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Amelia is a 22-year-old woman studying at Hampton University LA, she had recently gone through a breakup with her ex-boyfriend which ended up being a joke the whole time he never had an interest in her. Amelia in her pain and suffering accidentally releases a demon who was sealed away in a book named Chase the Destiny Changer thanks to Amelia he was finally free but now she was going to pay the price for releasing him which is that they both are stuck with each other for the rest of the time until Chase is sent to the underworld. He is a powerful demon who causes destruction she is a young woman trying to get over her heartbreak will hate be the main reason they get close? Or in the end, will he leave her and forget everything?

Fantasy / Romance
Leslie H.
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Bad Decision

Sometimes life brings you challenges that you expect to happen you believe you don't need anyone's help to move on but deep inside you know you won't be able to work alone.

Thats what I thought before I met my soulmate our story is really interesting our love story is different than any other let's begin, shall we?

My name is Amelia Edwards but I prefer Amy I’ve been known as that for my entire life I was born on February 14, 2020, now I’m a 22-year old woman struggling to survive on my own.

I have fiery red hair, caramel eyes, small round lips a perfect smile, and nice features don’t let my appearance fool you I’m not some damsel in distress waiting for my knight in shining armor to save me I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself got that?

I am a student at Hampton University LA, this school is really expensive but thanks to my studies and scholarship I managed to attend my dream university.

“Hello? Amy you going to notice my existence or are you asleep?” said Jackie waving her hands in front of my face.

I blinked and stared at my best friend Shadow Star (Jackie) she has dark brown hair her tips dyed blue and light brown she was wearing a black sweatshirt and a pair of blue jeans we’ve known each other for year’s now and she is way smarter than me!

“Sorry Jack I was thinking about something” I apologized.

She rolled her eyes “Yeah you were thinking about how you are struggling with math”

I bit my lip she wasn’t wrong but she wasn’t exactly right the one thing in my mind was what happened a few days ago with my ex-boyfriend...

I shook my head no need to think about him he wasn’t worth the tears threatening to fall from my eyes.

“Amy did I say something wrong? why are you going to cry!?” exclaimed Jackie worriedly.

“No, it’s nothing,” I said quickly.

“Do you need me to call Ja-” I clamped her mouth shut before she said those words the last thing I wanted to hear was my ex’s name.

“You don’t need to call him I’m fine,” I said getting up.

“How come you are acting strange this is not your normal self Amy” scolded Jackie.

“It’s none of your concern” I snapped.

She immediately shrank back and I felt a pang of guilt hit me I didn’t mean to yell at her it’s just she has no idea what happened and I don’t plan on telling her anytime soon.

At that moment the bell rang and I ran off leaving her behind and I continued running as flashbacks of that day came to me.

“You really thought I loved you? please I would never date a girl like you Amelia”


“It was a dare you big fool I was dared to go out with you for three months”

Tears were falling from my eyes I thought he loved me how was I so blind to not notice this was a prank? I was so stupid because I thought he really wanted to be with me because I’ve never had a boyfriend in my life and I thought it was finally time you know?

I finally stopped running and looked around I was far away from where I abandoned Jackie at the school entrance but I had never crossed this side of town before.

This was definitely a street but there was silence which is odd because where I live kids are always outside laughing and playing and adults do parties and talk among each other but this part of town was empty.

I stumbled against a branch and ended up losing my balance and falling off a hill.

I landed next to a river and I checked for any cuts on my body from that fall which I found I was perfectly fine as I continued walking against the muddy sidewalk I saw an abandoned shack covered with spider webs and bugs.

I swallowed thickly it was getting late and I should go back but my curiosity of wanting to see what is in that old shack.

Moving the bugs away I walked inside the shack to find nothing valuable but before I left something caught my eye it was a book! I love reading I ran over and grabbed the red book and read its title.

“regnahC ynitseD ehT esahC fo elat ehT”

Oh, the title is written backwards! I flipped the book upside down and sure enough, the words changed revealing the name of the book.

“The Tale of Chase the Destiny Changer” I read out loud.

I checked the back cover for a short summary of the book but I found it empty on the front cover it showed some kind of person writing something on a piece of paper.

Now, this definitely caught my attention and pushed my worries away I placed the book inside my bag and ran off.

After I had showered, eaten, and scrolled through Tik Tok I got in a comfortable position on my bed and I finally decided to read a few chapters of the new book I found.

I grabbed it from my bag and opened it up and started off my adventure reading the first chapter.

CP 1st. Summon him

If you want Chase to come to your command just say his name three times and he will appear.

But be careful about what you wish for if the wish is very strong there will be a price.


그를 보내지 마십시오! 그는 가장 강력한 신들로부터 봉인 된 악마이며 그는 오직 파괴만을 가져올 것입니다!

기회가된다면이 책을 태워라!

I groaned not a Korean warning I don’t know that language how am I supposed to know what it’s saying?

Pfft is this book really saying he actually exists? Ha! I doubt that but let’s do this anyway I can’t believe whoever wrote this actually expects me to believe this.

“Chase,” I said and the lights of my room flickered.

Wait there’s no way that he-

No Amy doesn’t be dumb this is a joke someone is probably playing on you yeah that’s it.

“Chase,” I said and felt a chill go down my spine almost as if someone touched me with cold hands.

I jerked away from my bed and dropped the book on the floor now this wasn’t a joke or if it was this was too far.

“Chase,” I said and I instantly regretted it.

The lights turned off and the book started spinning around its pages flying out I heard a chuckle and laughter.

I screamed in terror and tried to run out of my room but the door slammed shut trapping me inside.

I ran inside my closet and closed my eyes hoping and praying that this was all a dream.

Suddenly the noises and laughter stopped I opened my eyes and scrambled out of my closet.

The book was gone but something no someone was standing in its place.

A guy with dark brown hair, icey blue eyes, with a perfect face was standing right where the book was.

He turned around and our eyes met and I felt a shiver once again.

“Who are you?” I asked breaking eye contact.

His lips curved up into a smile and he began advancing towards me.

“Stop! W-who are you?” I said horrified.

He chuckled “You are Amelia Edwards I can tell it is you”

“You didn’t answer my question stranger”

“I find it disrespectful that you don’t know my name you just said a few minutes ago princess”

I eyed him “What are you talking-”

It made sense now the handsome guy standing before me was nobody else than...

Chase The Destiny Changer.

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