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These are a few ideas I have for a story. Just looking for some feedback.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

1. A girl heard whispering always behind her, and she could never seem to escape it or turn around and catch who was whispering. One day, she saw the shadow of someone behind her and new it was the one whispering in her ear all these years. She closed her eyes then and listened closely to the whispers, because before she had always blocked them out, and she couldn’t believe what it asked her to do.

2. She believed in 13’s and all the beautiful dangerous things. She touched the 13th tree and kissed it on the thirteenth circle around it, and then, one day, she saw something on the forest floor thirteen steps into the river. He liked to ask stones, shells, flowers, plants, all those sorts of things where he should be reading next. He thought that books held messages about fate. He believed that the universe was connected in these lovely little things, music, facial expressions, and nature. One day he ‘read’ a leaf and he started following each direction the leaves pointed in. Eventually, it led him on a path to a river. 13 steps in he saw something.

3. She liked to believe that she was in love with the wind. Her thoughts drifted through her like passing clouds, and the moments of sun peaking through were the fleeting seconds of happiness that appeared in between her sea of shadows. Does everyone think steady? I feel like as humans, our minds have to be like the sea, always turning and rocking. Our minds can’t be like a painting or photo, where the full beauty can’t be captured because everything is still. I guess it forces you to focus on only one aspect of something. Does that make it better?

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