Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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10.3 Bare to You

You be you and I’ll be me, today and today and today, and let’s trust the future to tomorrow. Let the stars keep track of us. Let us ride our own orbits and trust that they will meet. May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies!”

Jerry Spinelli, Love, Stargirl


And when sky disowned the rain,

I spread my arms and embraced them,

The fallen found the warmth in mw,

While I satiated my thirst to embrace,

If not you, I’ll cherish the falling drops that reminds me of you…!

The countless stars shimmering against the endless murk and the greed of eyes wants to capture the boundless beauty.

Is it just my perception, or night is just as serene as the ocean and the sea?

Mind groans at my preposterous random thoughts as I lean further against the wall, paying special attention to the plant-pots arranged just beside me.

Although, chaos had taken days to settle, the calm, even in my own alone confinements is worthwhile. It’s peaceful to just breath and stare at wide limits of sky, wondering about the shades which can bring a slight change in it if blended, or maybe the clouds are home for the fairies. The innocent musing in the depth of mind is enthralling.

The thought of my sleeping Niece strikes me before I sigh softly, if she had been up sensing my absence, the home would fall into chaos.

Just at the thought, my heart blooms in joy and lips produce a smile.

I’ve been loved, always. Cherished like family. Accepted, like I never left!

“Why are you at terrace?” the loud announcement startles me as instinctively, I turn. The building tension releases as I notice Gideon making his way to where I’m leaning.

“Admiring the night.” I smile before a soft wave of consciousness straightens my back.

He raises his perfect brow, “Is it, what’s interesting?”

“Everything, darkness, that’s mighty; stars depicting light of hope, everything is calm and serene.” I mumble, as he comes to stand beside me, his eyes finding the wonders of sky while mine admiring the charming face of his. And I see two celestial bodies admiring each other.

And he chuckles, the sound awakens the nights in jingles.


I find a smile of my own, as I shrug.

The night sky bestowing us the peace to hear the breaths of each other.

“And why you’re admiring the night?” his sharp gaze shifts from the night to me; and I stiffen for a moment.

I look back at the dark corner, he has the ability and all the rights to know my truth, which despite my efforts I want to hide but can’t.

“Couldn’t sleep?” my heart leaps to tell him and I quiver to conceal it.

Sighing softly, I shake my head; I can’t hide my heartbeats from him, my truth is—

“Nothing is hidden from me. You are bare to me, Niera, heart and soul.”

A sudden shiver runs down my spine, and I shudder against it; his brown-blue eyes, so sharp, so confident, daring me to defy his words.

The truth is; he does, I’m bare to him!

“Why? Why I’m bare to you, when I’m not to self.” I ask in a whisper, looking up from the sleeping plants to him.

Gideon looks back to me and smile, so serene, it gives new meaning to life, “You’ve given me this right, Niera.”

A gasp fills my chest, unable to come out with the serenity of his words, it came out like a surprise how easily and confidently, Gideon can speak what I’m unable to confess in the confinement of my heart.

Neither I can accept, nor can I deny; both will shatter my courage to come back and face my fate.

Instead, I grin and look back towards the dark murk the sky is flaunting, hoping, the murk can swallow the awkward truth between us.

“Sleep isn’t really easy these days.”

I hear him sigh, “You could’ve asked Revin to accompany you. Staying awake at night, it—”

“I’m here Gideon, at home. I don’t go out.” Swiftly, I cut him; I know where he is taking this. He is still worried about me and the impact it has left upon me. With many people on toe, I’ve been under watch—under his worry.

But he doesn’t need to…he mustn’t be stressed over my safety; with all his responsibilities, I shouldn’t be a subject of his attention.

“Battling through the thoughts, recollecting the shattered past and adding figments which can never happen, yet entice your mind to form; I can perceive what damage it can do to you, staying alone at night.”

His statement surprises me, webbed in beauty of phrases, he did say intense words, so instantly. With such intensity.

Instead, I look down, “Seems like you’ve spent many nights through these webs of thoughts.”

Gideon sighs, looking down at the lily buds, ready to bloom in sometime, perhaps, they’ll see the sky by morning. Tiara will be enthralled.

