been lucky!

“Niera, what did he say?”

Pressing down the pain, I turn to face my brother before shaking my head, “When we were talking, he came. I used my special tongue talent which he thought was inappropriate. Then you came. That’s all.”

Bless you tongue filters!

He nods sending smoldering daggers of gaze on their way.

“Bambi, I’m so proud of you, child.” Dr. Baron mumbles, caressing my head. Without a word of explanation, I get the jest, I nod mirroring his adorable proud smile.

I turn to my brother, who still holds the same furious stance, “Why did you enraged the Alpha, it could be dangerous!” I admonish; expecting a realizing wide eye look, instead, my brother surprises me with an annoyed frown.

“Why would it’ll be dangerous, what is there to be worried about?”

I grit my teeth in chagrin, brother duffer, you made an Alpha angry, won’t he come back with a blow!

A loud chuckle resounds in the surroundings, I pout at my stupid tongue leaving two men around me to enjoy at my expense.

“Bambi, we understand your concern, but there is nothing to worry. Despite the status of Alpha, Alex is powerless to even touch your brother.”

“Why? How? Wow!” I squeal.

Jerry pinches my cheek, I glare at him before concentrating on the Good Doctor, who ushers us to the Gazebo where Sir Gerard and Theodore already are resting.

“Two reasons; one, it’s our Kingdom where they’re powerless. Two; Jerry’s status is higher than him.”

This time, my jaws hit the concrete under the shed of the gazebo, huh? What?

“Revin is not just any werewolf, Niera. Your brother is special, just like you.” Sir Gerard states and I see a warm tint crawling on my brother’s neck.

Biting my lips, I carefully ask, “Is it because of Sahira and Fergal?”

“Your brother has earned his own merits, child.”

Of course! He had been getting at those bows and commanding aura. Darn, I’d not noticed before.

“Wow! Jerry, I’m so proud.” I turn back to the Royal Guardian, “But…Why are they powerless here?”

Cautiously, I present my query, making a note to dig Jerry at home about his special powers.

“Kingdom is the power nest of all Packs, cults and empires, if spoken bluntly.” Theodore states shifting his leg over the other leisurely, “But it isn’t the reason; all packs, cults and empires respects Alpha; his generosity, constant efforts and peaceful rule for years is keeping them strong and stable to nurture their packs. You can say, this land is pious and worshiped by the Supernatural Realm because of Alpha and Princess.”

The face of Supernatural realm, the identity of all…now, I understand why!

If anyone had shared the same piece of information before arriving here, I’d have never believed; but Gideon’s generosity and kind heart can melt the icebergs of Antarctic. I believe every word he said, and I can’t help but feel a little more proud of the man, I lost my heart to.

You’re in everyone’s heart, Mr. Majesty!

“Sir, the arrangements are done. Shall we proceed with attending guests.” One man-in-black appears, asks while bowing and leaves, receiving a nod from Sir Gerard.

Well, the Authority of the Royal can intimidate the mountains as well!

“Let’s get over with it.” With an exasperated mumble, Theodore shoots up in his feet along with Sir Gerard.

Turning, my steps follow them but halt at a very familiar ring chiming in air, excusing myself I fish out my phone.

“Sir, I’ll follow you later with—”

“Revin, let her.” I distinctly heard Sir Gerard before things go blank.

The name flashing on my phone’s screen has my heart thumping loudly, body lost all energy as I fall softly on the sofa under gazebo. The name that owns my heart, ruling my thoughts and enslaving my worries. I find the lump in my throat threatening to spill with my emotions.

Closing my eyes, I press the device on my ear, pressing harder under my vibrating palm.


“Niera…!” like a symphony weaved by nature, we whisper each other’s name in one breath; strangely enough, it soothes my heart.

Heaviness of ages settled on my chest flee, wetness brims in my eyes, I open them to the world, wide spread woods allowing them to be my company.

“You…I…You should be here. Why aren’t you…where are you?”

All I hear is a rich masculine chuckle from the other end, my Miracle is having fun on my expense.

I let him, hearing him is healing me.

“Why didn’t you come here today, Gideon?” I ask, after a long moment of silence between us.

“Things could go worse.”

“I had my Lioness there; I knew you’ll resolve the matter.” He states with warmth and confident brewing in his voice, repeating the endearment, he gave me on the night of Venomous incident.

So much trust on me Gideon, do I deserve you!

“This one here is your fawn, what if she had a wild fox trapping her.” I mumble; speaking like a child, holding a firm grasp on the metal railing.

“I wouldn’t let any harm lurk around her shadow.” He responds, and I shiver with the honest intensity his voice promises.

Pressing the phone, I hear him, “Are you sleeping we—”

“I miss you…I missed you, I missed Miracle. All this time.”

There I said it, the bubbling desire of my soul, I presented him in the raw form. I don’t know why, opening up my heart has become so easy with him; I fear, I’ll spill the forbidden one day and lose him all along.

The thought shakes me, I claw on the metal tighter.

“Come back soon, we’ll face it all together. Don’t hold it all alone.”

My palm turns crimson, turning numb after the stinging pain, yet I choose to hold it there.

“Gideon, I’ll be standing by you.”

My whispers of promises collide with the air, his firm breaths find their way as response before the call went blank.

Pressing the warm device on my neck, I curse my tongue for its imprudence and my heart for its impish desires.

When you won’t believe, I’ll have faith;

When you’ll be breaking, I’ll hold you;

Where all promises break, I’ll keep mine,

This I promise you!


July 12, 2021

She opened up and he tried,

Would they cross this small distance or let hurt inflict pain in their wounded hearts?

Let’s see when they meet…!

I hope you enjoyed the chapter; would love you hear you.

Thank you for your Love and Support, it means the world to me.

Thank You,


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