Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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Story of a Story


A simple tale holds so much, from the fictional imaginations crossing oceans, to the turmoil of stirring emotions,

From the deepest pain of cascading tears, to the bubbles of laughter, heartwarming promises of love between two hearts,

A heart wrenching struggle of protagonist, the evil roots of antagonist;

A glimpse of someone’s reality or a lie of imagination.

So much one story holds, it takes away the one, who walked into this magical world.

But is this easy, creating a tale that takes away your breath?

The beginning is easy, because the level of excitement and anticipation is warm and fresh, but as you progress, whether the love of character drowning you or the justice with plot bewildering you, the progress doesn’t seem easy. The easy reduces making it tough.

The promising end, the thought makes you elated, but it has a long way through the eventual progress.

The beginning is easy,

The ending is anticipated,

It’s the hard work in between,

That keeps the author awake;

What will be, what could be,

The dilemma remains, until

The words flow like a restless stream!


August 9, 2020

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