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Trigger warning non explicit rape and abuse Long story short, several merpeople are captured and put in an aquarium. This story follows a mer prince and his servant as they learn to adjust and come to understandings with each other in this less than ideal situation.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Have you ever heard of the Beast of Pirate’s Bay? It’s a song by a human named Voltaire. It’s a fun song but ends with the sad truth that the so-called beast he spreads rumors about was just a harpooned and beached whale.

Perhaps you’ve heard of mermaids or sirens though? I’ve heard your debates on those. Some of you say that a mermaid is a peaceful water spirit born from the soul of someone who dies happy or peacefully near the sea, and you would also say a siren is the vengeful water spirit born from the soul of someone who was lost to an ocean storm or somehow drowned. Yet thanks to old lore and the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean, most of you probably think mermaids are evil, human hunting monsters in the ocean. Still some of you hang onto the idea that we’re a beautiful race full of princes and princesses and that one of us will meet you in the sea one day and things like that.

Well this mermaid tale has a prince for you and... I suppose the truths will also be sad.

As sad as they do turn out to be, I think I was happy in the end.

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