“More than one can count.”

“Do you want to share?”

His sharp gaze slits through me, “Would you?”

This time, I fail to hold his intense gaze, would I dare to defy him?

Heart shivers in denial as I leap for help, “Some thoughts must stay confined, for it holds the power to destroy the bearer.”

A soft chuckle—scoff escapes him, “It’s a delusion of perception, many thoughts mere threaten until you face them.”

Silence engulfs us before he leaves the wall and walk over to the steel rods on edge; leaning against it. I continue to look at his broad back, although, he’d never speak of his burdens, his stiff back, somehow tells me, how much he gets to handle in his daily run.

Being majestic isn’t easy. While holding the throne, you walk on thorns…and none notice the bleeding wound but admire the glittering crown.

I let out a sigh, “What’s bothering you…today?”

From the lonely night, he looks over his shoulder with a charming smile, before his smile shrinks and he speaks, “Should a sinner deserve a second chance?”

His words bring me a deep scowl, forcing me to the pit of musing, maybe, everyone deserves a second chance—perhaps not…not everyone.

“Shouldn’t it depend upon the condition and sincerity of the sinner. If he/she is willing to change then why not.” I shrug, stating my perception.

But when I look back at Gideon, I find him facing me, his eyes assessing my thoughts, his intense lost gaze makes me reconsider my views. What’s wrong with offering another chance of life to someone?

Or should such a chance be taken; it holds a lot of risk…

“If that chance jeopardizes many others, then?”

Then it strikes me, “Is it about the girl? The rogue?” the word leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Gideon lets out an excruciating sigh, crossing his hands in front, he admires the distance between our shadows, “The rogue…she’s healing. Getting treatment at WerePire before she’ll be released.”

I walk to reach him, my fingers delicately roll around the cool boulder, “You’re conflicted over her release.”

He softly nods and I sigh, “Do you think, she is sincere? You can read her, you’ve resources—”

“Loyalty and sincerity all fades, change of heart is a one moment event. No one can predict it, Niera.”

Facing away, I turn my back from the edge like him, “You’re right. No one can predict change of heart. That’s why we have no say in this. You can’t control it, so let it be. Giving her chance is in our hand, even if she changes, you’ll be ready to counter.”

I lick my lips, looking up at the lone twinkling star far away; like a small dot of silverish-white, “You’re the King, I know you’re worried for the people; also, doing justice for her is your concern. Being torn between these two, you don’t want to wrong anyone. That’s distressing you.”

My thirsty gaze finds his lost musing gaze, “Let it go Gideon, take the advice of your heart. It’ll guide you as Majesty and as…You.”

From the musing, Gideon looks down at me and smirks so softly, “That’s why I asked you.”

The serenity residing within me shatters into million pieces, his smile ripped mine, from the resting posture, I straighten.

Shaking off the mist of bafflement, I keep my mind and sanity straight; instead of falling in illusion, I deceive myself into reality.

“I hope you’ve your decision.”

He nods, holding the glittering smile as he declares, “Yes.”

I find myself nodding as well, not knowing where to head with this, so I let the night bloom in our silence, letting the serenity of quiet darkness whisper in our presence.

The night owls howl somewhere and then fall silent; like they wanted to speak with the night and pass a message. I listen quietly, intending to decipher meaning of nature’s unsung words. it seems so pleasant even in night, if only one wishes to listen and sit beside nature.

“You wanted to know my heart. You were never conflicted.” I declare, breaking the enchantment of murk over me; I look at him, finding him impeccable as he is.

“Sometimes, I read those eyes well, they let me peep into your soul. Sometimes, you're bare to me.”

Instead of words, I'm pressed in his warmth when Gideon moves swiftly and entrapping me between him and the boulder, my breath hitches when his warm breath falls over me.

"You do Niera, you bare me...heart and soul." he confesses and sky falls over me.

The intense heat of his proximity simply shut me; perplexed and utterly stupefied, I blink twice. The brown between the blue seems so serene and content. It spread warmth within my chest.

