Someone's Forever: Sacrifices of Sapphire

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3.2 A Night of Miracles

“But I love you. I’m totally and completely in love with you, and I don’t care if you think it’s too late. I’m telling you anyway.”

– No Strings Attached


Music sure has magic, which can melt the coldest ice of atmosphere. It can bring meaning to smiles and basis for nostalgia.

Witnessing the laughing people dancing on dhol beats along with folk music, one can be fooled with the heated arguments happened just half an hour ago.

Or maybe I should just give credit to the wedding and the vibes it brings.

From the crowd, each one dancing in their own beats, I avert my eyes to the pretty bride holding her mother’s hand, eyes speaking of emotions only they can understand, with heaviness in heart she is going to start a new life, leaving behind the people who are her world. And her mother, letting people take away her daughter who is her life.

Every time this thought when crosses me, I wonder, why girls leave their family to accept another.

I distract myself from the site, being aware of the fact, my own eyes have turn glossy.

“There you are! Come on join us!” I cringe looking around for escape before making pleading face to my friends coming to fetch me for dance.

“Um! That, I—I I’ll do later.” I stutter trying to get free from their hold on my wrist. The grasp can be flint at times, I can only feel now.

“She will guys, she has her item ready.” We watch in awe, as Harsha makes an entry, the Jain friend of mine can make the hall revolve in her grace.

“Hain na?” I watch wide eyes, as she cocks her gaze, asking as if I or anyone can cross her words, a terrified gulp comes from me next, our friends tugging my wrist took me to dance floor.

The quiet tranquility knocks next, I look for the now—quiet orchestra finding a grinning Kavya standing there, with her wink, I realize she—they are up to something.

Dear God, help me, I’m so going bury someone deep!

Neither my pleading or threatening gaze affect her as she instructs the DJ, my gaze moves to entire hall, hoping for a help to rescue.

The glistering surroundings almost blinding me, but then…

A knocking feel comes to my conscious, daunting and I still, like this inner feeling commanding me to stop and take a deeper feel but not long as the serene tune of song engulfs me next making me snap my gaze at my friend’s way. Kavya stands there, sending a wink and flying kiss my way.

The crowd applauds, I feel torn between holding the composure and dusting off the conscious feel.

Taking a deep breath, I look behind, my friend sitting there between her mother and sister, expecting me to dance, I smile and turning I find Kavya stepping near me.

“Let’s rock the floor. Do the honors!”

The music—soft—starts to charge the surroundings, the lights dim casting out, leaving only the twinkles of fairy light gleaming all around; red—adorning in the background, blends me in ambience so well and I forget the eyes on me; just the lyrics, the music and my beating heart’s whispers.

Din Shagna Da Chadheya

Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya


I let beats take over, rhythm guide my moves, melody taking over my mind and lyrics whispers to my heart.

Mera sajna mileya

Sajna milan vadhaiyan

Ni saajan doli leke aauna

Ni vehra sajeya

Mera sajna mileya

Sajna mileya

Sajna mileya haan..

Wo ho…

The excited stares of people fade, just I and the melody ruling all around.

Din shagna da chadheya

Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya


Mera sajna mileya

Sajna milan vadhaiyan

Ni sajan doli leke auna

Ni mera sajna

And melody blending in my ears, my body moves, blends and melts into it.

Dholna ve, Dholna ve

Ranjhan Mahi dholna

Dholna ve, dholna ve

Heer jogni dholna

Dholna ve dholna

Tu mera naseeba dholna

Dholna ve dholna

Main jugni teri dholna

I let a grin bloom, meaning being the lyrics brings me to elation as I recall the joy embedded on my friend’s face.

My breath hitches in my throat, concentration on the music breaks, I almost stagger before getting hold.

This feeling is familiar but how?

Jaavan na main bin shehnaiyan

Satrangi rubaiyaan

Sunaa ja tu harjaiyaa

The prison of my chest seems unable to contain the wildness, and suddenly I glance up, and encounter a miracle.


Shamiyaana sajavan

Doli leke main aavan

Aatishbazi karaake

Tenu leke main jaavan

I still…the crash of my heavy lehenga I can feel, so does the music, the tune ruling the surroundings, the abrupt claps and cheers of my friends, I can feel but all disdains as I listen to the calls of my heart, and a glimpse graces me.

And then it’s gone. The bright glimpse leaves me in dark gloom.

He was here! Miracle is here!


Long long corridors, going nowhere but creating a huge distance, I feel desperate to cross; the eeriness blending well with my breaths I find difficult to bear, my feet hitting the marble floor, bare feet of mine, try to reach miles until meeting him.

