Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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2.2 Where Surprise Knocks

“The whole point of life was you couldn’t ever be sure what would happen next. Sometimes what happened was good, sometimes not, but there were always surprises.”

Veronica Henry, How to Find Love in a Bookshop


Your eyes were so warm, your smile was so bright;

But that was why, my heart pushed you away,

Because, I thought I might fall in love with you, that, I might lose you;

I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to live without you!

The bright sunlight shines all around, the glaring almost made me squint my eyes, yet I continue to walk—strutting in my way. The buzz of traffic is loud today, no vacations are near yet the public of entire city seems to be on road. On any other day, I might stand and admire the crowd and step aside to let the public follow hurry but not today, today, I’m in more hurry than anyone walking driving beside me.

Squeezing through the lined-up people holding annoyed faces as they await bus to reach, I opt for walking, the transportation won’t let me pass and reach my destination in hours if I choose one. although, I know, I’ll be having aching legs and combusting headache, I continue to find my way through the frustrated people.

The buzz of notification, my eyes sweep through the screen before my steps halt and I open the content, another copy of reports.

My anger flares inside with another wave of confusion; whether, I’m getting closer to my motive or walking into the deeper pit of vague nothing; I’m unable to comprehend.

Three months; it took me three months, reaching every nook and corner, flipping through the files and documents in archives only getting disappointed. The culprit of A V Inc. is revealed; but that Cryptic Friend and the mole from Greefy Inc., is still at lose.

The most annoying part is, I haven’t received any mail after returning, through the fragments of clues, Prince could make it through today.

Heart is unwilling to accept, yet evidences and clues are pointing at us; however, I try and twist, the result stays the same.

Brewing the thoughts into cause and effect analysis, I hardly realize reaching my office; the blended mix of vintage and modern architecture stands in pride; I take a moment, just to stare the building, I’ve been working for years; I remained loyal and devoted; just for saving the reputation, I—

A soft sigh escapes my lips, yet I’m here today.

Passing the reception, I glance at the counter; finding Meela smirking my way; waving, I take the elevator.

The routine seeps into my bones; as our interns greets me.

Despite myself, I can help but glance at the door, Jason’s name written on the door and lock on the latch. Sadness in the pinch of worry comes to greet me before I turn to my Teacher’s cabin.

“Niera Ma’am! Mr. Wilson is out for a meeting.” Julie, one of my interns informs as I stand near the cabin. Turning, I nod at her, the nervous girl breaks a smile before stretching out a file, “Ma’am, this, Sir asked me to give you. He said, he’ll be back and talk with you.”

I frown at her statement. Giving a glance, I take the maroon file from her, “Inform me when he is back.”

The girl nods actively, “Sure. Um! Can I ask something?”

Frowning slightly at her conscious fidgeting, I can’t help but nod, curious.

“Actually, I just received a call from hospital, my—sister is admitted—”

The girl fumbles before she looks down, “I had a client meeting scheduled, but I have to—can I cancel or send someone else.”

For a moment, I stare at her, awaiting her to open up, when she doesn’t, I take a step forward, “Meeting is your responsibility, cancelling can’t be considered since, it’s about time, sending someone else?” I make a face and her shoulders slump.

“Which hospital?”

And the colors of truth rush on her face, she gave up too soon!

I heave out a sigh, “Next time, reconsider your excuses, believe in them before you ask others to believe them. Your lies are all over your face.” Julie blanches at my statement before nodding in defeat.

I consider her face for a moment, making a decision, “Where is the meeting? I’ll switch.”

A grateful spark glows on her face, and I can’t help but sigh, tossing the file in my hand, I look up at the name proudly engrained on the door. The words of mighty learning from my teacher rings in my mind, “The profession you’re entering excels in catching lies of others, and here you’re unable to conceal yours. You need a lot of training, Julie.”


Walking through the pillars of corridor, unfamiliar chills seep into me, the building where I’ve been working for years has surprised me by opening this astonishing wing. Walking straight, I can’t help but look around, trying to catch every detail worth noticing.

The wing has been used by the owners for their personal purposes otherwise isolated, it’s never used for official purpose by any employee.

When she told me about this, the thought stuck me, but the confidence in her tone made me think again before I chose to look into it myself.

The girl seems relieved, telling me her reason to pick her brother from his training camp, she rushed out; handing me the keys. Leaving no traces or information on client to deal with.

Wiping off the mist of thoughts, I look at the white double door; contemplating for a moment before unlocking the door and walking in.

The ambience reminds me of any high-class modernised castle which has been refurnished into another classy hall.

I’ve seen and lived in better. The thought arrogantly scoffs and I chuckle.

Flopping down on the white sofa, I wait for the guest while organizing my thoughts to meet Mr. Wilson.

Lost in my thoughts, I suddenly feel a presence, so dominating to felt with nothing but accept its aura. My instincts work faster, as heart leaps; I turn my eyes and instantly shot up on my feet.

Flabbergast, astonishment greets me at the sight, my mouth hit the floor; the face, I thought, I might never see is there smiling delightfully at my gaping features.

Surely, he knows how to see right through me—apparently, all.

