Ten Chains

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Chase Satin is Lucifer's Son he was betrayed by someone from Hell and sent to Earth where he has to find the key to release him back to his home. Amelia Edwards is a young woman who had recently gone through a breakup with her ex. When fate decides to put Amelia in Chase's path an unexpected romance begins. Chase only has Ten Chains to get rid of and he needs the key to release him could Amelia be the one to save him? or in the end will he leave her and forget everything?

Fantasy / Romance
Leslie H.
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Chase's POV
One day many years ago there lived a prince who had defined his father and his brother for not choosing him to go sacrifice himself for everyone on Earth. His father banished him from his world and the prince left with his followers and ever since that day he became an evil spirit.

Who was that prince? Why would his own father banish him? Well, that prince is my father Lucifer who had been banished from Heaven by my useless Grandfather, God. Ever since my father told me that story I hated my Grandfather and my Uncle for what they did to my father.

My name is Satin "Chase" Lucifer but I prefer to be called Chase I'm 18 years old, and today is my big day where I will finally be crowned ruler of Hell. Once I have that crown on my head nobody will be able to defy me now not even my own Grandfather will I can't wait to see demons bowing down at me and doing everything I say.

"My young prince Chase would you please stop ignoring me what I am telling you is very important" scolded Tyler.

Oh, this is my father's Royal Advisor Tyler Black he's been my best friend and my teacher for at least a hundred years. I only heard half of what he was saying but I doubt it was something that I wanted to hear.

"Alright, what did you say?" I asked pretending to be interested.

Tyler sighed, "Prince Chase you must know that as soon as you crowned King of Hell you must look for a wife-"

"A what?!"

"You need to find a wife to marry and continue your generation, Prince Chase"

I groaned, "I'm not having this conversation again you've been bothering me about this ever since I turned seventeen, I already told you and Lucifer that I am not getting married!"

"Prince Chase you have no choice in the matter you know that sooner or later you will fall in love with the perfect girl"

I growled at him and stormed off to the coronation hall he already knows how I feel about love and all of that mushy stuff. I've never been interested in having a relationship with someone all I've been focused on is becoming King and living the high life.

Sometimes I have wondered what would happen once those chains I have in my heart disappeared. One thing all demons like me have is ten chains in our hearts each with a significant meaning.

Ugh, what am I thinking about I should focus on my big day as I walked inside the Coronation Hall I saw Lucifer sitting on his throne with Tyler standing next to him. I looked over at my left and saw the whole kingdom cheering and yelling my name. I smiled and walked towards Lucifer and bowed in front of him showing respect to the King.

Lucifer stood up and turned his attention to his people,

"My lovely kingdom today is the day we have all been waiting for starting today my people there will be a new King who will treat you all with respect and beat our enemies in battles!"

The people cheered excitedly filling my heart with pride as I lifted my head up and the coronation began. But the joyful day didn't last because before the crown was placed on my head there was a loud explosion and all I saw was the ceiling crashing down on me.

"Wake up" commanded a familiar voice.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was in my room surround by demons with spears in their hands, standing in front of me was a demon with golden eyes.

"Who are you? " I asked.

The golden-eyed demon smiled, "I am your worst nightmare"

Slightly disturbed by his answer I looked around my shoulder and saw Tyler tied up blood dripping from his face. I was angry whoever these demons were they were going to pay for betraying their own people.

"You can't be my worst nightmare" I scoffed, "You are going to be in so much trouble when I tell my father what you've done" I hissed.

"Well not if I get rid of you first," said their leader.

"What do you-"

Before I could finish my sentence I was pushed towards a portal that I had not seen behind me. Tyler was also pushed in with me and we both began to fall to what I thought was our death.

"You'll only be able to come back if you prove you are worthy to be king..."

Those were the last words I heard before the portal closed and I lost consciousness again. I thought I died but no in the portal I was pushed to lead to the human world in other's words I was turned into a human I could no longer turn into my demon form and I couldn't go back to Hell either.

You have no idea how horrible it is to be a human they are the worst I'm always hungry, tired, thirsty and I need to go to school. I've been stuck on earth for at least ten years well I'm not alone my royal advisor Tyler is stuck with me and here's the ironic part we are brothers in this world.

I've tried everything in my will to get out of this place but nothing seems to work and all I have as a guide are those stupid words that golden-eyed demon told me.

However, it never occurred to me that what I needed to escape this prison was to get rid of the ten chains that were pierced in my heart.

In other words, I never thought the answer to my problems was going to be a human girl named Amelia Edwards.

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