I find my lips parched and heart twisting in knot, “It’ll be dawn soon; you must rest.”

Gideon charms me with his majestic smile, “It’s dawn already.”

Flabbergast, I look up at the sky and draw a smile, “Moments and eternity are contrasting yet serve as synonyms when you choose the right person.”

His gaze shows me a pallet of different emotions, which hide behind his impassive nod as he takes a step back, “Perhaps.”

We let the dawn welcome the day as we stand there, simply with each other.

My words made him smile, his smile brought mine a wider glow in his shadow.

Standing on the terrace with no obligation and rules to dominate; made me realize.

He seems so carefree, so light in joy; like his burdens are all gone.

I’m sure, none has even witnessed Gideon—the Alpha Majesty so carefree and calm.

Perhaps, only I hold this privilege…perhaps!


One afternoon finds me snuggling into comfort of familiar surroundings, the warmth and contentment are my companions as the cool breeze is offering pleasant visits. Its been months, yet whenever I look up, through the glass window, the sun shimmers the same golden warmth over land, the trees, with same elation, swaying in the rhythm of wind. The pleasure of holding the sight of mighty nature is same, and the warmth of the place, around my people has only increased for me.

I can never more welcomed anywhere else, like I’m welcomed here, despite the bruises of pain, they have received from my imprudence, they hold up their arms wide and welcome me like their own.

Another sigh escapes my lips, as I snuggle into the comfortable sofa, letting the golden rays to dance on my face, playing with my eyes. Instead of groaning, I find myself grinning lazily, stretching the comforter to my chin.

The aroma waffles my nostrils, promising the delicious palatable meal, I’m about to be served.

The familiar tinkling brings me to action, I groan as I find my mobile under me, grinning widely as I accept the video call, holding an idea why my brother is calling me.

“Hey Sweetie! You up?”

Laughter almost spills at my grumpy niece makes an angry face which looks funny under the impression of her chubby cheeks and innocent eyes.

“I’m not talking to you.” She mumbles, blowing her mouth, my grin only widens.

Despite the awaiting chuckle, I grin, “I’m sorry baby. But Mrs. Mahri—yah was waiting, I had promised her. I tried to wake you, but—”

“Dadda stopped you.”

My eyes widen when she looks up from screen, I can imagine my brother holding back his grin to feign an apologetic look.

I stare at the little girl, sadness, however her mature mind tries to hide, I can see right through it. My heart wrenches, as guilt comes back for occasional visit.

Not only I, and others are affected but this distance and abrupt leaving of mine has affected my baby. The small child was hurt for letting her Aunt Bambi leave like this.

However, I try, I can’t bring to forgive myself for hurting an innocent soul. The child, I vowed to protect and cherish as my own.

I’m sorry, Sahira…!

Though, I can’t change it, I’ll bring her the joy now, and melt away the void my depart has created.

Blinking back the remnants of thoughts, I focus on the daughter who seems busy bickering with her Dadda, “Okay, listen. We’ll make up with you for this. How about, we plan a pyjama party? You, me, Daada and Papa.”

I wait for the explosion, and it comes when the phone is being snatched from her, and I witness a baffled angry man seething.

I marvel his multi expression trait, before he jerks me with his denial.

“What are you talking, pyjama party? No, I don’t allow this.”

I look at him deadpan, like we’ll listen to you.


“Daada, stop. We’ll plan party and you decide clothes, okay?”

We find ourselves drenched in surprise and pride before nodding.

“I’ll be back soon, don’t worry.” I smile, Jerry’s eyes turn serious for a brief moment as he nods.

I read the meaning, before I nod back and the screen turns blank with Tiara’s last blown kiss.

I’ll come back, I’d be back on time, I promise.

Briefly speaking, I had never taken these things seriously in my life, how easily we neglect the expectant eyes of our loved ones, when they communicate through it, I’ve done it many times, when Mumma asked to be back soon, or when she wished me all the best for exams or any important days, I couldn’t decipher that smile, or that twinkling eyes.

All now make sense, now that I’m trying to read eyes of my closest people.