After all, his title states that, his life experiences teach that; his mature shrewd eyes, astute features with that warm gaze. He is, after all, the Royal Guardian of Kingdom Alicia.

Sir Gerard!

He is here, belief almost turn its back on me, baffled, I gape shamelessly at him. His mature eyes crinkles from the corner as he strides forward in his confident pace.

That’s why, the room ignited in dominance, his aura has the surroundings submitting.

But he is here…?

Like, feet have the mind of their own, I rush forward meeting him midway with a known proclaimed excitement in my astound expressions.

His delightful features widen before he greets me, charming smirk on his mature face, “Niera, child.”

“Sir Gerard.” Maybe, it’s the wind or the joy or uncertain element of emotional turmoil in me, I can’t recognize my own whisper.

“You’re here.” I mumble, a statement which may look like a query but the man reads me so well, instead he nods.

“You left, can’t I come to meet our Niera.”

I smile in a pinch of sorrow, before my expectant gaze moves behind him.

Maybe—perhaps, he is—

“You’ll be disappointed, looking at wrong directions.”

The expectant hopeful garden suddenly withers inside me; If that’s wrong, which one is right.

“You know well, where it is.” I look away from his smiling face.

Perhaps, reading my melancholy, he shifts before striding toward the sitting arrangement.

“Have a seat, Child!”

Sparing a glance at the threshold, I take my seat in front of him.

Staring at his face, I can’t help but compare the present with his image framed in my memory; nothing seems different, he is same, just like he was there at Kingdom. But facial changes only matter? No, this comparison is worthless against the wall of thoughts.

“What do you think, have I changed; getting older?” when I widen my eyes, his wise features have mirth dangling all over.

Of course, now it isn’t. Holding a smile of my own, I shake my head, “Handsome as ever.”

Not letting silence to prevail, I lean forward, “How are you and everyone in Kingdom?”

A soft delighted chuckle escapes him, “Curious as ever. It makes you the most adorable.”

A chuckle of my own joins him, I look away hiding my heated cheeks, and most annoying.

Still smiling, he shakes his head, “Nothing about you is annoying, its pleasing, my child.”

Bless my tongue!

I call for the serves for tea and snacks, before turning my attention to him. A rush of warmth and joy seeping into my veins, like adrenaline which is new, like he has brought my joy with him.

“How are you, child?” I find a very familiar sense of belonging, by mere words.

“I’m fine, Sir Gerard.”

“Doesn’t seems so.” He mumbles in disagreement.

I look around, in search of faces I want to reach, I want to meet.

“I heard about your mother. I hope she is doing fine.” He distracts me, and I nod looking down. I can’t meet his gaze, the astute Guardian knows how to read soul, I can’t let him read my eyes.

Leaving, I had lied, so the sorrow in eyes could understand my reasons and I can leave without turning back. Speaking a lie was so easy that time; now, I can sense the gravity of my own lies. Now, that, they’ve come to confront me.

I clear my throat, “Yes. She is.”

“How is Ace?” a soft sigh escapes him before I notice warmth settling in his mature eyes.

I find my own smile; the mere mention of his beloved Grandchild has spread warmth in his chest; it can be read through his eyes. I feel good, to give him a moment to nestle the adoration and love threaded with blood, and guilty, for diverting him; I know, every word from him has a meaning; sometimes, it’s all known in his command, sometimes, he plays with his words, and the other get played, spilling the buried secrets of dead.

I know the meaning underlying his query, quite well.

“He is good.”

“Does he come to meet, call?” I choose to ask, desire to take knowledge of my friend suddenly rules me.

“He does, sometimes.” I find relief in his genuine smile, so my last words are being followed.

I wonder, does he remember me?

“Do you wish to be remembered?” my eyes shot up at his words, and I softly nod; not utterly a word.

Like a dream of warm summers!

“Sometimes, I do. Like I remember the breeze, mysteries and warmth of Kingdom. I miss my people.” I sigh looking down at the tea cups, untouched in front of us, before leaning forward I pass one to Sir Gerard.

“How did the Council meet go?” I rush for the query which has been pestering me since ages.

The stern demeanor of the Guardian softens, as he takes a leisure sip, and I groan internally.

“It went well, however, Majesty returned soon, Raymond and I co—”

“He was back—soon…”

So, he fulfilled his promise…of coming soon, before…

My body leaps forward with my heart in chest, “Sir Gerard…”

For heart’s plea, sanity sealed my lips and I shake my head.

Taking a sip from my lukewarm tea, I smile, “Does work bring you here?”

The shrewd eyes twinkle in their own amusement, he nods, “Yes, a crucial manner in hand brought me here.”

I find myself nodding, “Oh! That’s wonderful. At least, I could meet you.”

Silence prevails between us, and the tranquil hall summons peace for us.


“Sir, how are you here? This hall is—”

When words left, his glistering gaze says it all, “You’ve business here?”


September 2, 2020

Sorry to make it so late, guys. I hope I’ll be forgiven.

Sir Gerard is here…Excited?

What do you expect from this visit?

No mention of our Mr. Majesty, will he surprise us?

Find out your surprise in next chapter.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Would love to hear your views.

Thank You,


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