The new start

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A girl named Alissa has a very hard time in her old shool it was very devastating for her it was too much for Her. The worst part was when she found out she was not normal she had a special ability did not many had she thought it was terrible but then she realize that she’s lucky to have powers that no one else could ever have but her family and her and she goes on with her life like if everything was normal but yeah of course she kept a secret from her new new shool insulin how to career and this is the story of Allison reef

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

The start of the problem in shool

First day in school just like it a typical new girl.Rigth wrong so much different then that. This is when the problem began. It was just another at southern higshool . So as I thought . All of a sudden in math A bursting cloud Formed around me and I just disappeared. The weirdest thing that happened was that no one Saw me. WhenThe bursting cloud let me free it was time to leave shool . One second I was in firs period The other School had ended three months I began to grow wings I found a way to to be continued ...........................

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