The Bane Brother's

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Damien, Asher, and Hunter all have known Beau since she was little . Beau was like one the boys , they even told her their deepest family secret. After Beau finds out that her three best friends are shifters , Beau is left on her own after her parents have a tragic accident . Beau's only living realitive takes her in and she is forced to marry a man she doesnt love , until she gets a call from Damien making her an offer she cant refuse .

Fantasy / Erotica
Miranda Pidgeon
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The Bane Brother's

I was ten years old when I met Damien, Asher and Hunter Bane . I remember it like it was yesterday Damien is the oldest he was fourteen , Asher was thirteen and Hunter was the youngest he was eight. When I first saw them I thought " wow! Theyre goregoues!" It was like brad pitt and zac eferon collided gènes and made three sexy ass kids! First off Damien for a fourteen year old at the time he was built with beautiful dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Asher was built too but his hair colour was a bit darker then Damien's they all had green eyes though. Hunter was tall for his age , most eight year olds I knew werent that tall. All three of them towered over me , we hung out all the time after school during school... They were my bestfriends. One day when I was sixteen , The three of us were sitting in our favourite spot by the river. I knew at this point all three of them had a thing for me but I couldnt choose between them , I loved them all so much. " Beau , come here we want to tell you something important" Damien says patting the bench next to him and Hunter I sit smiling " what is it Damien?" I asked grinning his smile faded " Beau listen carefully , my family and I are shifters " I stared at him in confusion " shifters? You mean like ... You shift into animals?" I curiously asked raising my eyebrow Asher nodded " yes but not just any animal we are decedants of wolves." I glared at them swalloing hard Hunter placed a hand on my back " relax beau we wont hurt you infact my brothers and I are telling you this because we care about you and want to protect you" I sigh smiling at Hunter and the boys. " wolves huh ? You really had me good joke guys" I get up laughing Damien's eyes stare into mine " its no joke Beau !" We all turn hearing a slight cracking nouse from the bushes. When two more boys appear they smirk at me " Bane ! Your in our territory take your bitch and leave!" My eyes grow wide at his remark and I turn seeing a white wolf leap ibfront of me Asher eyes glow " shit!" I back up in fear "you werent joking! " I watch as the other boy shifts into a bear as Damien fights him scaring him off shifting back he is lying naked I rush to his side " Damien!" He smirks at me " Jesus Damien you scared me half to death!" I say as he staggers standing he kisses my forehead . " sorry if i scared you , but billy and his asshole brothers take whatever they want . theyre not taking you!" I stare at him as Asher and Hunter help him . my phone rings " hello , wait nana stop ! What happened?" I drop to the ground in tears all three boys rush to my side . " Beau!" In uncine saying my name at the same time I peer up at them " my par-rents are ..." They all hug me tightly crying with me . Asher head on mine " we are so fucking sorry Beau , you can stay with us if you want?" I sigh " I wish I could but my nana all I have left and she is in New York she wants me to go live there. She says I m promised to some guy named Jude." Damien's eyes widen " promised like marriage?" I nod sniffling " how much time do you have Beau?" Hunter asks curiously " Uh I leave in a week why" Asher looks at his brothers " thats plenty of time you can spend it with us " I blush " yeah Id like that "When the moon hit I sunck out of the house throwing my back pack on the ground as Asher and Hunter helped me out the window Damien was driving his Mercedes the red sparkled in the moonlight I always loved this car. The leather interior , the smell it was a 1950's orignal and the paint you couldnt find anywhere . We drove until we hit White stone cabin , or as the kids at school called it " Make out point" the hair on my neck stood up and my heart started to pound rapidly thoughts started racing in my head . " why would they bring me here of all places?" I thought to myself Asher chuckled placing his arm on my shoulder " we brought you for a good time Beau , now relax" he said smirking Damien shook his head opening the door I was curious as to how Asher knew what I thought. Then it dawned on me there shifter powers " oh no that means they know how I feel about them and things I think about them" I said aloud not realizing all three started laughing as I turned a bright shade of pink . Damien walked over placing his hand on my face and smelling my hair taking in my scent like I was his next meal. Asher and Hunter stood behind me , Then Damien pressed his lips to mine as Asher and Hunter began to caress my body . soft growls came from thier lips as they continued to touch me , I stood there blushing as Damien lowered thé strap of my dress kissing my shoulder. " we are going to give you the best night of your life" he said smirking at me seductivly . I removed my dress I saw all three their faces turn a shade of red I have never seen before. Hunter got closer breathing heavily , I could tell he was the most nervous it was kind of cute . " your beautiful Beau" he said taking me in eyeing me up and down he knelt down kissing my belly button I shivered giggling . Asher took his shirt off and kissed me deeply , Damien was behind me kissing my neck its wasnt long before all three of these goregouse boys had me begging for more. We were on the bed and due to raging hormones everything was a blur but I know they were taking turns fucking me at one point I was ridding Damien while Asher had his dick in my ass and Hunter's cock was so far down my throat I thought it was touching my eyes but at that point I didnt care because I was getting fucked hard by all three Bane brothers and loving it! " faster Beau" Damien demand as I moaned with Hunter's hard dick still in my mouth I thrusted faster as Asher moaned coming " oh fuck!" He said pulling out slowly Hunter stroked his cock coming in my mouth , kissing me afterward "that was amazing Beautiful!" He got dressed. I could see Damien's eyes change I leaned forward whispering to him " you feel good" he blushed gripping my hips moaning coming kissing me deeply . Asher looked at me " what did you say to him Beau?" I smile at them " I told him he felt good" I winked at them and headed to the shower . Hunter gently taps my ass on the way by, I jump giggling I turn the shower on letting the hot water hit every inch of me. " Damien , we cant let her marry that asshole!" I over hear Asher and Hunter talking with Damien. " yeah well Asher , we have no choice unless... " " unless what? Damien" hunter asks curiously I stand at the doorway listening " unless we ... Imprint on her make her ours for good" Damien says . I hear the boys sigh " but Damien , she is only sixteen doesnt she deserve a say in this?" Asher asks I step out my arms folded " imprinting huh?" I say looking at them all Hunter rubs my arm " yes , but beautiful we promise it doesnt hurt and youd be protected for life " I stare at them sighing " what is this Imprinting?" I ask sitting next to Damien on the bed. He smiles " well, we all mark you and from then on you have our hearts, body and soul forever protected we will be contected to you no matter where you are." I stare at him in confusion " mark me how?" Hunter scratches his head " we bite you " I look at Asher and Damien " really you bite me ?" They nod " yes we bite you leaving a symbol on your body " Asher says . I get up grabbing my bag " This is too much, I cant Im sorry" I start to cry and walk out the cabin . They come after me . The rest the week I spent packing and that friday was my parents funeral . Now Im twenty five and married to Jude but I dont love him and I miss My best friends , Jude is a tycoon he cheats ...on me lies and steals and he abuses me every chance he gets. I thought my life was crashing until " Hello Beau....I have an offer for you"

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