The Reject

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Willow Greene had always always thought her life to be dull, but the past year year had her begging for her previous dull life, till he comes in the picture. After being labeled as 'The Reject' by the most popular, the most handsome and the strongest who was followed like he was the mother hen and the rest of the school were little baby chicks, was the unluckiest thing that could happen to anyone and the unlucky person just happens to be Willow. Hunter Reed hated Willow, she wasn't sure why, but she was sure that he couldn't stand her. And it stung, he was a big jerk, but Willow couldn't help but be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. She knows that falling for him equals to self destruction, but the heart wants what it wants Willow was falling and falling and falling, then she was caught by him, Rowan Kingson, who also happens to be a walking Advil to Willow's darkest nights. Willow couldn't control her raging emotions when it comes to Rowan, her feelings had far intensified what she had previously felt for Hunter. She doesn't know where this might lead her, but she's willing to give away everything just to be with him. Join Willow in her journey to love.

Fantasy / Romance
Nawal SJ
Age Rating:


'Meet me in the library. –H' Said the yellow post-it that was stuck inside Willow's locker. To say that she was confused was the least. She certainly didn't know any H's.

Not knowing what awaited her she left for the library, after sending a quick text to Melody, who Willow was leaving with.

Walking down the quiet hallways she was standing in front of the library doors in no time. She quietly opened the doors to let herself in. The library was dead quiet, more so than the almost empty hallways. Even the scratching of the pencils by the students scattered around could not be heard.

Now that she was in the library, she felt lost and stupid,who was this mysterious 'H'? Why was she even here? What if this was a prank? They did have quite a handful of pranksters in her school.

This being the first day back from the long and boring vacation that she had, and she was certainly hoping for her school life to go well. She had been living invisible from the eyes of bullies for all her life and she was hoping to stay invisible till she graduated.

She felt a pull, not knowing where else to go, she followed it wanting to know why she felt that. On reaching the last row of shelves which were filled with classics, her breath caught in her lungs and she felt rooted to the spot.

There stood Hunter Reed, her crush since freshman year, he was a sophomore then. His eyes were narrowed at her, and the look in his eyes had her running for the hills.

"About time you came." Snapped Hunter, making her flinch. "I don't have all day!"

"I'm sorry." Willow replied quietly.

"Whatever." Said Hunter. "What's your name again?"

"Willow, Willow Greene." She said, confused more than ever.

"So Willow Greene," He started. "I alpha Hunter Reed reject you Willow Greene as my mate. If anyone hears of this than you are dead."

She wanted to say that she was already 'a reject' but all she could say was, "What?" She asked. What was he going on about? She was more lost than she had ever been.

"You're too dumb for this." He sighed. "See you, never." He added before walking away and out of the library.

Before she could question what just happened she felt a soaring pain in her chest, a scream escaped her lips. It was too painful. Was this it? Is this how she was supposed to die? But all the while going into darkness she wanted Hunter to come back take back whatever he meant.

But that did not happen.

Helloooo Reader Darlings!!!! You've clicked on this book and I'll make sure that you don't regret it. Hope you like this book. This is it, no one really likes reading long author notes. So love you. XOXO. Don't forget to vote, comment and share.

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