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(This is also on Wattpad) it's the year 8370, a time where the supernatural and humans struggle to exist together but a young princesses family helps two supernatural boys out who take it upon themselves to look after her but what happens when they can no longer protect her?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I clutch onto my night gown as I run through one of the many archways that break up the long corridor, looking over my shoulder I catch a glimpse of the three worried maids running after me, I round a corner letting out a loud giggle as my fluffy socks make me slide a bit "Harlow will you please slow down, you should be in your chambers by now" Hamila calls out.

Hamila was the first one to chase me, I had somehow managed to bump into the other two maids by accident, they could've gone on their way but, my safety was at risk... "just a few more minutes please Hamila, aren't you getting tired?" I mock before ducking into the closest room to me and slamming the door shut. Turning around with a sigh I look at the room before me, there is woven baskets full of cloths and metal bucket with soapy water, the laundry room.

Taking my crown off I place it on top of some box before wandering further into the room, brushing my fingers along the brick walls that are slightly moist from the damp outside of the castle, the other rooms inside the castle have wallpaper but it is expensive so we refuse to use it everywhere within the castle.

I pause in my walk when I see a gold sword sheath leaning against the wall next to the old wooden door that leads out into the horse stable, now that I think about it Nixon had taken me out there before and brought me through this room to get back in. Picking up the sheath I open the heavy door and walk out out onto the grass that is damp with rain water, my beautiful fluffy pink socks becoming wet and less fluffy as I drag my feet towards the stables where the flank of metal can be heard.

Gathering enough courage I place the sheath onto the grace and looking into the stables to see Nixon and Clay practicing with their swords, Nixon and Clay are both royal guards for me and my family. I've known Nixon for as long as I can remember it's not much that the feline folk get accepted by my kind but my great grandfather happily took him in and he's been here ever since, a few years after Nixon was accepted, Clay came around.

I run my hands through my golden hair before skipping over to them, stopping just in time as a sword swings in my direction the sharp tip inches away and pointing at my stomach "oh, your majesty" Clay quickly moves his sword out of the way on goes down on one knee so he is eye level with me "what are you doing out of your chambers?"

I open my mouth a bit, blink, stare him dead in his blue eyes before laughing "I've heard that from to many people, I thought you would want to see me, you have both been so busy and you disappeared from my life" my eyes go wide and I pout "you didn't miss me?"

"M'lady of course we missed you, how wouldn't we, it's just..we could of seen each other yesterday" Nixon chimes as he walks over, his big hand resting on my head "now, who was wondering what our princess wanted for her birthday, it is in a few days"

I don't want to be old, all the responsibility that come switch becoming 12 must be exhausting especially if you're the only royal child. I shake my head as I look at them both, I have them I don't need anything else "I'm fine with getting nothing from either of you" I flinch as a water droplet lands on my head, Nixon had just removed his hand for a minute to get his sheath from the ground, the area we live in doesn't really know what warmth is unless it's man made, our location is always damp or raining.

I'm suddenly being lifted up by Clay and being carried towards the castle, I watch Nixons back as he walks ahead, Nixon is tall and has black shiny hair with white bits in the depths, his eyes are a dark green and if you observe them closely they look like a forest, he's the complete opposite of me because I have dirty blonde hair with dull greyish eyes.

I don't think Nixon likes being alone because he always stays near me, he gets upset if I try to leave him when we are in my bedroom, I can't blame him though because I can't sleep without him.

Entering the room I was in earlier Clay takes off his beret and places it into a basket which allows his chocolate brown hair to flop into his eyes. He then reaches down and takes off my socks that had turned a murky brown colour which causes me to frown a she throws them into the same basket as his pure white beret "they are ruined"

"They aren't, just a little clean and they will be just like new but if they aren't then I'll talk to a seamstress in the village" Nixon promises, I rub at my wet eyes as I remember they were a present from Nixon and I had been so careless as to ruin them.

Nixon quickly takes me from Clay with a firm nod at the other before carrying me away "it's really not that big of a deal" he mumbles as I rest my head on his torso.

"But I ruined them which isn't nice because they were a present and present are meant to be treasured like precious gems"

He lets out a laugh, his torso shaking with it though his torso isn't very nice to lean against right now because his uniform is a bit wet, he'll change when we go to his room.

I sit up in his arms quickly as I remember something he had told me ever since I was little "when are you going on that journey for your mate? You said that most of your kind really struggle to find their mate because everyone avoids them so they go out searching to see if they are out further than they thought" I recite to him with a smile that drops when he looks at me with a sadness in his eyes.

"I have already found her" he mumbles before looking back ahead of us "but she won't be around long"

"Oh, does she not like you? Is she like the ones you had said in the stories?"

"No you've got it wrong little one, she cherishes me like you do with your socks but she will have no choice but to leave at some point and I'll be devastated when that time comes" he finished his sentence just as we reach his door that has an engraving of a tree that he had done when he first came with his very first dagger.

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