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They wanted her and they will as they followed her to the woods. Unknown to cassie this was their territory. They are wolves and are always horny we are a pack. I watched has she looked in the mirror and checked her hair and she then yawned. "Oh man that was fucking hot can we grab her now? Asked Zac "No" they all said "Let's follow her."

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Chapter 1- Meeting the guys (revamped)

Groaning as the streetlight from outside peeked in on my bedroom I hated that light at times.
Anyway my name is Cassie. I'm 19 years old, and I work at a bar downtown.
Oh! How rude let me tell you what I look like. I have long blonde hair, green eyes, slim build but a wider waist, especially in my line of work. I just work in a strip club to be exact. The good thing though I don't strip I just manage tables.
I live with my mum Rachel at a place called Wuthering Heights. She is the best mum always looking out for me. As for my dad, well that's another story he left when I was 11 years old none of us know exactly why he left, but mum knows something.
He moved to Switzerland to start a business that's all mum could come up with.
Signing I reached for my slippers as I got up from bed.
Hitting the showers and dressed up in a simple Black Crop top with white booty shorts then brushed my long hair and let it cascade down my back.
Smelling my mum's favourite dish of sausage casserole had my mouth watering running downstairs walking into the kitchen seeing mum serve two plates of heaven.
“Evening mum love you mm mm food smells like heaven.”

“Hello Cassie, sit down and have some dinner with me before you go.” Mum informed me and knowing I won't deny some good food I placed my ass on the seat and waited for heaven to be placed right in front of me.
After eating and washing up the dishes I really had to get going now.

“Bye mum” I said as I gave my mum a kiss on the cheek.

“See you later oh and Cassie be safe babe love you.” Mum replied as she squeezed me so tight the loveliest hug ever.

“Love you mum so much.” I said as I grabbed a hold of my keys and bag off the side table I headed out to my small black Volkswagen. It's not much to look at, but it takes me to all places I need to go.

Twenty minutes later I arrived in front of Brownies. That is the name of the strip club I work at. It's a nice place we say food as well it's a bar/restaurant/strip club. The manager can be a creep, but I stay out of his radar and just get on with my job.

I open my car door and head out making sure I lock my doors. I head to the entry to the club. Our bouncer is at the door. He is a friendly guy to us girls, but the moment clients arrive he is a no nonsense kind of guy oh and by the way his name is Ian, and he is hot with strong muscles peeking out of his tight top. I go up to him and smile. “Hello Ian is everything alright?”

"Yeah babe I'm good, but we do have quite a few guys in there now they look like bikers be careful babe.”he warned in a husky voice.

“Don't worry so much, I will be good.” I replied and made my way inside the establishment and music started blasting as soon as I opened the door with the sweet sounds of Silk with the song called “Meeting in my room.” I hummed as I headed towards the bar where Meg the bartender works.
She has been here for 4 years helping me learn the tools of the trade I should say.

I look to the left and spot a table of four men actually bulky hot men all drowning shots I walk up to meg at the bar

“Are you ok? Do you need help with them?” I eyed them and looked back at her exhaustion clearly evident on her face.

“Oh yes please” she replied, and I quickly grab her notebook and pen and head towards the rowdy guys all of a sudden the sound slowly drops to a silence as they stop talking and look right at me as if they are undressing me with those eyes plus I swear I hear a chorus of growling from them.

“Hello boys my name is Cassie, and I am your waitress today what can I get ya?” I look around to each one taking in their appearance. I bite my lower lip and another growl I know I heard this time.
Raising my eyebrows my eyes lock on one in particular he looks more muscular than others, and he has nice blue ocean eyes.

“Yes please can you get me a scotch on the rocks baby cakes?” He asks huskily as he stares at my bottom lip. I keep my temper at bay and bend down directly in front of him and reply “I ain't your baby cakes sweetie.” I hear snickers and that low growl again, and I stand up and wait for everyone else to order their drinks. Furthermore, I go up to the bar and grab their drinks and head back and place them on the table.

