The Marking

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Autumn suspected something was a little off when she and her twin sister April began to hear each other through a mind link at just six years old. The two orphan girls were scared and alone in the world, not knowing who or what they truly were... It wasn't until they bumped into the Lykos pack with their devilishly handsome and feared Alpha werewolf, Alpha Cian D'Argento, that her life finally began to make sense. She soon learnt that Alpha Cian had taken an oath to kill the entirety of his rivals, the Bloodstone Pack. Despite Alpha Cian's strong and vicious personality, will Autumn find herself falling for the Alpha? Only fate will decided whether he kills or protects her when he finds out where she is really from.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

"In 1998 my sister April and I were left at a gas station, because our parents didn't want us... or so we were told" I said slyly to the police officer as he demanded a reason as to why we were alone in the woods.

He looked at us puzzled before continuing "Oh... I'm sorry" he said sympathetically "Is there anyone I can call for you? Anywhere I can drive you?" April and I looked at one another furrowing our brows. "Ive got this one" April says through our mind-link whilst flashing me a cheeky smile.

April turned to the officer and said in the sweetest tone she could muster "No officer, we can fend for ourselves, we are strong women you see" she says as she leans in closer giving him a perfect angle to see straight down her top. The officer looks down at her cleavage before clearing his throat. "Ahem... well you two keep safe and don't "be out too late, its dangerous in these parts after dark... wild animals.' He says whilst winking at April.

Once the officer had left, April looked at me with slightly squinted eyes "Autumn, you are much to catty... you need to get that shit under control, especially around men with authority" I gazed at her, eyebrows furrowed "Excuse me... I wasn't the one who practically flashed at a cop!" I said more defensively than intended. April laughed before flicking her short dark hair and walking ahead "You're just jealous because I made the man blush" she said with pure sass. I rolled my eyes and continued on through the woods mimicking her sassy walk behind her.




Some time had passed and now the sun was slowly setting over the horizon. Only a couple more hours until the full moon would be at its peak and we would shift again.

All of the sudden April stopped in her tracks, immediately I stopped behind her looking around in confusion. "April...what's wrong?" I said calmly through our mind-link. She peered back at me with wide eyes "Ahh Autumn... I don't think we're alone out here..." she replied cautiously. It felt as though we were surrounded, but somehow there was not a soul in sight. "Can we please keep moving.. These woods are freaking me out!" I said with a worried tone. April nodded slightly before sprinting off further into the woods, as I followed quickly behind. I caught up to her almost instantly, beauty of being the quick one even in human form.

After a decent 6 mile sprint through the woods we came to the clearing, the spot we had chosen many times before to shift. Only this time we were not completely alone or at least didn't feel like we were...

As the full moon settled into its peak I could feel my wolf itching to get out, to run free and yet she had a sense of caution about shifting out in the open. I gazed over at April, she looked back at me cautiously before saying "Okay, we have to do this now, the moon is up and we need to shift!" A slight tone of worry in her voice came out, although I could tell she tried to mask it.

Autumn, be careful..... Harli said.

Its okay we will shift, run back to the car and shift back by the bushes near the parking lot. It will be fine Harls. I say to my wolf trying to convince her to be brave.

Okay but I have a bad feeling about this... Harli replies in a shaky voice.

I nodded my head slowly at April as the moonlight began to wash over us. Our eyes turning from hazel to golden glowing orbs as our bones began to quickly break and refigured our bodies into pure white wolves. Shifting was painful at first but now it's a pleasurable pain and the more we shifted the easier it would be or so I've read on google...

The two wolves move around freely stretching out in preparation for a run. "Oh Harli, Harli, Harli, I will always beat you! April and I are the strong ones.. don't kid yourself Harls your girl Autumn just isn't it boo.' April's wolf Hope taunts Harli whilst giving her a nudge as we struts past. I internally roll my eyes at Hope whilst Harli lets out a low growl then it grows quiet... too quiet.. Harli freezes in place, all our muscles tighten, ears perk up and she looks to Hope with worry. What is it Harli? I ask my wolf concerned.

Hope's head snaps around to their right and we follow her line of sight.

Off in the distance we heard the pounding of feet... no wait.. paws? I gazed at Hope " I think April might be right... we aren't alone.." I said nervously thought the mind-link. Hope peered up at the moon and sniffed the cool night air "What is that smell.. it's just like... like.. freshly cut grass and honey?" Confused I looked at her as if she was absolutely mental. "No seriously.. what is that?" I lifted my snout up towards the moon and took a deep breath in... she was right, there was an odd kind of smell coming towards us. "Do you smell it too?" I glanced at her slightly 'I smell something but not grass or honey.. its like fresh mud and wet dogs' I reply confused. Hope lower and glares at me whilst she growls harshly like I just deeply offended her.

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