I look everywhere, my eyes desperate for the sight, for my belief to shape into reality, and not submerge into the sand castle of imaginary.

No, this can’t be my figment of imagination! It’s real, he is real!

The illuminating lights prickle my eyes, whispers of nothingness laugh at my desperation yet I leap one step after another.

A hiss resonates around me, and laughter of wind begins again, my run halts, and I look down at my foot, only to see now blood tickling out from a new found wound.

Another hiss escapes me, at the sorrow, my time is running out!

“Niera! Niera!” Kavya’s desperate calls rings from behind but I pay no heed.

“What happened? Why did you leave?” her hand grasps my arm, as she pulls me to face her but my eyes unwilling to look at her anxiety but seek to what I wish to find.

“Niera! Are you insane, what—You are hurt?”

“Kavya, it—it was him. I believe, I just saw him, Kavya—” I let my vulnerable self be on display for her, I open up and find her distress lurking over her face.

“You are hurt. You need to tend this wound.”

“He is more hurt! He is wounded.” I break off her concerned babble.

“Kavya, please. Let me do what my heart wishes. Let me be insane. I won’t be able to in peace if you take me away. Let me do this.”

She reads me through my heart, neither my eyes or my words are needed to tell the secrets of my heart. And she listens, heaving out a sigh, she looks down once more before her defeated gaze collides mine.

“I can free you, but not for long. Come back soon. From your hopes, from this figment.”

And she leaves, without a glance back.

I let out a sigh, before my eyes shot at the open door, curtains dancing as the wind plays around them, invading the privacy of the floor. And without a second thought, I find myself dragging my bleeding foot to its direction.

The serene night glows in the presence of moon, the darkness seems complete with the source of light passing through it.

A soft gust of wind comes to greet me, as I reach the threshold, holding to the curtains, I let my bright hope wander around.

Defeat comes to knock me, finding my mourning shadow as companion.

“Leaving you there, I’m punished and this pain is my companion. I’ll run behind every whisper, which calls your name.”

Looking down, I trace the twilight fallen on the ground, heart of mine beating hard, I wonder if his is on same rhythm?

Another hiss hangs in the air, with my startled gasp, when I’m pulled and crashed into a hard chest, loud thumps of mine picks the strong rhythm and a familiar warmth seeps into me, when my body ignites into the electric sparks running all around.

A soft growl reaches my ears and richness melts my souls, joy and elation, which had lost meaning now coming to kiss my soul.

I feel home!

I feel heaven!

Relishing the moment, I close my eyes, smile which had been lost has now found its way to my lips, to my chest. A bubble of warmth seems like has busted and I’m drenched. Happily, drenched.

“Instead of running behind illusions, why not come back.”

A sigh of joy settles into my chest, hearing his deep husky tone.

“You left, just after you promised, you’ll stay.”

The bluntness of his tone and sharpness of his eyes pierce my soul. I realize, I have broken my promise.

His gaze staring at me, but I miss the familiar warmth, it seems like its hidden behind the steeliness. Desperation looms over my features as I try to find that. This moment seems incomplete, despite the presence of my Miracle and I; this moment is incomplete.

“I had—to—”

A growl resonates and my chest jolts in shiver. My eyes shoot up at Gideon, and a glint of brown sparks there. A whisper of joy blossoms in me.

“Oh yeah! Let’s plan that someday.” I stiffen in his arms yet ears, hyperalert as steps from afar getting closer, almost invading our moment.

I’m afraid to look away, to remove this spell, and lose him.

Instantly, my hold on his palm tighten, I shake my head.

No, he can’t leave, I can’t allow him to slip off of my hands, the thought shakes me, it breaks me. This itself is venomous.

I’m afraid, and I’m not afraid to show my vulnerability, yes, his leaving does affects. I can’t go back into those nights awaiting to be passed so my heart can hide its tears.

I can’t risk blinking, the thought of losing his warmth is terrible, like those nights when he leaves.

“I can’t let you slip away. It hurts.”

The night is witness of my whisper, my eyes are proof of my request and my heart can attest his response, as his brown blue orbs glow under twilight.

Next, I feel warmth of his hand, he tightens his hold, the intensity burns me when my body collides to his chest. And a sigh of content brings me smile, I close my eyes.

Moments pass or perhaps an era, my peace feels the drizzles of his warmth in his breaths and break; I shiver before opening my eyes to his Blue-Brown beauty.

World stills and breeze freezes, as I look into the depth of those orbs which hold their deepest secrets for me; the warm gaze, which I’ve craved—wept to witness.

How can I not fall for my feelings all over again?

How can I not wish for another moment?

I can’t let you slip away…I can’t…hurt, is small…for my heart will be dead.