Eyes say so much, and they never lie. They speak the true heart and never leave you hopeless when words bring you wounds of pain.

A distinct glow of someone’s blue heaven makes a visit in my heart and I shudder.

“Having your squeals in our home, sounds so good. Like a fragrance of freshness invading our lives.”

All thoughts fading, as I snap my gaze toward the lady coming out of kitchen, her signature delightful smile intact on her lips, shining eyes speaking about the positive vibes she brings along her.

I feel heat crawling over my neck, she surely knows how to compliment.

“And I find myself delighted under your delightful and charming aura.” I wink, and witness her turning crimson.

I grin, sipping water.

“Awe! My hippo will have competition if you continue to flirt with me, though he doesn’t appreciate anyone eyeing me but you’re an exception.”

Next, I cringe staring at the splashed water all over, which was once in my mouth.

What calls her husband Hippo?

But then, the world is acquaintance with different species by now.

Mrs. Mahriya—h holds a worried frown, “Are you alright, dear?”

I sigh, before nodding an apologetic sorry her way.

“So, what’s today’s special?”

“Ah! Indian delight for my sweetie, I’ve prepared Chole-Dosa for you.”

This time I flinch, before shaking my head.

Mis-pronunciation! I chuckle.

“It’s Chole bhuture or chole Kulche.”

“Oh no no! I’ve made fusion. Dosa with chola.”

Despite all the efforts, my eyes widen and jaws fall on floor; I watch in scandalous horror as the lady grins and squeals at her innovative idea of fusion; her fusion will fuse the bulb of people’s mind someday! ...perhaps, today!

I gulp audibly before bobbling my head softly at her, “Quite innovative, I must say.”

She wavers her energetically, “What’s there to follow the old? My Bengal Tiger says, we must think out of box.”

I produce a deceptive smile, as my heart gawks at her words, sure, finding innovative names for him is one of it.

“Yes, you must.” I mumble feeling her warm cheerful aura overpowering every thought of mine.

“Apparently, Tiara is missing you?” she questions out of the blue; a look of surprise greets my face which soon turns into smile as I nod happily.

“Yes, she was angry, I left her sleeping while coming here.”

A soft chuckle drawls me, “My family is quite protective of me.”

Mrs. Mahri—yah nods, “After all, you’re Luna.”

Whispering as softly as she can yet her quiet mumble reaches me, “Luna?”

The simple draws me into the enticing land of memories; used in many occasions, it has been resonated for several times, worshipped in admiration. And with me…!


The colors from her face drain, until I see troubled cringing lines.

“Mrs. Mahri—yah, I was planning to ask this from a long time, what’s Luna. I realize people associate me with this a lot.”

My scowl deepens as I notice how troubled she looks; discomfort as her gaze roams around her drawing room trying to fetch a web-cobs to answer me.

“Because that’s what you’re. the Luna. You’re our Luna.”

We both turn at the announcement; my confusion turns into surprise; Sir Gerard enters along with Fergal gracing us with their presence.

A new surge of energy runs into my veins, I can feel it charging me, my back straightens, a gasp almost escapes.

Instead of welcoming him, I find myself calculating the meaning behind his all-knowing smile.

“Luna. Why am I Luna?” I find my words offering him greetings as I straighten and get up on my feet.

Sir Gerard flaunts his all-knowing-smile, “It means the moon, Child.”

Am I Moon?

“Yes, you’re moon.”

He allows a smile to settle on his lips at my confusion, “The moon which brought enlightening twilight to the darkness that prevails in our life. A change, which everyone awaited. The breeze of life has entered in our kingdom only after your arrival. You’re the moon of hope and faith for us.”

Taking a step closer, he places his palm on my head, “You’re the change, which all of us awaited.”

His declaration pulls the unknown hidden strings inside me; as I feel a surge of new energy rushes through me; I take a deep breath to accept the energy.

“Now you know, why you’re called Luna?” he cocks his eyebrow up, mirth dangles in his warm mature orbs.

I can’t help but smile nodding.


August 26, 2021

Where he asks his heart and he finds his answer.

Where she learns how essential her presence is.

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