“Here you go guys.” I say as I place three beers on the table and hand Mr blue eyes his scotch.

All of them say “Thanks” growling again. I roll my eyes seriously. Why do they keep doing that? Are they dogs or something?

“You're very welcome but please stop with that noise, maybe you need a doctor for that or are you dogs in training or something?”
They all start laughing as I walk away. I head to the bar and bang my head on the table. This is the worst immature table I have been on. The growling is annoying and sexy if I'm honest too.

“That bad huh?” asks Meg as she sits beside me.

“Them guys are so corky.” I replied.

“I know that's why I couldn't deal with them, sorry for handing them over to you?” replied Meg with sadness in her eyes.

“Nah don't worry it's alright the night is over soon plus I'm sure the guys were just passing through.” In my mind I had a strange feeling that it wasn't the case. Turning back around and facing them and seeing them laughing and patting each other on the back hard. Looking away I continued doing my rounds five hours passed and the guys were still here. I go to the back of the club where the lockers are and head straight to my locker and put on my jacket and bag and start walking towards the exit. As I head out I turn and see the guys looking at me leaving. Smiling in a polite manner I turn and straighten my face and walk out the front of the club and head towards my car.

I'm so exhausted but want to go to another bar as I don't drink where I work I head towards Alfredo's Bar which is a five-minute drive I jumped in my car and drive, five minutes later I'm at the other club I park my car and start heading towards my spot when I hear a car behind me, I look and see a Mercedes-Benz jeep with tinted windows. I continue my way to the bar not thinking anything of it. I look at the bar window as I see my reflection and put my fingers through my hair and fix my bra strap properly not realising the people in the car are staring at me.

I turn my ass to the window, so I can see if I'm presentable before heading in.

“Looking good” I say to myself

I walk inside the entrance and greet the bartender ``You want the usual today Cassie”? The bartender Mike asks as he begins to make my drink with ice, Coke and Vodka.

“Yes please thanks a lot Mike.” I reply as Mike hands me the drink I pay and turn away towards the table near the window. I lean back as I taste the flavour. Hmm, this hits the spot, and it's tasty too which of course is an added bonus.

I end up having 3 more till Mike refuses to serve me and I exit the bar and make my way to my car to sleep a few hours. I can't stand straight and start giggling as I trip and fall on my ass laughing my head off.

Cursing and saying “Seriously open the door oh my goodness” I burp and giggle when I realise I'm not at my car.

I jump when the car door opens and this sexy hot muscled guy comes towards me “Do you need help miss?” The hot stranger asks me.

“ I'm fine sexy hot guy. I'm just going to sleep in my car for a few hours if you must know." I reply and hiccup.

“Wow ok your drunk huh” he raises one eyebrow and I see his eyes have turned black I grow weak. That look is to die for he ends up going back inside his car. I stand and stare then turn around to put the key in my car and open the door and sit down and lay back to close my eyes.

I start dreaming about hands all over me, I feel lips on my neck and lips on my thigh. I moan I feel air on my top as hands start moving on my breasts. I heard growls and made me wetter.

Having a tongue on my nipple makes me scream, and I wake up alone in my car.

Oh! My that was wow what kind of dream was that I notice my top is pulled up and my hand is on my nipple “huh” how did I do that ok I need to stop.

Cassie didn't realise the car next to hers had men in it and it was the same guys from her work place and they saw everything that transpired and they enjoyed the view oh so much.

Steve POV

“We need her now” I watched as she tried putting herself together. She didn't know we ain't ordinary guys. We smelt her arousal, saw her hot show, and it drove us all wild even though she didn't know we were even looking.

“We have to be careful of her, we need to sort out our accommodation.” he growled.

My cock was so hard for her right now and the atmosphere with my guys I could tell they all thought the same way I did. Imagining us pleasuring her all night long and hearing her scream our name till she came. But it also wasn't just about sex more love, companionship and trust for life.
I just wish my other pack member Tony was here, but he was too busy getting his dick wet by She Wolves. I doubt he would even feel the pull of her. He wasn't interested in settling down with anyone anytime soon.

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