His grip on me tightens, allowing a hiss to escape; surroundings knock me off next; lawn!

With the daunting presence of sleeping trees and soft fairy lights around us, I heave out a sigh before the hardness in his eyes settle on my chest.

I realize I’ve confessed what I was always afraid to share with the confinements of my heart.

Gideon doesn’t speak, but then words were unnecessary between us, and today again, I find myself blushing like a flower under sunlight, like I was whenever I’m under his intense gaze.

And I flaunt the elation of my heart, I smile, “Thank you, for this Miracle.”

He honors me silence.

I want to hear him, so, his voice can seep into me, my heart can lock it inside, and cherish forever it; but what shall I ask?

How are you?

My subconscious chides me quietly; his warm eyes stare down at me, their depth communicating like we always do.

What shall I ask; when his eyes are sharing the truth.

Heart drops in deeper pit of sadness, the daunting dullness, now has taken away the bright alluring glow.

Miracle is sad. Realization of what my heart already knows settles in my sanity.

Why would he be sad? He has got Alicia, and everything is fine now, then what upsets him? Why doesn’t he look happy? What has remained that he awaits?


A whisper, like fable of fantasies faded as it made, yet so strong and impactful that a shudder escapes me. The chilly wind of night had already turn warm for me, now, I feel searing in my chest.

He doesn’t blink, nor initiates any explanation; after a considerable moment of hope, I realize, the Alpha King never explains his words, but speaks what he deems to say.

Instead, I look down, smiling at the pleasure of tinkles running through us. I missed this! So much!

A new buzz of tinkles on my ears, surprises me; his fingers playing with my earning as tucking back a loose tendril before allowing it to dance back on my cheek.

Can I explain this?

Can words explain this moment?

Maybe no; words can’t because the words on paper may look fade for feelings heart binds.

Suddenly, I’m picked up and settled upon a car; the lehanga of mine covers the hood/bonnet; his hand slips and I panic before his gaze assures me. He won’t go. I won’t let him.

My chest bursts in an unknown eccentric rush when Gideon kneels; the Alpha Majesty kneels to inspect my feet; despite all my squirms his hold doesn’t budge but my resolves combust under his flint glance.

“Your habit of hurting yourself, hasn’t changed.”

Despite the brimming sadness in my heart, a chuckle slips my lips.

I nod, “Yeah! Despite many changes, few things abide to their nature.”

“I wish if they could abide to promises.”

The soft mumble, almost like a whisper melted in the serenity of night; shakes me hard. Miracle doesn’t show his disappointment, but Alpha has his way with words.

Another hiss leaves my lips, I look down with my heavy gaze, his fingers caressing my skin like a fragile glass he is holding in his palm.

“Gideon, I—”

Words lost in silence before he gets up, securing me in by placing his hands on bonnet. Heart blooms in elation, when I notice though, distance between us, our shadows hugging each other in the presence of soft fairy lights decorating the bungalow. My fairy tale progresses in elation until—

My dupatta is taken away from me, and folds on Gideon’s wrist. His gaze stares at the soft net wrapped on his strong callous hand; strangely, instead of feeling shy and embarrassed, frown of surprise messes with my face, tint glows but it brings eccentricity.

But he doesn’t give me time to find my feelings.

“Did you miss me?”

Without a second thought heart whispers, Every second.

My Miracle, having the depth of ocean in his eyes, sigh, “Am I back before then?”

The web of words take no time for me to decipher and a cold shudder shakes me, I left before you could…

“Did I fulfill my promise?”

I broke mine.


September 26, 2020

And they met; tears and smiles, all witnessed the heart of Forever and night blessed them in its twilight.

A Night of Miracles…!

For Gidiera, for you all: I’ve tried to bring intensity of raw emotions.

The song lyrics mentioned are from Jasleen Royal, Singer and Composer of Din Shagna Da.

With this beautiful note, I’d like to share a good news with you all;

Recently, I’d mentioned about trying new path in life; choosing something completely different and exciting and scary. Well, despite all fears, I’ve taken my first step:

September 24th was our Grandpa’s birthday and with his blessings and under his teachings, I present you my New Youtube Channel

The A B E of Commerce; an ultimate Junction for Commerce students.

Not many are aware, but I’m a Commerce Lecturer by profession, and with this Pandemic in our life, I’ve noticed the loss of studies as an effect on students, so it’s my small initiative to help him with my efforts.

Syllabus of class XI and XII will be available there, if you find chance or need any help regarding these class, you can always come to see me there.

Just search the name, The A B E of Commerce

And share your views for improvements.

With this, I’d like ask, how was the chapter?

Enjoyed it?

Let me know your views on our Gidiera’s meet.

Thank you,


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