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The God's Bracelet: Poems

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The God's Bracelet is a trilogy, consisting of the books "Finding Ishtar", "Double Hazard", and "The Mute Eye". Their genre is a blend of science fiction and fantasy. This book is a collection of 16 poems from the books of the trilogy. They are mostly songs of and by the main characters. The poems do not follow any particular theme, meter, or style, since they belong to a diverse range of cultures: a cavemen huntress, a lizardwoman jet-pilot, a princess from a parallel universe, an alien deserter, or a mad goddess. If you enjoy these poems, you may as well enjoy the books of the trilogy themselves. Stay tuned on Smashwords to their upcoming publication. Thank you! Noel

Fantasy / Scifi
Noel Wellington
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Assembled in this book are the poems from the novels of the trilogy, The God’s Bracelet: Finding Ishtar, Double Hazard, and The Mute Eye. The poems appear here in the same order in which they will appear in the novel. If you enjoy these poems, you may as well enjoy the novel itself. The poems below are quite diverse, without a single theme or style, since they represent unique voices of the characters in the novel, be it a caveman huntress, a lizardwoman jet pilot, a princess from a parallel universe, a mad goddess, or an alien soldier.

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