Half Blood

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Taken from a home she never knew she had, Phoenix is thrown into a life of death and desperation . Torture was all she’d known until the saving grace of a small human named Vera walked into her life and broke her free from the chains that had been holding her down. Vera helps Phoenix realize who she is and where she belongs but taking that road is not an easy one when you are a half demon that is being hunted each way you turn, can they do it?

Fantasy / Erotica
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“Push Tahlia, You just need to give one more push!” I hear Lucifer tell the small human, she looked too pale. The woman will die before she could give birth to this half demon creature, the thing itself was an abomination.

“Ahh!” Tahlia pushes, the strain on her face made it apparent that she was trying the best she could but the babe inside of her was far too big.

“Sir, you might need to start thinking of alternative actions, I don't think the human has the strength to give you your heir.” I stated to Lucifer through gritted teeth, following the orders of a half breed did not sit well with me.

“Azazel, you will tell me nothing! Tahlia can do it, she has carried the child full term against all odds.” Lucifer snapped out at me, “She will have this baby, and I will have a son to carry on my legacy. One to dominate the human realms, and claim victory in my name.”

The sheer amount of greed in his eyes shook me to my very core, Lucifer has gone beyond power crazy. I was never too fond of the idea of him making half breeds but throughout the centuries Lucifer has grown tired of the underworld and what it has to offer, he wants more.

“Ahh!” One last shriek leaves Tahlias mouth, I watch as the last remaining color of her skin fades to nothing. I turned to leave, Yet another disappointment.

“Wahh, wahh!” the small cries of a babe rang through the room, I turned back toward Lucifer who was now holding the small child up.

“It’s… It’s a girl…” I stated, obviously confused.

Lucifer slumped over in defeat, his disappointment apparent. I went to grab the child from him to dispose of, clearly he would want to try again.

Lucifer nearly dropped the babe to the floor, letting it slide from his hands carelessly. Instinctually I caught the child before it could hit the floor, I inspected her more closely. Her soft pink skin nearly glowed from being covered in human blood, the deep red hair looked as if it had gotten stained that color instead of it being natural. Overall she had astounding beauty.

“We could train her, raise her here in the palace. Think Lucifer, you have been trying this for over a century and none have ever made it thus far. Allow her to prove her worth.” I bargained, unsure of why I wanted to save her life so badly.

“Oh? You think that little thing could live up to my expectations? How curious…” Lucifer trailed off. “Fine, but it's your responsibility. You will be its personal Guard, trainer, keeper, whatever.” He finally spoke, sending me off with a wave to get the child out of his sight.

I only felt relief when I got the babe to the nursery that was prepared for her arrival. I set her down gently inside of the crib with red silk lining, it contrasted heavily with her skin. I felt my heart twinge with sorrow, seeing how small and fragile she was. Her soft, quick breathes made me fall even deeper into the trance-like state she had over me. I tore myself away from the small child, walking towards the door. Out of pure impulse I turned to take one last look at the sleeping babe only to be met with a shadow of a creature looming over the crib. I made the move to protect her but when I reached the crib it was empty, the sleeping child was now gone and my heart sank. Anger flooded my system, she was under my care for less than an hour and now she was gone. I roared out an unsettling sound, I felt the submission of those within ear shot….

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